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Top American TikTokers to Follow

Danielle Howson
Written By
Danielle Howson
Published On
Jun 30, 2022
A collage of Charli D’Amelio, the Stokes Twins, Addison Rae, and Huddy

No one can deny that TikTok has taken over the world. TikTok has exploded in popularity and has worked its way into so many of our lives. With so many users scrolling through the For You page, the platform is not just for your younger cousin. It’s a platform for everyone.

In this blog, we share with you some of our favourite American TikTokers and their TikTok accounts!


1. Charli D’Amelio | @charlidamelio

Follower count: 143 Million

If you’re on TikTok, then you’re probably already familiar with this name.

Charli D’Amelio is an American TikToker, who started posting dance videos on the platform in 2019, kickstarting her social media career.

Now the most followed influencer on TikTok, Charli’s career has surpassed the social media landscape to include voice acting, a Hulu docuseries called The D’Amelio Show, and multiple product lines that align with her brand.

Often described as TikTok’s biggest star, Charli still posts content for her millions of followers to enjoy.

2. Bella Poarch | @bellapoarch

Follower count: 90.3 Million

Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American TikToker. She initially received popularity for her gaming and cosplay content, but her following skyrocketed after going viral for her lipsync videos. In fact, she holds the record for the most-liked TikTok video on the app, with one of these lipsync TikToks having than 57 million likes (and counting).

Since gaining a following on the social media app, Bella has released multiple hit singles including “Build a B*tch” and “Inferno.”

3. Addison Rae | @addisonre

Follower count: 88.1 Million

Addison Rae is the next American TikTok influencer on this list whose social media, singing, and acting career got started due to her insane success on the platform—she even made Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list in 2021.

After posting dance videos to trending songs on the platform, it only took a few months for Addison to gain a following of millions. Her rise to fame hasn’t slowed down since, either, and she is now the fourth most followed TikTok influencer in the world.

4. Zach King | @zachking

Follower count: 68.9 Million

Zach King is the next American TikTok influencers on this list, known for content he calls “digital sleight of hand.” After starting is social media career by posting on YouTube and Vine (RIP), he became the fifth-most followed TikToker. He holds the record for most viewed video on the platform, amassing over 2 billion views.

If you check out his content, you’ll be left asking yourself how in the world did he do that!?


Testing out my RC @Monster Jam Truck

♬ original sound – Zach King

5. Spencer Knight | @spencerx

Follower count: 55.1 Million

Spencer Knight—AKA Spencer X—is TikTok’s most well-known beatboxer, calling himself the “mouth music man.” He first taught himself how to beatbox by watching YouTube videos and has now created a video series where he teaches others the beatbox basics in one minute.

TikTok’s “Live” feature changed his life when he began streaming his beatboxing talent and receiving virtual gifts from his fans. Since then, Spencer was among the very first people to receive funding from TikTok’s $1 billion Creator Fund in August 2020. Pretty cool!


Beatbox challenge!! Me vs Cactus 🗣🎶🌵

♬ original sound – Spencer X

6. Loren Gray | @lorengray

Follower count: 54.5 Million

American TikToker, model, and singer, Loren Gray has been posting bite-sized video content online since she was only 13 years old. Almost a decade later, she has earned a massive following across a number of social media platforms.

She’s since turned her internet fame into a music career, releasing her debut single “My Story” in 2018. After releasing several more songs, Loren has since become an independent artist with her first solo independent song titled “Piece of Work” in 2021.

Loren also has her own jewellery brand called &always

7. Joe Albanese | @joealbanese

Follower count: 41.2 Million

Joe Albanese is another top American TikToker with a huge following, primarily posting comedy, dancing, and lipsync content. He mostly creates videos with his family, showcasing his sister, Bri.

8. Baby Ariel | @babyariel

Follower count: 35.8 Million

Better known as Baby Ariel, Ariel Martin is an American TikToker, singer, and actress.

She’s known for her activism work early on in her online career, launching anti-bullying campaigns under the hashtags #ArielMovement and #HackHarrassment.

Ariel has released a number of songs from 2017-2020, releasing her first EP titled Blue in 2021. In addition to her music career, she’s also made a name for herself as an actor, earning parts in a handful of television shows as well as the Disney Channel Original Movies, Zombies 2 and Zombies 3. She even collaborated with EA Games to appear in their 2018 video game The Sims 4: Get Famous

9. Alex and Alan Stokes | @stokestwins

Follower count: 31.2 Million

Alex and Alan Stokes are Chinese-American TikTok Influencers also known for their presence on YouTube. They first started off creating video content separately, but soon merged their channels when they realized the star power of being twins. According to views per video, their YouTube channel is the 9th largest in the world as of 2022.


Answer @im_siowei Who remembers this

♬ original sound – Stokes Twins

10. Chase Hudson | @huddy

Follower count: 32.1 Million

Chase Hudson, known professionally as Huddy, is an American TikToker and singer. He was one of the co-founding members the TikTok collective called the Hype House—a collaborative content creation house based out of LA. 

Huddy is also well known for popularizing the e-boy fashion and subculture, using his online platform and music career to become one of the most prominent names in the 2020s pop-punk revival. He released his debut single “21st Century Vampire” in 2021.


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  • Danielle Howson

    Danielle Howson is the Lead Web Optimization Manager at TIA and a self-proclaimed word nerd. She spends her time writing, thinking about writing, and coming up with creative ideas to write about. When not writing, you can find her cuddling up with her two cats and reading other people's writing.

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  • Danielle Howson

    Danielle Howson is the Lead Web Optimization Manager at TIA and a self-proclaimed word nerd. She spends her time writing, thinking about writing, and coming up with creative ideas to write about. When not writing, you can find her cuddling up with her two cats and reading other people's writing.

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