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Webinar Breakdown

Module 1

An Introduction to Custom Branded Content

Learn more about The Influence Agency and why we’re experts in custom branded content development and strategy.

Module 2

Our Process: How to Create Custom Branded Content

In this module, we break down the process of developing a custom branded content strategy from pre- to post-production.

Module 3

Custom Branded Photography

Learn how the different types of branded photography can benefit your brand, including product, lifestyle, food and beverage, and eCommerce photography.

Module 4

Custom Branded Videography

We break down why dynamic content like hero videos, sizzle reels, how-tos, Q&As, and commercials can’t be overlooked in your digital marketing strategies.

Module 5

Custom Branded Social Cuts

In this module, we explore the use of short-form videos tailored to specific social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Module 6

Custom Branded Graphic Animation

From animated explainer videos to augmented reality face filters, there’s no shortage of ways to utilize graphic animation in your brand’s marketing.

Module 7

How to Leverage Custom Branded Content for Social Ads

Find out how you can ensure your best content is viewed by a larger and targeted consumer group on social media.

Module 8

How We Can Help Your Brand

In our final module, we discuss the benefits of using a full-service digital marketing agency to plan, execute, and deploy your custom branded content.

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