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Halloween Makeup Influencers: 9 Spooky Looks

Kayla Mandel
Written By
Kayla Mandel
Published On
Oct 28, 2022
A collage of three Halloween makeup influencers

Boo! Spooky season has finally arrived—and when you show up in your Halloween costume, you want to make it very clear that you did not come to play. 

If your goal is to turn heads, induce mini-heart attacks, and maybe even send people running in the opposite direction, then take some cues from these cop-worthy looks from Halloween makeup influencers

Scroll down to start finding some #spookspiration!

1. Mei Pang | @meicrosoft

Creepy crawlies, but make it classy. That’s exactly what these arachnids in a creative heart formation are channelling. 

This on-point look from Halloween makeup influencer, Mei Pang, won’t fail to induce goosebumps when you walk into the room.

2. Kali Ledger | @kali.ledger

If you’ve ever wondered how makeup artists create such realistic “scar” makeup, allow Kali Ledger to show you how it’s done!

By following her tutorial, you can easily take your make-up expertise to a whole new cinematic level.

3. Mimi Choi | @mimles

We know what you’re thinking: “What am I looking at, and where am I even supposed to look?”

Mimi Choi deserves a standing ovation for putting together this mind-boggling masterpiece. She’s the queen of optical illusion makeup and one of the Halloween makeup influencers you can always count on to set the bar high. 

Remember, if you plan on recreating this look, make sure you tell people at the party to “look you in the eyes” — if you don’t, that’s one huge wasted opportunity.

A makeup look by Mimi Choi

Image from @mimles on Instagram

4. Michael Brooks | @the_booksbrother

This one is for the minimalists who want to make a maximum impact during spooky season. 

Michael Brooks gave the windows to the soul the cold treatment with this icy look. It’s simple yet spectacular.

A makeup look by Michael Brooks

Image from @the_brooksbrother on Instagram

5. Shira | @simply.shira

It’s not a Halloween party until someone walks in with on-fleek skull makeup. Will that someone be you?

Then take some cues from this Halloween makeup influencer’s tutorial. Shira will teach you how to achieve it with simple products you probably already have in your makeup stash.

6. Danielle Marcan | @daniellemarcan

When we think about skull makeup, it’s impossible not to be reminded of Tate Langdon!

Beauty influencer Danielle Marcan effectively channelled American Horror Story’s antagonist in a super high-fashion way.

7. Glamzilla | @glamzilla

Glamzilla is here to inspire you with not one, but six Halloween glam looks that are worth rocking this season.

From Snow White to Frida Kahlo, it’s time to take your pick from all her fabulous ideas.

8. FRO | @froartistry

At some point, we’ve all tried (and failed!) to create the perfect spider web eyeshadow for Halloween. 

Now that FRO has recreated the fool-proof hack to getting it done flawlessly, you can easily go about it! 

Spoiler alert: You’re going to need your eyelash curler for this one.


Here to make your life easier 😜 I saw this hack and had to recreate it for you! What do you think? #halloweenmakeup #easyhalloweenmakeup #halloweenhack #makeup IB: @hollierose.mua

♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song – PeriTune

9. Nikkie Tutorials | @nikkietutorials

If you’re all about glitz and glamour even during the spookiest season of the year, then we highly recommend that you go for Nikkie’s vampire princess look!

It’s your chance to make it the sparkliest season of the year.

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

    View all posts

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