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Top Instagram Couples Giving Us Relationship Goals

Darcy Price
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Darcy Price
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Feb 12, 2021
A couple each holding a phone with a heart on the screen

Couples accounts are taking over Instagram with collaborative content showcasing their everyday life, testing viral challenges and dances, pranks, and more. Whether you’re single and loving it, in a budding new romance, or comfortable in love, these collab accounts are giving us all serious couple goals.

So without further ado, here are our top must-follow Instagram couples:

Bill Ritter and Mariah | @billritter

Mariah and Bill are one of the most relatable and adorable Instagram couples on this list. From cute couple photos to funny reels to awesome travel posts, this couple surely has a lot going for them. Follow Bill and Mariah to add a dash of joy and sweetness to your Instagram feed!

Jess and Mike | @jessmikemillerxx

Caution: hot. This Instagram couple’s account is not for the faint of heart. Jess and Mike are known for their sexy and spicy content. They share couple insights on love and sexuality, relatable reels, and a portion of travel and lifestyle content for followers to enjoy.

Dan and Samantha Mathews | @wearedanandsam

Wholesome, funny, honest, and RV! These are four words that best sum up the Instagram account of Dan and Samantha Mathews. Their content is just as much about family as it is about the couple life. Dan and Samantha also post content about the charms of RV living, family travels, relatable struggles, and insightful couple skits.

Lanie and Nick | @laniechurco

The Churcos is a young family consisting of an adorable child and a wholesome and sweet couple, Nick and Lanie Churco. If you want to grace your Instagram feed with scenic and heartwarming family moments, definitely follow Lanie Churco.

Menecis and Brody | @menecisss_cx

This list of amazing Instagram couples wouldn’t be complete without Menecis and Brody. This sweet and fun couple is adored by more than 20,000 followers for a reason. Aside from the love that radiates from their posts, the couple’s positivity regarding disability sets a valuable example. 

Sonia and Emmanuel | @theokhifos

Sonia and Emmanuel love life and each other. This is one of those Instagram couples that cherish all moments, whether it’s traveling in Santorini, going out on a date night, doing a skit, or setting up a prank. Their love for life is simply contagious!

Molly and Jordy | @mollyandjordy

Looking for Instagram couples that rock stylish threads and have the personality to match? Then Molly and Jordy should definitely be on your list of Instagram couples to follow. This stylish and beautiful interracial couple has done collabs with a variety of fashion brands and is adored by more than 50,000 fans. 

Quincie and Zach | @itsquincie

Quincie and Zach are one of those Instagram couples known for their breathtaking travel photos and heartwarming moments, many of which are candidly (but beautifully) shot. This couple shares their unfolding love story with a massive and loyal fanbase. They’re also the founders of Sunset Hours, a clothing brand that encourages lovers to chase sunsets. It’s simply sweet and thoughtful—which is exactly what we expect from Quincie and Zach.  

Nick and Carrie | @_nickandcarrie_

If you’re up for a dose of funny, upbeat, and relatable couple content, then check out Nick and Carrie. When they’re not entertaining their fans with funny skits, Nick and Carrie pose for the camera with undeniable chemistry and contagious joy. 

Gabi + Shanna | @27travels

This lesbian couple from NYC is here to show you the world and share their beautiful moments along the way. Whether these two are in Venice, Ecuador, or various parts of the United States, they make their fans feel like they are part of their awesome journey and heartwarming moments. If you’re looking for inspiring Instagram couples to follow, make sure Gabi and Shanna are a part of your list! 

Sonu M S | @sonu_nikesh

Sonu and Nikesh are a gay couple from Kerala, India. Hailing from a region where LGBTQ+ people face legal and social difficulties, it’s a blessing to see Sonu and Nikesh waving the Pride Flag high, strong, and very happy together. Follow Sonu and Nikesh for travel content, big smiles, and undeniable sweetness.

Matt Benfield | @mr.benfield

Matt and Omar are a sweet, light-hearted gay interracial couple known for their relatable and funny content. Matt and Omar never fail to bring smiles to their 100K+ fans. If you want to be a part of their adventures and witness their charming chemistry, definitely give them a follow!

Steph & Katie | @lezseetheworld

Steph and Katie Burlton are a married lesbian couple living in Vancouver, Canada with a feed that focuses mainly on lifestyle and travel content. After getting married in 2015 the two set out to travel full-time, and have since been all over Canada and the U.S., throughout Western Europe and the U.K., as well as Central and South America, Asia, and Australia. Their blog also serves as a community for queer women covering topics such as sexual wellness, activism, entrepreneurship, and more! 

Maude & Jordan | @llesdeux

Maude and Jordan’s Instagram feed is the equivalent of an afternoon sun peeking through the blinds after a long day. Warm hues mixed with cozy apparel mixed with books—what more could you ask for?

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, this couple will inspire you with their innovative home decor ideas and relaxing countryside strolls; so take a page out of their book and prepare a romantic candlelit meal together, or take your pup for a sunset walk!  

Jasmine & Dawoud | @jasminefares

Jasmine Fares is a fierce fashion-driven Canadian content creator whose social platform is used to showcase aesthetically pleasing outfit inspiration as well as shamelessly celebrating her relationship goals with her husband, Dawoud.

Their “meet-cute” moment was when they innocently met at his restaurant, only to get engaged six months later. The couple then started a YouTube account while travelling before getting married. Their content ranges from educational to beauty to DIY—not to mention, they are gorgeous.

Allie & Sam | @allieandsam

Looking for Instagram couples who are also travellers at the same time? Then give Allie and Sam a follow. They are a travel-loving couple from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their platform is a direct love letter to each other—and we can’t get over how dedicated and passionate they are to normalize LGBTQ+ relationships! Follow them as they document their journey to becoming moms through IVF.

Aileen & Deven | @aileenchristineee

If you need a midday pick-me-up, watch literally any video on Aileen & Deven’s Instagram couples account. Their playful personalities complement each other in a way that’s both endearing and couples goals’ inducing. 

With four million followers on TikTok, this Edmonton, Alberta couple is one to watch!

Kristy & Desmond | @kristy.sarah

Kristy and Desmond give us ultimate relationship goals with their two beautiful sons and consistently creative pranks. Their love story is almost too perfect. After meeting in high school, they reconnected years later in college and got married shortly after. Their positive energy and imaginative content radiate through their feed making them one of those Instagram couples you must follow!

Who’s Your Favourite Instagram Couples?

There’s something comforting about watching couples on our social feed—especially those who are open and honest about their struggles like the couples on our list.

So whether you’re looking for content that’ll brighten your day or you’re in need of validation that you’re doing your best, this round-up of Instagram couples accounts is the extra dose of love your feed is missing!

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