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There’s An AI For That: Popular AI Tools For Web & Graphic Designers

Stephanie Cho
Written By
Stephanie Cho
Published On
Jan 24, 2024
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There’s no way around it: AI and machine learning are changing digital marketing. 

As technology advances, designers find themselves armed with a powerful ally in the form of Artificial Intelligence. These deep learning tools have transcended the traditional boundaries of design, revolutionizing the creative process and pushing the limits of what is achievable.

In this article, we explore the fascinating intersection between art and technology, spotlighting AI design tools that have become indispensable companions for designers seeking innovation, efficiency, and inspiration. From automating repetitive tasks to generating unique visual elements, these AI models are using machine learning to reshape the landscape of digital aesthetics and website development as we know it.

The Benefits of Using AI Design Tools

Improved Efficiency

Many designers invest a significant amount of time into seeking out great inspirations, exploring design trends, trendy colour palettes, typography, and more when they start a project. AI design tools can help shorten this time-consuming process.

Some programs, like Photoshop and Illustrator, offer AI functionalities like changing backgrounds, photo editing, and removing elements by allowing them to simply type what they want in the generative fill—goodbye trial and error! 

Invaluable Assistance

As a web designer, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to send a landing page design to your client tomorrow, but the content wasn’t ready yet? 

Some AI models can assist in generating content, from writing text to creating visual elements. This can be particularly helpful for designers facing tight deadlines or content creation challenges. Instead of using filler content, such tools can provide a broad outline for a website, including the hero title, tagline, call to action button, and sections for features and details specific to the brand’s services. You don’t need an understanding of programming languages to start creating with an AI tool for website design, either.

While the written content they produce may not be SEO optimized, they can make your initial drafts appear more polished and complete when presenting them to the clients. 

5 AI Tools Designers Need To Know

Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta

Two side-by-side images demonstrating Photoshop’s Generative Fill AI

Generative Fill is one of the most game-changing AI tools for graphic design that excels at removing unwanted objects, adding things, and expanding images. It can also remove background noises—super helpful, right? 

To use this graphic design AI tool, simply select a rectangular tool or any selection tool and click and drag over an image. You will then see a hovering window at the bottom where you can choose the desired object you want to appear in the image. 

The remarkable thing about the AI generator is that it matches the lighting, perspective, shadows, and reflections of the object seamlessly. Additionally, there is a properties panel where you can find variations of the AI-generated objects you just created—just imagine the possibilities for custom branded photography


A collection of images generated by DELL-E

Have you ever wasted hours trying to find the perfect, royalty-free image? 

DALL-E is one of the most innovative AI graphic design tools that’s incredibly helpful for those struggling with searching for high-quality free photography. After you’ve typed your desired outcome into the text box, this artificial intelligence tool will generate a wide array of diverse and unique images that match your query. 

As with most machine learning-based generative AI programs, more precise and intricate prompts produce better results. Not only can you generate artwork from scratch, but you can also upload your own images or photos for it to use as inspiration. 

Khroma AI

Colour combinations generated by Khroma AI

Khroma AI is a free AI-generated colour collection. You can select up to 50 colours at a time, generating thousands of colour combinations that complement each other—it’s undoubtedly one of the most helpful AI web design tools.

The great thing about the site is that Khroma uses artificial intelligence, along with your personal selections and preferences. Designers can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent manually exploring various colour options. This AI graphic design tool also helps reduce the risk of using mismatched colour combinations. 


examples of the results Midjourney will produce when text prompts are entered

Imagining the perfect picture can be hard—why not let Midjourney do the work for you? 

Using this amazing AI graphic design program is pretty straightforward: describe what you want and the desired aspect ratio, then watch the magic happen! For example, the prompt “/imagine A vast landscape with mountains and greenery and a small cabin — ar 16:9” will produce a variety of images that meet these specifications. 

Using Midjourney AI for graphic design is great, but it could also be incredibly helpful for content marketers looking to create custom visuals for blog content. With all that being said, the possibilities are limitless with this AI tool and in turn so are its applications!  


A blonde woman at the beach transformed into a 3D image using LeizPix

Using 3D in web design or on social media can make the graphic feel more rich and immersive,  increasing user engagement. However, learning how to use traditional 3D design tools can be challenging. That’s where LeiaPix converter comes in—this AI graphic design tool allows you to transform your images into stunning depth animations and video content for free! 

Simply upload your graphic and you will receive a cool 3D perspective image. It affords you some video content creation-style options, such as adjusting the length of the animation, choosing an animation style, and controlling the amount of motion. It’s a fantastic AI-powered tool to use when you need three-dimensional images for your projects. 

Let Us Put These Artificial Intelligence Tools In Action

As the digital landscape evolves, the synergy between AI web design tools and creative design opens up unprecedented possibilities for businesses. To truly harness the transformative potential of these advancements, you need a seasoned partner by your side.

At The Influence Agency, our team of expert graphic designers and web developers do more than stay updated on the latest trends; we shape them. 

Our team blends artistic intuition with data-driven insights to craft designs that resonate with your target audience. We seamlessly integrate AI design tools into your web design strategy for enhanced efficiency, innovation, and a design language that speaks volumes.

Contact us today to unlock the potential of your brand’s digital experience! 


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