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29 Food Bloggers in Toronto You Should Follow on Instagram

Nancy Chu
Written By
Nancy Chu
Published On
Feb 21, 2024
From left to right: Ryan Hinkson, Mahi Yordanos, Alice Phan, Aashim Aggarwal, and Candice Hutchings

In a city as multicultural as Toronto, there’s never a shortage of good food and mouthwatering restaurants. Where can you find them and what should you try first?
The list below isn’t in any particular order but we’ve rounded up our absolute favorite Toronto food bloggers on Instagram, where you can find amazing food suggestions that will satisfy all your cravings!

Toronto Food Bloggers to Follow for Fresh Content
1. @eatingwithsammy 

2. @girlswithnofrills 

3. @eatfamous 

4. @smileey.lucy 

5. @foodtoronto 

6. @cfooodie 

7. @tastetoronto 

8. @to_finest 

9. @tastethesix 

10. @amaara.aashim 

11. @insta.noodls 

12. @everything_delish 

13. @tofooddiary 

14. @heytorontofoodie 

15. @amliskitchen 

16. @eatnmingle 

17. @tofoodies 

18. @brazilianfoodie 

19. @dialaskitchen 

20. @foodpr0n 

21. @suresh 

22. @torontorestaurants.co 

23. @connie_jpeg 

24. @meetandeats 

25. @threecupsofchai 

26. @edgyveg 

27. @thedirtyraven 

28. @bitesofflavour 

29. @nourishingmegan 


1. Sammy Sim | @eatingwithsammy 

If you’re looking for delicious desserts and savory treats in Toronto and San Francisco, Sammy Sim is one of the food bloggers in Toronto to follow. From fresh takes to the familiar pizza and grilled cheese to exotic food like burrata, Sammy serves up delicious suggestions for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. 

Sammy Sim holds a lobster wrap with her hands
Image Source: @eatingwithsammy | Instagram

2. Girls With No Frills | @girlswithnofrills 

Good food and affordable prices are not mutually exclusive, as proven by Girls With No Frills. From fresh and delicious recipes to restaurant suggestions in Toronto, the bloggers behind GWNF will give your fix of budget-friendly and mouthwatering delights—definitely one of the best Toronto food blogs to follow.  

Video Source: @girlswithnofrills | Instagram

3. Ryan Hinkson | @eatfamous 

This list of top Toronto food bloggers on Instagram wouldn’t be complete without Ryan Hinkson. Ryan has mastered the ways of being an influencer when it comes to creating food content. He’s a food culturist who will take you on a food journey throughout Toronto, Vancouver, California, and beyond. If you’re into giant pizza slices, savory dishes, food recommendations, and more, he is the guy to follow!  

Ryan Hinkson holds a barbecue rib and smiles at the camera
Image Source: @eatfamous | Instagram

4. Lucy Cheng Li | @smileey.lucy 

Whether you’re a foodie, a mom, or both, Lucy offers the brightest content in Toronto’s collection of food blogs. She is passionate about finding and creating deliciousness. Her content showcases adorable desserts, artsy coffee, and yummy comfort food. Both kids and the young at heart will surely enjoy her amazing recipes and endless food suggestions.

Lucy Cheng Li sits on a gray couch holding a Minion pillow
Image Source: @smileey.lucy | Instagram

5. Food Toronto | @foodtoronto_ 

Toronto has flavors from all around the world, and Food Toronto is your guide to experiencing the very best tastes that this city has to offer. Whether you’re a local or someone new to town, Food Toronto gives you insider tips on where to find the best steak, sandwiches, Brazilian food, Mexican food, and more! 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by FoodToronto (@foodtoronto_)

Video Source: @foodtoronto_ | Instagram

6. Cfooodie | @cfooodie 

If you’re using Instagram to plan out a date night, look no further! Markham-based Cfooodie’s Toronto food blog showcases the city’s delectable food scene by featuring all the hottest trends and restaurants to hit the city—perfect for foodies with an appetite for anything!

Video Source: @cfooodie | Instagram

7. Taste Toronto | @tastetoronto 

If you’re not following TasteToronto, are you even from Toronto?! This is one of the food bloggers in Toronto who takes the best food photos from across the city, sharing endless images of mouthwatering dishes that will make your belly rumble.


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A post shared by TasteToronto (@tastetoronto)

Video Source: @tastetoronto | Instagram

8. Toronto’s Finest | @to_finest 

If you’re looking for Toronto foodie inspiration anywhere across the city, Toronto’s Finest is the one for you! This account posts all things food-related—from breakfast to brunch to lunch, they’ll give you infinite ideas for your next meal. Just a forewarning: you’ll be getting a serious case of the munchies whenever their posts show up on your feed!

Video Source: @to_finest | Instagram

9. Taste the Six | @tastethesix 

Get your Toronto foodie updates on this account that showcases countless Toronto dining options and trendy food items that have hit the Six! Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury, this feed will leave you with an enormous bucket list of restaurants to try.


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A post shared by Taste The Six (@tastethesix)

Video Source: @tastethesix | Instagram

10. Aashim Aggarwal | @amaara.aashim 

You can find any country’s food in the GTA—something Aashim is proving as one of the top food bloggers in Toronto. Whether you want the best of Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, Bolivia, South Korea, or Peru, allow this Toronto foodie’s mouthwatering TikTok videos and Instagram posts to point you in the right direction!

Aashim Aggarwal smiling with four different pizzas in front of him
Image Source: @amaara.aashim | Instagram

11. Clement | @insta.noodls 

You have all the right to live off pasta and noodles if you want to. But of course, you’ve got to add a variety of options to the mix. That’s where Clement comes in, who is one of the most reliable Toronto food bloggers on Instagram when it comes to the beauty of pasta and noodles. Get ready to warm up your tummy with this Toronto foodie!


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A post shared by Clement (Ramen Guy) (@insta.noodls)

Video Source: @insta.noodls | Instagram

12. Jamie Milne | @everything_delish 

We stan everything delicious. If you do too, then Jamie Milne is here to make sure your inner foodie thrives. No more wondering what you’re supposed to cook for dinner because her stuffed pepper recipe and viral butternut squash and roasted garlic pasta, among many others, are some dishes you will never get tired of. 

 Jamie Milne holds a red drink in her hand and poses with a tray full of healthy foods
Image Source: @everything_delish | Instagram

13. TO Food Diary | @tofooddiary

Food and travel go hand-in-hand because it’s a combo no one can say “no” to. One of the top food bloggers in Toronto catering to this niche is TO Food Diary, a creator who loves to share unique food and vacation stays that’ll inspire you to pack your bags (and your own cutlery) before jetting off to the world’s top destinations!

TO Food Diary creator holds a flute in her hand and poses with plates full of pasta, sandwiches, and mixed appetizers
Image Source: @tofooddiary | Instagram

14. Mahi | @heytorontofoodie

Mahi is one of the Toronto foodies supplying her followers with some delicious #Foodspiration and quirky videos. You’ll instantly love her sense of humor! Plus, her detailed reviews and recommendations will help you find your new favorite dishes.

Mahi reaches inside a box full of letter-shaped donuts spelling “Hey Toronto Foodie”
Image Source: @heytorontofoodie | Instagram

She’s out to rediscover her culture through cooking and baking—and in the process, she’s giving Toronto foodies some delectable content! From chicken tinola to brown butter ube white chocolate cookies, follow Amaara Dhanji to see how she cooks up culinary works of art. 

Amaara Dhanji smiles with two cups of iced coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich
Image Source: @amliskitchen | Instagram

16. Rey Pan | @eatnmingle

You should always make time to eat and mingle, and one of Toronto’s food bloggers who’s a pro at both is Rey Pan. He takes food photography to a whole new level that completely blows us away. See for yourself by tapping that follow button!

Rey Pan in front of the Master Chef logo while holding a plate full of food
Image Source: @eatnmingle | Instagram

17. Danielle Finestone | @tofoodies

With almost 100k followers, @tofoodies is one of the top sources of impeccable food inspiration. The page was founded by Danielle Finestone, who appeared on Wall of Chefs season one. Get ready for a bunch of original recipes worth replicating and stellar restaurant recommendations!

Danielle Finestone stands in the filming set of Wall of Chefs
Image Source: @tofoodies | Instagram

18. Sofia | @brazilianfoodie

She’s a Brazilian-slash-Toronto-foodie with over 3.2 million likes on TikTok and a blazing engagement on her social media accounts! Her honest reviews of the restaurants and cafes she visits will help make your food adventures so much easier to navigate.

Sofia smiling in a restaurant with coffee and sweet treats
Image Source: @brazilianfoodie | Instagram

19. Diala Canelo | @dialaskitchen

Diala Canelo’s the queen of making plant-forward and pescatarian recipes on Instagram. Your diet is bound to be injected with healthier dishes that will elevate your lifestyle. If you’re looking for Toronto food bloggers who target this niche on Instagram, then she’s definitely one of the foodies you should be following!

Diala Canelo in a kitchen with a food processor, green drink, and a plate of food
Image Source: @dialaskitchen | Instagram

20. Jen | @foodpr0n

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant that can satisfy your sweet or savory cravings, let Jen’s Instagram page be your guide. This food content creator is always on the lookout for delicious treats and bites that’ll leave you wanting more. 


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A post shared by Jen (@foodpr0n)

Video Source: @foodpr0n | Instagram

21. Suresh Doss | @suresh

If you’re craving high-quality Toronto food blogs, Suresh is a fresh take on food documentation. He vlogs about restaurants, cooks, and restaurateurs to give his audience an idea of what happens inside the kitchen. Follow to discover must-visit gems in the city! 


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A post shared by Suresh Doss (@suresh)

Video Source: @suresh | Instagram

22. Stephanie Dickison | @torontorestaurants.co

No one can match Stephanie Dickison’s prowess when it comes to journaling food and restaurants. Her talent in writing and visual storytelling is why she’s one of the top food bloggers in Toronto, and her UX-focused content is to die for!

Video Source: @torontorestaurants.co | Instagram

23. Connie | @connie_jpeg

Need a buddy on your cafe-crawling journey? Connie is the best pick for that! She’s dedicated an entire IG story highlight to all the coffee shops she’s tried in Toronto. Check out her other highlights to discover other food niches she covers!

Connie holds a cup of coffee topped with brownies while smiling at the camera
Image Source: @connie_jpg | Instagram

24. Alice Phan | @meetandeats

Alice’s content single-handedly exhibits the qualities all Toronto food blogs should possess. She attracts thousands of viewers by posting multi-faceted content on Instagram, all of which resonates with her engaging personality. 

Alice seated at a table full of seafood dishes
Image Source: @meetandeats | Instagram

25. Zahra Kasmani | @threecupsofchai

Working a nine-to-five for seven days a week is tiring and can leave you with little time to prepare food. Don’t fret though; Zahra Kasmani is here to the rescue with her easy-to-make recipes. Follow her lead and be pleasantly surprised!

Video Source: @threecupsofchai | Instagram

26. Candice Hutchings | @edgyveg

She’s fierce, she’s strong, and she’s a proud vegan—Candice Hutchings is one of the Toronto food bloggers on Instagram you need to know! Give her a follow and enjoy her hilarious humor, impeccable style, and #NoFilter content.

Candice Hutchings preparing cheese fondue and a board of food
Image Source: @edgyveg | Instagram

27. Matthew Ravenscroft | @thedirtyraven

Did you grow up hating veggies? Matthew Ravenscroft might change your views with his mouth-watering vegetable recipes. Watch any of his videos, and we’re 100% sure you’ll want to try his recipe ideas afterward—they’re that good!

Matthew Ravenscroft peeks over the counter at a plate of vegetables
Image Source: @thedirtyraven | Instagram

28. Vinetia & Jenusha | @bitesofflavour

Jump into the world of Vinetia and Jenusha, the unstoppable duo behind Bites of Flavour on Instagram. We’re obsessed with their feed because it’s simple, sweet, and succinct—undoubtedly one of the Toronto food blogs everyone should follow. 

Video Source: @bitesofflavour | Instagram

29. Megan Kim | @nourishingmegan

Megan Kim is one of the most charming Toronto food bloggers, with eye-catching content that makes you jump from one post to another (color us obsessed!). Follow her for recommendations on spots to visit with friends and loved ones. 

Megan Kim posing with two cups of coffee, a bagel, and a croissant
Image Source: @nourishingmegan | Instagram

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  • Nancy Chu

    Nancy Chu is the Brand Manager at The Influence Agency and is dedicated to building holistic brand campaigns that empower audiences around the world. She loves pasta, sunshine, and can eat a pint of ice cream every day of her life!

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  • Nancy Chu

    Nancy Chu is the Brand Manager at The Influence Agency and is dedicated to building holistic brand campaigns that empower audiences around the world. She loves pasta, sunshine, and can eat a pint of ice cream every day of her life!

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