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20 Teacher Influencers to Follow on TikTok

Ethan Gallagher
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Ethan Gallagher
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Aug 07, 2023
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The bell has rung, and class is back in session!

If you’re in need of some school spirit, then these teacher influencers have got you covered.

Their hilarious yet substantial posts show exactly how they inject some cool into school each year. We’re pretty sure that their students don’t ever feel like school is a bore when they’ve got teachers who are this fun!

Here’s who you should be following:

1. Ms. Winders | @ms.winders

Is she a teacher? Is she a student? It’s Ms. Winders!

As a 20-something, she often shares her hilarious stories of getting mistaken for a student!
She’s actually an English 3 teacher who’s in her first year of teaching. On TikTok, you’ll find her posting about both her teachings and learnings as a newbie in this field.

Source: TikTok

2. Miss R | @themissrproject2.0

Next on our list of teacher influencers, we have Miss R who’s been teaching for five years. Currently, she’s also pursuing a Master of Science in Special Education. From tips on how to handle hyper/disruptive students to incorporating “breathe breaks,” her posts are always helpful and inspiring.

Source: TikTok

3. Julie | @thelemteachie

At just 24 years old, Julie is already in her 4th year of teaching—and yet still feels like a high schooler. But, hey that’s what makes her the cool and funny professional that she is!

Julie’s the perfect mix of comedic, savage, and witty; it’s clear why she’s one of the most popular teacher influencers. 

Source: TikTok

4. Haley | @managingthemiddle

You can count on this 7th-grade science teacher to share her honest opinions about her job!

Whether it’s the most common teacher troubles or the public education crisis, Haley’s here to show what managing middle school life as an educator is all about.

Source: TikTok

5. Noelle Cheney | @noellelovessloths

From POV videos to school lunch reviews, Noelle loves to give audiences a look through her lens as an educator.

On top of that, get ready to applaud her thoughtfulness! When her senior students graduated, she wrote personalized notes for each of them, sat down to toast to a glass of sparkling juice as they talked about their plans after graduation, and watched a movie to end the day!

Noelle Cheney
Source: Instagram

6. Sassy in 2nd | @sassyin2nd

What’s it like to be a sassy kindergarten teacher? @Sassyin2nd would definitely know!

She shows her audiences her morning routines before school, how she decorates bulletin boards, and how she makes seating charts. You’re bound to love her energetic and funny personality!

Source: TikTok

7. Amber Marie | @amber.marie44

This 22-year-old high school teacher knows just how to inject a dose of stylishness into the educator’s life! Her “teacher outfits” posts serve as some major fashion inspiration.

On top of that, you’ll totally be rooting for Amber Marie as she shows how she claps back at less-than-ideal student behaviour.

Source: TikTok 

8. Lauren Woolley | @mrs.woolleyin5th

Aside from being one of the top teacher influencers, Lauren Woolley is also a podcast host.

And when you mix those two professions together, you get some pretty interesting content. What are the things students do that teachers just don’t get? What’s a day in the life of a 5th-grade teacher like? Tune in to Lauren to find out!

Source: TikTok

9. Kaitlyn Mccarty | @myclassroomdiaries

There’s no denying that Kaitlyn Mccarty is one of the hippest teachers on TikTok!

From practicing spelling words with shaving cream on tables to getting the whole class to sing along to a cool affirmation song, her way of teaching always wins.

Source: TikTok

10. Christina B. | @christinabacaaa

If there’s one thing we’re absolutely sure of, it’s that Christina B.’s 8th grader students have so much fun in class because of her!

She’s funny, sassy, is constantly game to join in on hilarious challenges, and loves her students very much—she always makes it a point to post about how they “changed her life.”

@christinabacaaa This is not a goodbye, but a see you soon💛 Thank you for all the memories and love my sweet, sweet kids. I will miss you dearly and can’t believe my chapter of teaching you is coming to an end. #teachertok#teacher#msbaca#msbacateach#goodbyestudents#teacherthings#summerbreak#foryou#emotional#fyp#middleschoolteacher ♬ Originalton – Lasse Böckmann

11. Kevin Silberman | @silb0017

Here’s one of the teacher influencers who wears many hats—Kevin Silberman is a social studies teacher, but you’ll also find him coaching the track team and hockey team.

Showcasing his on-point acting skills, you’ll instantly be binge-watching his “POV: The Wealthy Substitute Teacher” series of videos.

Source: TikTok

12. Miss Knight | @missknightect

Allow Miss Knight to give you a closer look at the life of a primary school teacher.

Being an educator of a child at this stage is definitely not a walk in the park, so seeing all her hard work through her posts will definitely give you a whole new level of appreciation for primary school teachers!

Source: TikTok

13. Teacher Ayn | @aynperotagalog

With over 2.5 million followers, you can definitely say that teacher Ayn has successfully “used her degree for TikTok!” 

As one of the most popular teacher influencers, she’s best known for helping Filipino-speaking communities hone their skills in English.

Ayn of @aynperotagalog
Source: Instagram

14. The Happy Teacher | @the_happyteacher

How do you build a teaching portfolio? What are the websites every teacher should know?

The Happy Teacher has got the answers! Follow her journey as a middle school teacher who shares helpful tips and proudly shows her love for the Lord and her students.

Source: TikTok

15. Sam | @teacher_toks

Audiences might know Sam as one of the queens of “romanticizing life” on TikTok.  Whether she’s sharing her morning or night routine as a teacher, you’ll instantly be inspired by how she appreciates the little things in life and all their beauty.
While she’s no longer a teacher, she continues to share incredible lifestyle, fashion, and fitness content.

@teacher_toks Romanticizing my life with @vitruvi ✨ use code SAM20 for $$ off your purchase! #vitruvi #diffuser #selfcare #essentialoils ♬ Bloom (Bonus Track) – The Paper Kites

16. Teacher Robert F. Rodriguez | @robertfrodriguez1991

Aside from being one of the teacher influencers to watch out for, Robert F. Rodriguez is also a gamer and musician!

You’re in for a bunch of entertaining drum duets and a series of “teacher’s pet POVs” that will brighten up your day.

Source: TikTok

17. Kit Brown | @kjbr0wn

With over 1.6 million followers, Mr. Brown is one of the most recognizable teacher influencers.

His video “How I Get the Attention of My Class” has over 59.2 million views! From randomly saying the name “Cristiano Ronaldo” in class to singing the line “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” this primary school teacher has quite a few pop culture tricks up his sleeve that help him successfully capture the attention of his primary school students.

Source: TikTok

18. Mr. Pyper | @mr.pyper

After a few scrolls through Mr. Pyper’s content, you’ll quickly see how his students inspire him just as much as he inspires them!
The TikTok videos of this health/PE teacher are typically comedic skits and dance videos, proving that he’s an extremely talented actor and performer as well!

Source: TikTok

19. Chloe | @thedailyplannerau

In addition to giving audiences a better understanding of what it’s like being a high school teacher, Chloe is also a total lifesaver for other teachers out there.

With the launch of “The Daily Planner,” she officially became a business owner who helps fellow educators stay organized in their professional lives.

 Chloe of @thedailyplannerau
Source: Instagram

20. Miss Norman | @missnormansmiddles

Miss Norman is a middle school teacher who says she’s fueled by “Jesus, coffee, therapy, and mitochondria.” And as a result,  she gets to spread wisdom and laughter!

Her feed also features her adorable pet bunny and little chicks—you are so not ready for the cuteness that awaits.

Source: TikTok

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