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AI Won’t Replace Digital Designers — It Will Empower Their Creativity

Gagan Saggu
Written By
Gagan Saggu
Published On
Jan 15, 2024
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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a topic of both excitement and concern, especially in the realm of graphic design. AI tools are revolutionizing how designers are doing their work, and, in some cases, doing their work for them. As you might expect, there’s a growing fear that AI might replace human creativity in graphic design.

We don’t think so. Rather, we think AI is going to serve designers as a powerful tool to enhance their creative capabilities. This will only allow agencies like ours to provide higher-quality, more efficient design services. Here’s how:

The Intersection of AI and Graphic Design 

AI has permeated a wide range of industries, with 25% of businesses already using AI in their day-to-day operations. Significantly impacting the way we approach various tasks, 77% of people fear that AI will make their jobs irrelevant in the future. This sentiment is especially felt by artists, illustrators, and graphic designers who worry that brands and agencies will opt for cheaper AI alternatives.

However, this assumption overlooks a fundamental aspect of AI integration: human creativity. While AI has definitely disrupted traditional processes, it’s just another tool waiting to be leveraged by design professionals. 

AI pulls from content that already exists. It doesn’t create uniquely “new” ideas, meaning machine learning can never supersede the organic creativity of human designers. Rather than waging war against AI, our goal should be to learn how to integrate it into our processes to improve them—and this includes graphic design. 

How AI Can Enhance and Disrupt the Design Process

In the fast-paced world of graphic design, efficiency and productivity are pivotal for meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work. At its core, AI systems are created to make life easier. 

Imagine a creative process where the tedious and time-consuming tasks—such as scouring the internet for the perfect image, meticulously selecting fonts, or wrestling with layout intricacies—are seamlessly managed by an AI tool. Used correctly, AI tools can assist graphic designers by automating routine, time-consuming processes. By alleviating designers of repetitive tasks, allows them to focus on what really matters—the artistic, imaginative, and innovative aspects of design.

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Since AI streamlines much of the time-consuming processes, there is less risk involved when taking creative leaps, knowing that AI can assist in rapid iterations and refinements. If something doesn’t work as expected, a designer can feel more confident in their ability to go back to the drawing board and still meet their deadlines. This newfound freedom promotes a culture of experimentation, where creativity thrives, and groundbreaking design concepts emerge.

AI’s Role in Design Conceptualization

One of AI’s most exciting contributions to design lies in its ability to explore new creative avenues. Generative AI tools can produce unique design ideas and concepts, suggesting innovative colour palettes, typography combinations, and other elements using machine learning. 

All creative thinkers are no strangers to “writer’s block”, or their medium’s equivalent. AI is a great way to move past this, as it will never feel stuck or overwhelmed by having a million other things going on in its mind. 

As such, its suggestions can serve as a source of inspiration for designers, sparking fresh ideas and pushing creative boundaries. This can also help designers more quickly pivot to meet changing client expectations. 

AI Empowers Digital Designers to Work Beyond Their Skillset

AI doesn’t just enhance design; it empowers digital designers to break free from the limitations of their skills. Traditionally, a designer’s skillset defines the scope of their work. However, with AI by their side, designers can work beyond the confines of their training and expertise to add more depth to their work. 

Designers no longer need to be proficient in complex 3D modelling or intricate illustration techniques. AI-powered tools fill in these gaps, empowering designers to create beyond their prior skill level to execute impressive branded content for businesses. Where you previously needed three different people with three different skill sets to execute an idea, now all it takes is one designer with AI on their side. These can help brands set trends rather than follow them, paving the way for visuals that spark engagement and conversions. 

AI Graphic Design Still Needs Graphic Designers 

Amid this AI revolution, it’s crucial to remember that the human touch in design is irreplaceable. Don’t forget that AI programs do not understand human emotions. 

Designers are the storytellers who infuse projects with emotions, making them resonate with audiences on a deeper level. It underscores the critical role designers play in adding that emotional spark to visual content. Qualities such as understanding perspectives and having empathy are the soul of design, breathing life and relatability into visuals.

Maybe someday artificial intelligence will think and feel like people. However, until that day, creative professionals will be needed—and beloved! Ultimately, human-AI collaboration results in designs that are both technically precise and emotionally resonant.

Embracing AI as a Creative Partner 

Ultimately, it’s important to understand that AI isn’t a standalone creative force. It pulls from an amalgamation of sources on the internet, and if humans cease to create unique work, AI’s designs may indeed start to look the same.

At The Influence Agency, we embrace AI as a creative partner rather than a threat. We harness its immense potential to better support our clients and their needs in the field of graphic design. With AI as our ally, we unlock new dimensions of creativity and efficiency, revolutionizing the way we approach design. It’s not about AI replacing digital designers; it’s about AI empowering them to reach new heights of creativity and innovation.

Don’t run from AI. Instead, embrace it as your creative partner. Contact us today to get started! 



  • Gagan Saggu

    Gagan Saggu is a Digital Designer at TIA, who is focused on conveying impactful and meaningful experiences through various designs. In his free time you can find him hooping at your nearest community centre or listening to Al Green with the windows down.

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  • Gagan Saggu

    Gagan Saggu is a Digital Designer at TIA, who is focused on conveying impactful and meaningful experiences through various designs. In his free time you can find him hooping at your nearest community centre or listening to Al Green with the windows down.

    View all posts

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