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25 Canadian Influencers to Watch in 2023

Samuel Butcher
Written By
Samuel Butcher
Published On
Jan 25, 2023
A social media follower liking the post of her favourite Canadian influencer

Who’s your favourite Canadian influencer? Here’s ours:

Top 25 Canadian influencers to watch in 2023

From fashion to food and lifestyle, these Canadian influencers are killing it with content. They’re growing their audiences through Instagram and making an impact on the industry with their own voices!

We’ve had the chance of working with some of these amazing people, too, and we couldn’t be happier with the relationships we’ve made thus far.

So before the year turns, let’s dive into these 25 Canadian influencers you should get on your feed, if they’re not there already!

Chloe Bow – @chlobow_to

A passionate social worker turned influencer and lifestyle content creator, this girl from Toronto is making waves with her inclusive events-based social club, Toronto Girl Social. The club creates unique opportunities for women to make new friends and have fun.

Her social work background, her journey ending an eight-year relationship, and the realities of being single and dating in a big city enable her to easily relate with people and give BFF-worthy advice about love and life.

Matteo Caprio – @mr.matteocaprio

What we love about Matteo is that he makes being a dad and a fashion icon at the same time look sooo easy! You’ll see his Insta posts and reels filled with him spending time with his kid while sporting the trendiest menswear.

This Montreal-based digital creator is the founder of @withmatteo, a photography, video, and web design company that creates quality content for social networks.

LaToya Lanice – @blackess

2023 up-and-coming influencer,  LaToya Lanice, is a proud GenX-er who slays social media with the latest fashion styles. A natural hair fanatic, she frequently changes her hairstyle because just like makeup, your hair is an accessory that can help enhance your looks!

Christopher Rivest – @may.eighty.five

We love food as much as we love fashion and for this category, Christopher Rivest is rocking it! This Calgary-based food photographer, recipe developer, and content creator can take the most mundane ingredients and put them together to make the most delicious-looking dishes!

We love how he presents food in captivating imagery and curates them on his Instagram. He is the founder of May Eighty Five Studio, a company that offers food photography and styling, restaurant photography, sponsored partnerships, and brand ambassador roles.

Tanisha Cherry – @tanisha.cherry

Lifestyle, beauty, and fashion are what Tanisha Cherry is all about! But there’s more to this Canadian influencer than meets the eye—she also shares a mix of life tips that empower people to get up and make their next move. 

Hugo Filipe – @mrhugofilipe

This creative men’s fashion star is often seen killing it on his stories with daily workouts at Sweat and Tonic, or frequenting some of Toronto’s best events. He keeps his content real, is always on the latest trends, is super engaging with his audience, and is always having fun!

Katie Cung – @katiecung

This Montreal blogger and digital influencer is often seen sporting the cutest, most aesthetic outfits and showing off her collection of delicate gold jewelry. She inspires followers to bring style to older outfits you’ve probably tucked away in your closet and shares beauty tips and food reviews.

Ashkan Hobian – @ashkanhobian

This photographer from Toronto is all about visual storytelling. Menswear, lifestyle, and food, he showcases the best the city and beyond has to offer in the most aesthetically pleasing way. 

Ashkan has made a huge impact on the Canadian fashion community. His feed is filled with the latest fashion trends, travel, and inspiring people he meets in his daily life.

Sarah Ostiguy – @sarahostiguy

A marketer and Canadian influencer from Montreal, she consistently nails it with an effortless feed—whether she’s showing us how to bake a red velvet cake or how to strut in this season’s latest fashion trends.

Andrew Cretaro – @andrewcretaro

This content creator and traveller from Toronto shows us where to get the best latte anywhere in the world—and most importantly, doing it in style! 

Andrew also has a talent for capturing beautiful photos that are both visually stunning and inspirational. He uses his keen eye for images by putting up his own photography business, AC photography.

Danya H. – @thedesertcarnation

Danya is travel and style rolled into one. This Toronto-based desert carnation continues to blow our minds with her beautiful content. Traveling the world never seemed more appealing!

Dan Gabrielli – @dan_gabrielli

Menswear, lifestyle, and travel. Dan keeps it cool and stylish while hitting up the latest and greatest festivals and events!

Sasha Mei – @sasha.mei

Minimalism and sophistication at its finest. This Montreal fashionista showcases her personal style through unapologetic, unedited content that flows together seamlessly.

Sadiq Desh – @sadiqdesh

Sadiq is a Toronto-based influencer who flaunts everything that’s going on in his life—from campaigns and travel to living his best life with a smile.

Chantelle Marie – @big.chantelle

Always sporting the best mix of athleisure wear and womenswear, Chantelle is one of Toronto’s most stylish girls. She makes effortless style cool again, not to mention she just modeled for Knix!

Alexis Mahdavi – @alexismahdavi

Alexis is a jet setter, usually seen showcasing his latest designer wardrobe pieces while traveling the world. He is a fashion editor and contributor—no wonder he’s got awesome social media content!

Ruby Gillett – @rubygillett

This red-haired 6ix beauty is currently living out her stylish fantasy in Vancouver. She consistently shows us the coolest outfits with her colourful and fun feed!

Kye Mack – @kyemack

Kyle is a Toronto-based photographer and Breakfast Television producer who showcases the best raw and beautiful portraits of some of your favourite stars! Usually, behind the camera, he sometimes gives us a glimpse of himself!

Dani Reynolds – @daniirey

One of the city’s coolest creatives, Dani executes beauty and vision through her colourful original branded content for some of the biggest brands like R+Co & TKEES.

Ethan Glenn – @ethantglenn

A full-time Toronto videographer and photographer, Ethan is often seen on his stories going to spin class or showing off his beautiful film photography skills on his carefully curated Instagram feed!

Natalie Alysa – @nataliealysa

Store owner, clothing designer and self-proclaimed content creator—there’s nothing that Natalie doesn’t have her hands in! She takes cool girl to the next level showcasing her daily outfits and fashion inspo to everyone, and we’re paying attention!

Abhishek Dekate – @abhishekdekate

A sucker for beautiful interiors, this photographer & content creator creates a moody and cinematic theme with his own editing preset—food, home and travel, and everything in between!

Margaux Zanetti – @margaux.zanetti

An indie beauty and Toronto-based fashion influencer, Margaux creates amazing social media content when she’s not busy being a Community Lead for Counter Culture Agency. She makes high-fashion look effortless and more attainable!

Matt Edwards – @mattredwards

Men’s lifestyle and fashion blogger, Matt is a Canadian influencer who’s constantly seen sporting the hottest men’s fashion trends, and even had a chance to shoot a campaign with Winners!

Vanessa Cesario – @vanessacesario_

A “multi-hyphenate” and digital media superstar, she’s one of Toronto’s coolest girls. She splits her time between killing it with her fashion game, personal projects, and working with Kastor & Pollux!

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