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Top Canadian Drag Queens

Kitty Lana Carr
Written By
Kitty Lana Carr
Published On
Jul 24, 2019
Drag Queens

Category is: Top Canadian Drag Queens. The announcement that Crave TV will be bringing the Emmy Award-winning Drag Race to Canada had everyone screaming AMEN from the top of the Rocky Mountains to the CN Tower. In light of this news, we want to bring you our favourite Queens from across the nation to look out for. Without further ado let’s party (insert noise Alyssa Edwards does with her mouth).

Juice Boxx @juiceboxxofficial

If you are not following Juice Boxx you are not living! We are here for her unicorn princess vibes. Oh, and did we mention Juice Boxx is Baby Spice in the Toronto-based drag group Spice Queens?

Priyanka @thequeenpriyanka

All hail Queen Priyanka! Category is: Toronto Royalty

Berlin @the.girlfriendexperience

We have NO WORDS. Everything about Berlin is GOALS!

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Biker babe fantasy Channeling my inner @xosonique

A post shared by The Girlfriend Experience (@the.girlfriendexperience) on

Scarlett BoBo @itsscarlettbobo

Scarlett Bo Bo eats fire. Enough said we are hooked!

Baby Bel Bel @baby_bel_bel

Baby Bel Bel is serving cosplay eleganza and we are loving it!

Lucy Flawless @thelucyflawless

Her name says it all, shes FLAWLESS!

Miss Xtacy Love @xtacylove

Tens tens tens across the board! Check out this Toronto-based beauty!

Erin Brockobic @erinbrockobic

If you have not seen Erin Brockobic taking the streets of Toronto for Drag Brunch, pull yourself together and check it out!

Imarra @_imarra

You guessed it! Imarra is Posh Spice in the Toronto-based drag group Spice Queens and we really really really wanna zigazig ah…and also for you to follow Imarra!

Miss Fiercalicious @missfiercalicious

No, that is not Naomi Smalls, this is Toronto’s own Miss Fiercalicious, we are LIVING for her!

MangHoe Lassi @_humzer

MangHoe’s makeup is NEXT LEVEL. We are loving what she is ser

Rogue @itsjustrogue

See your favourite characters come to life and follow Rouge!

Vivian Vanderpuss @infinte_cats

Vivian Vanderpuss is a real-life doll that has come to life to make all of your drag dreams come true. Check them out!

Rita Baga @ritabagaz

Rita Baga had a certain je ne sais quoi that we cannot stop obsessing over!

Matante Alex @matante.alex

Food, fantasy, art, Mantante has it all. Follow Matante MAINTENANT!!

Wendy Warhol @wendy.warhol

No need to visit MOMA, follow this pop-art icon and you can get your Warhol fix!

And there you have it! We cannot wait to see who has the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to be crowned Canada’s Top Drag Queen! Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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