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Top 10 Web & Graphic Design Trends for 2024 (And Beyond)

Rocco Bombardieri
Written By
Rocco Bombardieri
Published On
Nov 22, 2023
a web designer working on a massive futuristic computer

Design is everywhere, and sometimes it’s everything. 

This is especially true concerning the impact it has on brand identity and user experience. We see visuals before we read and resonate with words. To not let your fabulous copy go to waste, you need to hook your audience with imagery, colour palettes, and typography that effectively introduces what you’re selling. 

Unlike your computer’s predictive text function, we have a feeling that these graphic and web design trends will be spot-on in 2024. 

1. Emphasis on UX, UI and SEO First Websites

The first web and graphic design trend on this list emphasizes the importance of creating websites that provide excellent user experiences, improve visibility in search engines, and drive business success. 

While we love a beautifully designed website as much as the next client, we also know that focusing on the user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and search engine optimization (SEO) of a website can be even more important. These three factors can make or break a website, whether that be how a consumer finds you online or how easily they can navigate your site in order to convert into a customer. 

An aesthetically pleasing website built around SEO-optimized content, an intuitive layout and navigation, and a seamless UX positively impact conversions, continuing this approach as a major trend in website design.

2. More Focus on Interactive Experiences

Interactive experiences are the future, so embrace them! 

When you incorporate interactive elements into your website, you are upgrading your audience’s browsing experience. Anything clickable—such as videos, polls, games, calculators, or quizzes—is great to engage visitors. Your website shouldn’t just be a collage of things to look at; make people engage with it!

3. Use of 3D Graphics and Claymorphism

The use of 3D visual elements, such as claymorphism, adds a level of depth, realism, and visual interest to a design. This depth can make the design feel more dynamic and interactive, providing a more engaging user experience.

This web design trend involves combining 3D graphics with bright and vivid colour schemes, lifting flat designs right off the page and creating a spacious and light aesthetic. Advances in technology have made it easier to incorporate 3D graphics into web and graphic design. Better rendering engines, faster processors, and improved software tools make the creation and integration of 3D elements more efficient and accessible.

Considerations such as website performance, load times, and ensuring accessibility for all users are critical when implementing these design elements. Always prioritize a seamless user experience and accessibility in design trends.

a close-up of a website’s product page on a laptop screen

4. Micro-interactions and Micro-animations

Another way to enhance the user experience is through micro-interactions and micro-animations. These small but mighty web elements pack a serious punch. We expect them to see them all over the best-performing websites in 2024. 

Gamified animations, preloaders, and celebratory gifts are examples of “micro” interactions with a macro-sized impact. They can be used to guide users through a website by drawing attention to specific elements, actions, or features. They help direct focus and help your website visitors navigate the interface smoothly, improving overall user flow and experience.

Remember: engagement is key. While these design features might seem small, don’t underestimate the value they can add. 

5. Minimalism Meets Maximalism

Minimalist web design leverages white space to convey as much information as possible via a small number of visual elements. On the flipside, maximalist website trends seek to create a cohesive design driven by a wide variety of design elements. 

In 2024, we expect to see more brands using bold, minimalistic design layouts with maximalist details. Combining the two creates a stark contrast that effectively draws attention to the most important aspects of a given site. 

Goodbye, singularities in web design—fusion is the future!  

6. Typography Takes the Spotlight

Typography is taking the spotlight in web design due to its critical role in communication, brand identity, user experience, and aesthetics. It’s about more than just the words on a page—it’s about how the words are arranged. There’s a strategy at play here, people!

While we know that typography can be used to create a visual hierarchy on a website by defining headings, subheadings, body text, and other elements, it can also play a significant role in defining a brand’s personality. Custom fonts and dynamic typography can help you stand out and make a lasting impression on visitors.

We expect a lot of oversized and kinetic typography in 2024. We also expect to see moving type being used to really spice things up. Ultimately, we think many designers will be getting more creative when it comes to words and we’re all for it!  

7. Amplified Accessibility

Accessibility in web and graphic design is not merely a trend; it’s an ethical responsibility and a legal requirement in many places. As such, web designers have a responsibility to create sites that provide seamless experiences for all kinds of users. 

Designing with accessibility in mind ensures that digital content is usable and perceivable by everyone, regardless of disabilities or impairments. Accessible design and making websites compatible with accessibility plugins that users with disabilities may have on their devices assist with creating seamless online experiences. 

Accessibility-minded designers should look to:

  • Provide images with alt text
  • Give users the option to enlarge text 
  • Add keyboard navigation 
  • Use audio-descriptive captions 
  • Use ARIA roles
  • Refrain from using placeholder text in forms 

a cluttered web designer’s desk

8. Diagrammatic Representation

Who wants to waste precious time trying to understand something unnecessarily complicated? No one… especially not potential customers. 

This is why graphic designers have been leaning more towards utilizing diagrammatic representations. It’s extremely effective in its effectiveness of conveying complex information in a visually appealing and easily digestible way. Humans process visuals faster than text, so when you present data through illustrations, graphs, or charts, website visitors instantly understand what you’re trying to convey. 

9. Behavioural Design

Behavioural design is another design trend to watch in 2024 and the next few years.

As the name suggests, this UI method focuses on how design can understand user behaviour to create a more effective and engaging experience, while influencing certain decisions a user might make. This approach to web and graphic design means putting on your conversion-focused hat and considering how certain elements trigger a desired user action such as sign-ups, purchases, or content consumption. For example, think about how the organization and design of navigation menus guide users throughout a site, or how the placements and appearance of CTA buttons affect clicks.

Behavioural design places the user at the center of the design process, seeking to understand their motivations, needs, and behaviours. By designing with a deep understanding of user behaviour, designers can create solutions that truly resonate with and cater to their audience.

10. Adding Interest Where Least Expected

It’s 2024—let’s start putting some fun where people least expect it! For instance, how can we make the 404 error page just as entertaining as Google’s “No Internet Game” that’s triggered when a user is offline?

Adding interesting design details or interactions where it’s least expected disrupts traditional design norms and captivates users’ attention in surprising ways. For example, implementing interactive elements that respond to user actions or utilizing animations in unexpected ways can surprise and engage users. These dynamic elements can bring a sense of playfulness, encouraging exploration and making your site a memorable experience.

Focusing on enhancing subtle details can significantly improve the UX of your design, which ultimately raises engagement, traffic, and conversions. People are always going to appreciate when designers go the extra mile to inject something unique into their online experience, especially if it’s in places where they don’t expect it. 

Embrace These Web Design Trends With Our Help

As designers embrace our anticipated web and graphic design trends for 2024, they pave the way for exciting digital experiences where creativity and user-centricity are blended seamlessly together.

Knowing these trends is one thing, but actually incorporating them into your site is another. That’s where The Influence Agency can help. Our team of web designers specializes in building innovative and conversion-driven websites for a wide variety of brands. No matter your audience or industry, we’re confident we can create something visually appealing that delivers results. 

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  • Rocco Bombardieri

    Rocco Bombardieri is the Art Director at TIA and also the one writing this little byline. All I, wait, I guess it's all he wants to do is drink a black coffee, go for a run, and make a killer website. The order of those don't matter, but oftentimes, that's the way it is. If you ever have to question whether or not I/he is making a joke, here's a hint: I/he am/is.

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  • Rocco Bombardieri

    Rocco Bombardieri is the Art Director at TIA and also the one writing this little byline. All I, wait, I guess it's all he wants to do is drink a black coffee, go for a run, and make a killer website. The order of those don't matter, but oftentimes, that's the way it is. If you ever have to question whether or not I/he is making a joke, here's a hint: I/he am/is.

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