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Top US Wellness Influencers🌿

Kitty Lana Carr
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Kitty Lana Carr
Published On
Oct 25, 2019
Top US Wellness Influencers

Currently, wellness is on everyone’s minds and everyone’s Instagram feeds. Navigating the wellness landscape can be a bit confusing and leave you wondering if you should be rolling jade on your face or adding ashwagandha powder to everything you consume. Thankfully, we have narrowed down a list of wellness experts who actually know WTF is going on. Put down the rose quartz and follow these wellness babes for the latest on wellness treatments, products, services, and how to stay mindful in your everyday life.

ellness treatments, products, services

Photo credit // Alison Wu

Lee From America @leefromamerica

Do you know what seed cycling is? Neither did us until we started following Lee. She opened our minds to so many areas in our lives where we should be more mindful and how important it is to nurture our bodies through meditation, good food, and quality relationships. We love Lee!

Hannah Bronfman @hannahbronfman

Do yourself and your booty a favour and follow Hannah right now! Hannah has tried every workout in New York City and we are here for it. Hannah is a wellness pioneer and is a huge advocate for green beauty  Oh, and did we mention that she is a DJ? Also, she knows how to turn out a look like nobody’s business. The title of Hannah’s book says it all “Do What Feels Good”.

Allison Wu @alison__wu

Alison’s blog Wu Haus is a platform to empower people to take control of their health and wellness. Alison has an adaptogen pantry and an in-home infrared sauna #goals. Alison’s content is focused on total body and mind wellness which she supports with her meditation and spiritual practice. Learn more here.

Jordan Younger @thebalancedblonde

We have followed Jordan on her journey with Lyme disease and how she has listened to her body every step of the way. Jordan emphasizes radical self-care and plant-based everything. Check out what she has to say about adaptogens and her fave wellness tonics here!

Jeannette Ogden @shutthekaleup

Jeannette is one of our favourite wellness mamas and health gurus! Jeannette has got it down when it comes to balance by emphasizing a whole food diet (of with course room for indulgences), and plenty of exercise. Thankfully she keeps it real for us by sharing how crazy Mom life can be and how to stay positive when life throws you a curveball.

Camille Styles @camillestyles

Camille uses her Blog and Instagram inspire people to live their best selves! She believes that wellness is all about good food, great friends and celebrating life. Also, Camille is a guest writer on The Chalkboard Mag, the go-to platform for all things wellness.

Sophie Jaffe @sophie.jaffe

Sophie takes a holistic approach to wellness (aka mind, body, and soul). When Sophie isn’t spending time with her family or practicing yoga, she is concocting potent superfood elixirs for her own line of superfood powders Philosophie. Yes, you too can eat like a wellness goddess!

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