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14 Atlanta Musicians To Spice up Your Playlists

Leira Lacuata
Written By
Leira Lacuata
Published On
Jun 09, 2023
A collage of Atlana musicians and singers

With a thriving hip-hop and R&B scene, it’s no surprise Atlanta musicians have emerged as some of the most talented people in the industry. Countless successful Atlanta musicians have meshed the ATL brand with their personalities to produce fresh, exciting sounds. 

1. DJ Babey Drew | @babeydrew

Grammy award-winning producer DJ Babey Drew has shaken up the music scene. Starting from the humble beginnings on his SoundCloud account, Babey Drew has since released remixes of popular songs and sick beats that have caught the attention of Diplo and Skrillex. 

DJ Babey Drew is famous for being the touring DJ for Chris Brown and the Kardashians. He’s even opened shows for big names like Calvin Harris and Beyonce!

DJ Babey Drew wears a colourful polo and a hat.

2. Ayanis | @ayanis 

U Betta” listen to Ayanis because she’s got the flow, the finesse, and the voice! 
Ayanis dropped everything to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a singer in 2017. Her perseverance landed her a spot on Atlantic Records, and she’s now one of the hottest musicians from Atlanta. On her debut album, YANI, she collaborated with Jack Harlow, Queen Naija, Vedo, and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

Ayanis pulls her hair as she poses for the camera.

3. Teddy Swims | @teddyswims

If we’re talking about musicians from Atlanta, Teddy Swims can’t go unmentioned. His rich background combines his experiences from football, musical theatre, and gospel. Teddy has also joined bands of different genres, always re-inventing his sound.

The result is a robust musical discography you’ll never forget! Teddy Swims is one of the Atlanta musicians delivering good energy in every song he creates.

A black and white portrait of Teddy Swims

4. Dess Dior | @1dessdior

Music influencers in Atlanta should take note of Dess Dior’s origin story. 

At 14, she gained thousands of followers and became famous thanks to consistent influencer marketing. Dess used this traction to explore the Atlanta music scene in 2019 and tried out different ways to discover her unique sound. 

With the release of her debut EP, Definition of Dess, she received never-ending praise from her fans. Her talent is behind the success of Stone Cold and Don’t Play.

Dess Dior wears a stunning denim ensemble.

5. The Black Crowes | @theblackcrowes

Atlanta musicians can rock—The Black Crowes are proof! 

Their discography covers several sub-genres, such as southern rock, blues rock, hard rock, roots rock, and even jamming! Swing your hips and whip your head to the awesome riffs of Hard to Handle and She Talks To Angels.

Members of The Black Crowes pose at the stairs for a photo.

6. Manchester Orchestra | @manchesterorchestra

Find peace and relaxation with the slow yet piercing tunes of Manchester Orchestra, a group of Atlanta musicians who have dabbled in the alternative indie genre. 

Through the years, Manchester Orchestra hasn’t been afraid to break out of its shell and experiment with unconventional sounds, hence their varied discography.

A black and white group photo of the Manchester Orchestra

7. Amain Berhane | @berhana

Atlanta musicians are the experts in turning feelings into a song. 

Berhana is a male R&B singer from Atlanta doing this so well—get him your playlists!
Fall in love with his groovy R&B sound and ride the waves as he serenades you with his fantastic voice. Start listening to his discography by putting Golden on repeat!

 A portrait of Amain Berhane

8. SwaVay | @lilkickdoors

In 2010, SwaVay was determined to be one of the successful Atlanta musicians. 

He independently released trap-influenced tracks and attracted fans who respected his work. SwaVay is active on TikTok and uses the platform to self-promote

When he released 2 AM, SwaVay gained his long-deserved recognition and finally broke through into the mainstream. His talent earned him a spot to collaborate with various artists on the now-iconic Into the Spider-Verse tracklist. 

 SwaVay strikes a relaxed pose for a black-and-white photo.

9. EARTHGANG | @earthgang

Bask in the powerful flow and glow of EARTHGANG, a rap duo composed of Olu and WowGr8. Learn more about their story through their trilogy of EPs: Rags, Robots, and Royalty which paved the way for their successful studio debut album, Mirrorland

EARTHGANG loves collaborating with other popular hip-hop artists like Saba, J. Cole, JID and 6lack. These Atlanta musicians have carved out a distinctive sound, landing themselves a place on Dreamville, one of the biggest labels in rap today.

EARTHGANG poses with their fans at the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

10. Natasha Mosley | @natashamosley

Natasha Mosley is one of the singers from Atlanta who is sure to sweep you off your feet with her angelic voice. She’s an R&B recording artist proudly representing her city, paving the way for a new generation of Atlanta musicians.

Listening to her songs can make you feel some type of way, as heard from her top track Love Me Later.

A captivating headshot of Natasha Mosley

11. Chloe and Halle Bailey | @chloexhalle

Chloe and Halle Bailey are a dream team in the music industry because their stark styles complement each other so well. 

After releasing their debut album in 2018, The Kids Are Alright showcased the sisters’ broad singing and production talents. This record earned the two Atlanta musicians a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and Best Urban Contemporary Album.

When Ungodly Hour came out, everyone lost their minds because Chloe x Halle shifted their sound from acoustic to sparse contemporary R&B. The album stayed high on the charts throughout 2020.

Chloe and Halle Bailey pose for a photo while wearing an all-blue ensemble.

12. DJ Unruely | @unruely_

DJ Unruely is a good starting point for learning the wide range of ATL sounds. 

He’s known for remixing popular songs and turning them into dance gems that’ll make you bust a move. Because of his Caribbean roots, DJ Unruely knows how to turn it up by combining Jamaican stereo tones, dancehall flows, and powerful drops.

DJ Unruely hypes his set by speaking on the microphone and connecting with his fans.

13. Jennifer Nettles | @jennifernettles

Let Jennifer Nettles welcome you to the wonderful world of country pop! 

She’s the darling starlet who provided the voice for Sugarland with Kristian Bush. Their reign in the 90s made them two of the most acclaimed Atlanta musicians, winning them Grammy awards in their heyday.

Jennifer Nettles continues to serenade the crowd with her well-regarded solo albums, such as That Girl and Playing With Fire. Give her most recent release, Always Like New, a listen to witness how this Atlanta singer and songwriter unfurls her talent through music. 

 Jennifer Nettles holds her Grammy award and smiles for the cameras.

14. Mariah the Scientist | @mariahthescientist

Ever heard of a scientist turned into a singer and songwriter? Mariah the Scientist represents that category so well! With dreams of becoming an anesthesiologist, Mariah’s passion for music has redirected her to singing. 

Long story short, pursuing a music career proved the best for her, as she’s now among the most successful and acclaimed Atlanta musicians.

Mariah the Scientist performs for the crowd.

Atlanta Musicians Bring The Heat

When it comes to producing hit tracks, best believe you’ll see Atlanta musicians high on the music industry ranks! All the success stories of singers from Atlanta push fans to take a leap and change their fate by pursuing their dreams. 

On that note, music influencers in Atlanta are doing a great job advocating for the ATL sound, increasing the city’s presence. 

If you want to partner with musicians from Atlanta, The Influence Agency can launch an influencer marketing campaign to take your business to the next level!

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