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Custom Videography

Put your business in MOTION with dynamic assets sure to grab attention
No matter the platform, video is KING, so what are you waiting for?

What is Custom Videography?

Custom videography is a fantastic way to communicate your product or service to your customers. Whether the video is an introduction to your company, an educational tutorial, or an explainer video, it’s essential to connect with your customers through interactive content.

With your customers in mind, our professional Toronto-based videographers will communicate your brand message and expertise to your audience.

Video offers what text cannot. It immediately creates an authentic interaction with your target audience, leading to increased brand trust and loyalty. Finding the right videographer for your business is essential.
Here at The Influence Agency, we make it our top priority to deliver the best video content that meets your business needs and objectives. It truly is one of the best investments in digital marketing you can make.

Why Video ?

Video content consumption continues to increase worldwide, and video has become an essential aspect of the digital marketing mix. Consumers are hungry for content that adds value to their life. Since many individuals would rather watch a video than read an article, producing great video content is extremely important. Here are some crucial facts:

  • The average attention span of consumers is approximately 2 seconds

  • Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in Click-Through-Rate

  • Videos let you establish authority and add a more personal feel to your brand message.

  • Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video.

  • After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online

Stop Motion

Utilizing the power of still imagery stitched together into a short video, these custom videos are a great way to show personality through a dynamic motion. These videos are appropriate for social media and social advertising and help capture the viewer’s quick attention, usually through a fun storytelling format.

Our Videography Offering

Social Cuts

It’s essential to capture a user’s attention quickly, engaging, and concisely. Social Cuts do just that! This video format is tailored for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest and can be used for both organic and advertising purposes. Social Cuts should be less than 15 seconds and highlight one key message. Our custom videographer will create thumb-stopping content sure to wow your audience from graphic animation videos to stop motion videos. Our videographer will ensure your creative vision is achieved through strategic messaging and unique content to your brand.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos offer a clear and concise approach to articulating your product or service. This style of video is engaging and informative. At The Influence Agency, we will help you translate your product or service offering to customers through a step-by-step guide. This video format allows you to highlight how your product or services works, or perhaps how it solves a common problem in a simple, entertaining, and digestible video.

Hero Video

A hero video is excellent for any kind of business. This video format is essentially a movie trailer for your brand, allowing you to include all of the critical benefits of your product or service in one single video. Whether the hero video is for a product or service or to showcase team culture, this complete video gives customers a holistic inside look at your brand.

Testimonial Videos

Putting a face to a happy customer is much more impactful than five stars on a website; after all, seeing is believing! Feature real customers you have a strong relationship with – these will be your most valuable advocates, and their voices are influential to your business.

How-To / Q&A Videos

Does your business offer products? Showcase how they can be used through an educational product demo, or highlight a spokesperson for your brand to answer any FAQs. The right videographer will make sure your product is showcased precisely how you want it. We create educational video content that will make your audience want to learn more.

Interview Videos

Whether it’s an up-close and personal video interview with a look at a business owner, subject matter expert, or person of interest, these videos help create an authentic connection between you and your audience. Interview videos are a great way to tell your story, showcase your expertise and most importantly allow your personality or brand message to shine through.

Food & Recipe Videos

Do you offer a delicious product or have a buzz-worthy restaurant? Our team of videographers is here to let your food sizzle and create mouthwatering content. Recipe videos to menu features or an exciting restaurant promo that showcases your location, atmosphere, and chefs hard at work. Our team will work with your staff on-site to create high-quality custom videos that will leave your fans and patrons hungry for more!

Event Videos

Hosting a particular party or event in Toronto, and are you looking to capture all of the action? Want to remember the event forever? Our videographers will capture all the special moments and memories, no matter where the event takes place! These event videos are great to immediately captivate your audience through website banners, YouTube pre-roll ads, or social media content.


Are you looking to create a high-quality and professional advertisement for television or paid media? This video style is a more traditional format; these custom commercial videos are designed to help you promote your brand, business or product, and generate brand awareness.

Graphic Animation

The power of video content is not limited to real-life motion. Graphic animation communicates your brand message through a fun, digital format. This style of video is created through animation software by our team of highly skilled motion artists.

Spotify Canvas Videos

Spotify Canvas is an 8-second dynamic and visual loop video that shows vertically in a 9:16 format to fill a user’s phone screen. Give your fans a unique way to connect and listen to your music. These appear in the Now Playing View instead of the typical album artwork.

Utilizing Canvas videos increase track shares, playlist adds, streams, and overall profile visits!

Here at The Influence Agency, our goal with videography is to understand your brand story that you would like to tell. Our creative team will strategically plan a concept that will amplify your brand voice and represent your company values. Our highly talented videographers will create a sophisticated production with top-of-the-line equipment that can be used across multiple platforms.

Besides having expert videographers in-house, we also have access to some of the most talented on-camera personalities in North America who engage, captivate, and win your attention. Our talented team can help you bring your vision to the screen.

1. Discovery

  • Discovery call
  • Review of creative brief & brand guidelines

2. Creative Strategy

  • Pitching creative direction of various branded concepts
  • Conceptualized shot-list, sourcing reference videos
  • Execution of mood board or storyboard

3. Pre-Production

  • Selection of props, backdrops, and lighting
  • Sourcing models
  • Scouting locations

4. Production

  • Planning and scheduling production date and time
  • Directing the set and prop-styling
  • Capturing a wide variety of focal lengths
  • Using professional-grade video equipment

5. Post Production

  • Organizing videos and cutting down the selected footage
  • Editing, adding sound or visual effects, subtitles, animations, or text
  • Resize assets for multiple channels
  • In-depth revision process to ensure client approval.

Frequently Asked

There are various ways to get your video in front of the right people. However, one of the best ways to achieve this is through social media advertising, whether through Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, or YouTube Advertising. Here you can be very specific to ensure your video is being showcased to your desired audience.

The length of a video may vary depending on the story being told. That said, we suggest keeping video content short and sweet at approximately one minute long. In today’s society, individuals seek information as quickly and efficiently as possible. The quicker, the better!

The costs associated with professional videography in Toronto vary depending on what the video production entails. Location, video format, script, formatting, and actors are all factors that need to be taken into account with the cost of a quality video. At The Influence Agency, we put together a comprehensive package to take your business to the next level through captivating video content. We work together to develop an engaging message, one of a kind and memorable.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level through videography? Contact us today to discuss ways to produce high-quality video content for your business and at a cost that aligns with your budget.

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