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The 3 Powers of Paid Media for Startups, Small & Medium businesses

Devin Peterson
Written By
Devin Peterson
Published On
Oct 06, 2021
small business owners

Over the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of working with multiple startups, small- and medium-sized businesses to launch profitable paid media campaigns across multiple channels. 

The best part of my job is listening to my client’s feedback when they have new customers knocking at their door as a result of paid media. 

While local SEO is another imperative aspect in digital marketing for small businesses to generate new businesses. Local SEO can often take longer to rank in the search results when compared to paid media.  While optimizing your local SEO for your small business Google Ads is an excellent platform to assist small businesses to rank in Google’s search results as soon as possible. 

The power of paid media is endless, but here are the three biggest powers of Paid Media for startups, small and medium businesses. 

Paid media

1. Reach New Customers Instantly

While organic strategies are a must for all small businesses, they often take longer to see results when compared to paid media. With paid media campaigns your business can reach new customers looking for a business like yours in a matter of hours. Many small businesses run both SEO and paid media campaigns to ensure that they rank above their competitors on the search results page. 

2. Paid Media Drives Business Growth

Many small businesses owners struggle with growth strategies. Paid Media is one of the biggest drivers of business growth in today’s digital world.  As a result of new leads coming into a business as a result of paid media, often my small business clients need additional staff to handle all incoming new business. Both organic strategies and paid media campaigns will drive business growth, however, if you looking to rank quickly or you are a fairly new business just starting out, paid media campaigns will assist your business growths strategies, new product launches and brand awareness efforts faster than organics strategies would. 

3. An Investment that delivers a return (ROI)

Paid media is indeed an investment but it’s an investment that could yield excellent returns if managed by digital media experts. If your Paid Media is managed by a specialist, you as a business owner will be able to track how much new business you have generated from your paid media budget.

There are multiple paid media channels for SMB’s, however, starting with paid search is an excellent way to rank quickly on the Google Search results page. Your business will be seen instantly as people search for keywords that are directly related to your business services/products. 

The below image shows, where paid search ranks on the Google search results page.  

Google search results page

Let’s Grow Your Business

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  • Devin Peterson

    Devin is a Client Sucess Manager working remotely from South Africa. Devin is passionate about growing small businesses through the power of paid media.

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  • Devin Peterson

    Devin is a Client Sucess Manager working remotely from South Africa. Devin is passionate about growing small businesses through the power of paid media.

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