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20 Travel Influencers from New York to Follow

Sari Klaczkowski
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Sari Klaczkowski
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Sep 01, 2023
A collage of three travel influencers from New York

There’s nothing quite like the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Instagram posts of travel influencers to inspire you to pack your bags and hop on a flight to your dream destinations. 

In the case of these 20 travel influencers from New York, there’s almost no place on the planet where they haven’t left their footprints. You’ll find no shortage of amazing photos at iconic locations on their profiles! 

Because we can’t sneak into their suitcases, we’ll have to settle for tapping the follow button and tagging along virtually for now. Get inspired by their adventures and plan your next trip like a total pro using their useful travel tips and tricks! 

1. Sabrina | @with.love.brina

Whether she’s in South Korea or Brazil, Sabrina is best known for sharing travel photos that look so unreal. Her followers get the extra perk of access to her tried-and-tested itineraries. Travelling becomes so much easier when you follow her tips!

Sabrine of @with.love.brina at a picturesque beach
Image source: Instagram

2. Gabbi & Shanna | @27travels

They call themselves the “lesbian travel couple from NYC” and are spreading the love across the globe! With Gabbi being a pro photographer and Shanna being a pro videographer, it’s no surprise that they capture the world through mesmerizing shots. 

Their page is called “27 Travels” because of the date of their anniversary! #SoAdorable

Gabbi and Shanna sitting together on a rainbow-coloured bench
Image source: Instagram

3. Laura Giromini | @viverenewyork

This Brooklynite from Italy has been blogging about the beauty of NYC since 2009! 

Through her platform, Vivere New York, she shares NYC tips, travel discoveries, and personal insights and experiences. Her content is perfect for NYC locals as well as anyone looking to learn more about the city! 

A close-up of Laura Giromini with a drink on a rooftop patio
Image source: Instagram

4. Paula | @xoxopaula

Paula has said “I am proudly addicted to the feeling of having a suitcase in my hand and love to fill my passport with new stamps every chance I get”—we’ve decided it’s one of the most relatable travel bug statements we’ve ever heard. 

As a “broke college student,” she travelled to 28 countries and is now traversing the globe as one of the top travel influencers from New York. Whether you’re on a budget or thinking about splurging a little, follow her for next-level travel tips!

Paula of @xoxopaula in a purple dress on a staircase
Image source: Instagram

5. Rawan | @rawantheplug

Apart from sharing her cross-continent travels on social media, Rawan is a lifestyle influencer also dedicated to empowering underrepresented communities by sharing college and career opportunities and resources. 

She was one of the 11,000 Meta employees who were famously laid off back in November 2022—today she’s living her best life as one of the most popular travel influencers from NYC. Few travel influencers have this much range! 

Rawan of @rawantheplug in front of the Eiffel Tower
Image source: Instagram

6. Dana Berez | @danaberez

If you’re going to travel the world, you’ve got to do it with style—this is something that social media travel blogger Dana Berez does in spades! 

Her content features New York City travel guides and itineraries, as well as recommendations for other destinations like Paris and Italy. You’re in for fun vibes and a ton of fashionable adventures when you follow this travel influencer from NYC!

Dana Berez posing on a scenic rooftop
Image source: Instagram

7. Shaunie Begley | @shauniebegley

Shaunie Begley calls herself your “Catch Flights Not Feelings” bestie—and trust us, you need a friend like her on your travel adventures. 

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, she fell in love with travel when she started studying abroad in China. Since then, she has visited countries such as Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Norway, Grand Cayman, Belize, Puerto Rico, and many other places.

Shaunie Begley posing in a flowing red dress
Image source: Instagram

8. Eileen Rhein | @lighttravelsfaster

We can’t possibly put together a list of the top travel influencers from NYC without including Eileen Rhein. Travel destinations wait for her to visit!

As an expert on luxury and adventure travel, she spends an average of four to six months on the road per year and has visited 80 countries. She’s not just a travel writer who works for travel and lifestyle magazine Light Travels Faster; she’s also a corporate attorney on Wall Street, a violinist, and a professional dancer. Wow!

Eileen Rhein posing in the sun wearing sunglasses
Image source: Instagram

9. Oneika Raymond | @oneikatraveller

You might know Oneika Raymond as one of the most iconic travel influencers from New York. She reigns supreme as an Emmy-winning journalist who’s an on-camera host for Travel Channel and NBC.

To give you an idea of just how much of an explorer she really is, she’s travelled to 120 countries—and paid rent in seven. (We’re not jealous; you are.) 

Oneika Raymond riding a horse in shallow water
Image source: Instagram

10. Tanmaya Godbole | @hernewyorkedit

Tanmaya Godbole called NYC home: she lives in the Upper West Side and is passionate about making others fall in love with the city as well. 

Considering that she truly has a talent for capturing places in a way that leaves audiences awestruck, she’s definitely accomplished that mission! She’s travelled to 23 countries so far and never fails to share helpful tips and tricks.

Tanmaya Godbole surrounded by colourful flowers
Image source: Instagram

11. Vicki Rutwind | @vickirutwind

Vicki Rutwind proudly quit her full time job as a lawyer to travel—her Instagram content is stunning enough to leave wanting to do the same! 

From Mykonos, Greece to Frontera, Spain, this travel influencer takes her 108K followers with her through every adventure. She focuses on luxury and boutique travel guides, finding Instagrammable places, and other tips to help people with their travel plans.

Vicki Rutwind smiling on a trail shrouded in pink trees
Image source: Instagram

12. Ivonne | @latinachictravels

Wondering how to travel smarter and more purposefully? 

Ivonne of @latinechictravels has got you covered with detailed guides, plus fabulous OOTD inspiration. Few travel influencers manage to be this creative and stylish—yes, we want to create content like she does!

 Ivonne of @latinachictravels posing on a cobblestone street
Image source: Instagram 

13. Malgorzata Brzostowski | @glamofnyc

Her name’s Malgorzata, but you can call her “Gosia.” 

You’ll find that the Instagram page of this Polish native who moved to New York City about 10 years ago is a treasure trove of beautiful places, experiences, and hotel reviews.

On her travel blog—glamofnyc.com—you’ll also find photography tips and gorgeous Lightroom presets. Yes, this travel blogger does it all! 

Malgorzata Brzostowski riding a streetcar
Image source: Instagram

14. Katie Romero | @thekatieromero

Here’s another one of the travel influencers from New York who’s absolutely taking over TikTok with super helpful tips. 

Katie Romero’s here to share fun classes and hobbies you can take up in NYC, the best-hidden pop-ups, and even some exciting things you can do for free. Find us another travel influencer so good at finding hidden gems—we’re waiting!

Video source: TikTok

15. Lisa | @nycyorkiegirls

Okay, but the award for cutest travel influencers from NYC goes to @nycyorkiegirls. 

Led by their lovely hooman, Lisa, Yorkshire pups Amy and Emily have travelled to over 54 countries together across four continents, where they’ve left their adorable paw prints. Expect to find dog-friendly travel inspiration, tips, and tricks on their page! 

 Lisa and her Yorkshire puppies on a beach
Image source: Instagram

16. Laurie Peruchi | @laura_peruchi

Her friends call her the “CEO of New York City” because her endless exploration has taken her to every corner of the iconic place.  

Whether it’s rooftop recommendations or the best cruises, Laurie Peruchi’s guide features the best 200 spots to visit. She’s a perfect match for anyone looking for travel content that’s equal parts fun and detailed! 

 Laurie Peruchi in front of the Empire State Building
Image source: Instagram

17. Cynthia Andrew | @simplycyn

This attorney, expert traveller, and twin mama is such a life-saver for parents looking for hacks on how to #TravelWithKids.

Your newsfeed is about to be filled with adorable family adventure content! Other travel influencers may be more bombastic, but few manage to be so helpful and inspiring—don’t sleep on Cynthia’s lifestyle content!

Cynthia Andrew and her twins, asleep in a stroller
Image source: Instagram

18. Saumya Rai | @vishusaumya

Saumya Rai is here to share bucket list recommendations and travel guides that will make your trips smoother than ever.

She and her partner Vishu have taken audiences on adventures to 30 countries and over 100 cities. Together, these travel influencers from New York have dreamed up the popular travel blog “Road to Taste”—and given us a serious case of FOMO!

Saumya and Vishu in a field of red tulips
Image source: Instagram 

19. Sunetra | @globetrottingsu

Sunetra’s dream is “To inspire people from all over the world to take the scenic route in life. To enjoy the beauty in getting lost and to find happiness in being themselves.”

Through her travel and photography tips, you’ll get hacks and insights from the 55 countries she’s explored so far. Oh, and you might find a few inspiring captions that you should totally use on your next vacation post. Just saying!

 Sunetra standing outside two vintage red phone booths
Image source: Instagram

20. KT & Marc | @pretzelsinparadise

If you’re looking for a daily dose of travel recommendations and adorable dog content, hit the follow button of KT and Marc!

Discover dog-friendly staycations, hiking trips, bars, preserves, and a bunch of other fun places where you and your fur babies can live your best life.

KT and Marc eating chips in the back of a pickup truck
Image source: Instagram

Adventurous Advertising With The Influence Agency

There you have them: 20 of the best travel influencers from New York City that deserve a follow—and could headline your next marketing campaign! 

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in finding influencers who are perfect to represent your brand. Whether you’re looking to work with the top travel influencers from NYC or any other category, we’ll make the connection for you and dream up a campaign that will take your brand to exciting places it’s never been before.

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