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Delta Case Study

How We Generated 29K App Downloads for Delta
With Influencer Marketing

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About Delta

Delta Investment Tracker is the world’s number one investment tracking app. A one-stop shop for tracking Stocks, Crypto, NFTs, EFTs, and more! Delta utilizes its one-of-a-kind personalized notification algorithm and helps provide a very clear and easy-to-navigate overview of your entire investment portfolio. Simplifying a mystified space is what Delta does, and they do it well!

As of July 2022, Delta Investment Tracker supports over 300 different crypto and stock exchanges across the globe. Known for its quick and informative updates, Delta has soared through the App Store and Google Play rankings to become the highest-rated investment tracking app. What sets Delta apart?


Multi-asset tracking capability that enables access to all of your investments in one app.


Dynamic portfolio tracker that adapts itself to your investment decisions.


Extensive detail the app provides for each of your assets to help the user better understand the space.


The smart notification system is world-class, keeping users up to date with the most important and relevant news as it is happening live.

Delta Investment Tracker sets a high benchmark that other tracking apps have not been able to achieve. Once their foundation was set, they turned to us to help elevate it!

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The Opportunity

Delta and The Influence Agency first connected in May of 2021 when their influencer marketing program commenced. Since then, we have provided them with leading Influencer Marketing strategies and have helped increase app downloads across a multitude of relevant demographics.

Delta was looking to make a name for themselves in the digital space with their target demographic, and we knew that influencer marketing would be the perfect strategy to help drive awareness of the app and the consideration to download it. Knowing that cryptos, investments, and NFTs were very popular with all different types of influencers, we saw this as a great opportunity to jump in and make the Delta name known.

Fast forward a few months later, Delta wanted to continue working with The Influence Agency beyond influencer marketing and through paid media efforts. Based on the ask, we strategized and recommended TikTok paid advertising due to the very niche audience that exists on the platform. Due to several other successful TikTok ad campaigns we have run in the past, it did not take very long to create a strategy that would drive key KPIs skyward.

Advertising - The Influence Agency
TikTok Influencer - The Influence Agency

The Solution

Influencer marketing is universally seen as a tactic for driving higher brand awareness and product consideration.

In the case of Delta, through strategically producing engaging content alongside influencers, we were able to accomplish both. Our goal with the influencer marketing program was to increase the awareness of the Delta app and to drive App Store and Google Play downloads.

A key component of influencer marketing is having the entire conversation occur in one place. How can you do that? A custom hashtag of course! Implementing a unique hashtag with minimal activity allows audiences to follow along and stay up to date with the content your brand is producing without having to worry about competitors using the same hashtag. Whether influencer content, branded content, or user-generated content; going back to basic and securing a unique hashtag is a must!

With Delta’s ask, we wanted to target YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and activate influencers on those platforms. We asked influencers to create authentic testimonial-style videos through screen share/app showcase. Through these, they would highlight the three main value propositions Delta has to offer:

  1. Stocks and crypto tracking all in one place.
  2. Ease of use with a beautiful interface.
  3. New features unique to Delta that are constantly being added and updated.

Here are a few examples of our top performers and the content they created for this campaign:

Delta Investment Tracker - The Influence Agency
Influencer Marketing Campaigns 4 - The Influence Agency
Influencer Marketing Campaigns 3 - The Influence Agency
Influencer Marketing Campaigns 2 - The Influence Agency
Influencer Marketing Campaigns - The Influence Agency
Influencer Marketing Campaigns 4 - The Influence Agency

A key component to our influencer marketing programs here at The Influence Agency is paid amplification; the process of taking a portion of the budget and boosting the influencers' posts on the different platforms to reach an even wider audience with lower-funnel, authentic messaging. We let the organic influencer posts raise awareness and we take matters into our own hands to drive conversions, which in this case was app downloads.

TikTok advertising guaranteed that Delta’s content would be seen by a broad, yet hyper-focused group of individuals. At the time, TikTok had just put a ban on finance/cryptocurrency branded content, so in response, we began running TikTok ads which gave Delta the ability to access the TikTok user base while abiding by their terms and restrictions. Instead of producing custom ad creative for Delta, we incorporated paid usage rights into the influencers' contracts so that we could leverage their content for ads. The reason behind this strategy was to ensure that the ads came off as authentic as possible. Based on research, 88% of consumers will trust online reviews as personal recommendations.

Between influencer marketing and paid media, we managed to create the perfect 360° marketing storm and from it, app downloads saw an incredible increase. The results proved why we felt this was such a strong service to offer to Delta in the first place.

Now let’s jump into the results!

The Results

As of June 2022, the influencer marketing program and TikTok ad campaign has seen the following results:

Over 20 million
people reach

More than 11 million

75,000+ link clicks

29,000+ conversions

Despite the ongoing downturn of markets, Delta is continuing to see success thanks to their ability to adapt quickly and their willingness to trust in the powers of marketing. Delta’s number one priority always is and always has been their consumers, and they want to make sure they are always getting the best experience possible.

With Delta’s vision and care for their consumers, they are going to continue to kill it and grow within the investment tracking app space!

Want to learn how we can do the same for you? Contact us today to get started.

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