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Top 10 Toronto Vegan Influencers

Samuel Butcher
Written By
Samuel Butcher
Published On
Dec 19, 2019
Toronto Vegan Influencers

We put together a shortlist of 10 Toronto vegan influencers that we love! Their content is fun, engaging and most importantly vegan! We love learning new ways to go about doing things, hearing about the latest vegan restaurant launches in Toronto and the GTA, and just merely being a part of their communities!

Being vegan isn’t always easy, but this group of 10 sure knows advocate for the good that going vegan can do, both socially and morally and for that we thank them!

Let’s hummus-dive in!

LIZ KAPRAN@lilveggiekween

An unbelievable vegan-fashionista! Liz has an unreal street style and focuses on working with brands that align and coincide with her being vegan! She’s recently partnered with Planta Queen & Yorkville (vegan restaurant’s here in Toronto) and LOV, which recently made way to TO from Montreal. A massive vegan following makes her powerful voice in her community one to be listened to!

MATT BENFIELD@mr.benfield

A fairly recent vegan switch has changed Matt’s life for the better! He strives to bring whole-hearted realness to his content and community, and it shows! He is constantly sharing new vegan eats he recommends, new eco-friendly lifestyle changes, and a look into his personal life with partner, Omar.

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🌵 FAV PLACES IN JT 🌵 okokok so if you know ANYTHING about me, it’s that i’m a little tiny bit obsessed with this slice of heaven called joshua tree (surprise, surprise i know 😏) something about being smack dab in the middle of the desert is so PEACEFUL & MAGICAL and i just can’t stop talking about it ✨✨✨ – if you’ve ever thought of hitting up JT / the surrounding area on your next trip, SAVE this post for the places you 100% have to hit up!!! P.S. yes that’s a paper straw in that coffee cup xoxoxoxo – 🏠 WHERE TO STAY so airbnbs are the obvious choice for your stay in JT – @thejoshuatreehouse is the big one that everyoneeee always talks about (for good reason!!! 😍), but literally just search through @airbnb & you’ll find 20,000 incredible options! some other good ones: @boulderridgehideout, @hipjoshuatreedesertairstream, and @thecastlehouseestate 🏰 – 🧇 WHERE TO EAT tbh JT doesn’t have the most ~amazing~ food scene in the universe, BUT there are some gems: @cafefrontier (you MUST get the vegan BLT, trust me on this!!!!) @thenaturalsisterscafe @pappyandharriets @jt_saloon @pieforthepeople – 🏜 WHERE TO HIKE ok duh this is what you really come to do in joshua tree or you’re doing it wrong!!! here are some pretty easy/moderate hikes in JT national park to get on: *Hidden Valley, Cap Rock, Arch Rock, Jumbo Rocks, Warren Peak, Lost Palms Oasis, & Maze Loop* – 🛍 WHERE TO SHOP & probably one of my fav parts of being in JT – the cute desert boutiques/thrift stores 🥰 the town + Yucca Valley & some surrounding towns have toooons of shops you can peruse through while you’re there!! here are some favs: @desertomen @hoofandthehorn @joshuatreecoffeecompany Pioneer Crossing Antiques @moonwindtradingco @theendyuccavalley @funkyanddarnnearnew @skyvillagemarketplace_ @joshuatreerockshop – YAY THAT’S IT 🤗🌵✨ got a full JT travel guide coming to the blog vvv soon!!!

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An icon of the Toronto vegan scene, she’s taken the vegan junk food world to a whole ‘nother level! Her content is beautiful, organic and raw, and not to mention her YouTube game is on fire! She has a passion for taking recipes and making them into her own, and focuses on the adaptability and ease of making delicious vegan food at home!

STEPH TAVARES@sugaredcoconut

An adorable vegan recipe developer, food photographer, and content creator! Who’s been creating beautiful and captivating content for a few years now. She specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free treats (hard to come by!) goodies that are as beautiful as they are tasty!


A duo of vegan-girls hailing from Toronto! These two have blown up on Instagram and have a passion for showcase amazing, fun and colourful vegan food that is sure to please!

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Missing @meganstulberg today and every other day!

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ANGELA LIDDON@ohsheglows

An OG of the vegan community, and hailing from the greater GTA in Oakville. Angela has created a mini-empire of amazing recipes, blogs, content and cookbooks (SO GOOD) that are honestly, to die for! Her recipes focus on healthy eating and glowing from the inside-out!

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(Pure Ella takeover, 5/5) I’m super excited to share my favourite dinner with you. I just love great veggie burgers, and lately, I’m back to enjoying these Lentil Burgers with a Tamari Ketchup (recipes from my Cut the Sugar book)—they are so good, plus they contain a good portion of protein to keep me full, yet are nice and light. When I eat veggie burgers I hardly ever eat them with a bun, instead I prefer them with a salad and a side of quinoa or buckwheat. That way I maximize on nutrition and avoid empty carbs that fill you up. Once you finish your dinner, don’t forget to turn up your favourite tunes and DANCE! It’s the best habit to get into, to just have fun and dance in the living room or kitchen! 🙂 Seriously, not only are you having fun and feeling happy—but you’re also lowering your blood sugar and keeping your heart healthy and happy! A walk outside after dinner is also a great way to end the day. Last thing I want to add is that in between these meals and snacks I try to drink a glass of water or herbal tea. I hardly ever drink juice unless it’s freshly juiced. 🙂 AND yes, I do love to bake delicious treats and desserts, but those are not an everyday treat; they’re usually something I bake for my blog or for the weekend, and I try to maximize on nutrition with desserts, too, and always try to choose healthier ingredients and sweeteners. So, my sweet friends, I hope you’ve all been having fun in joining me on OSG’s Instagram takeover, and I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how you can cut sugar without feeling deprived and while still enjoying a bit of a sweet life by adopting healthy sugar habits. With love, Ella <3 — @pure_ella #osgtakeover

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JAZMINN HAYES@jazminnhayes

A Toronto based vegan model, who loves to try every new vegan restaurant possible in Toronto, and of course travel the world! Recently she’s been to some of the hottest vegan media launches the city has to offer!

DYLAN MINNS@dylanminns

A fellow Torontonian whos is vegan and also just so happens to be a personal trainer at Equinox Gym here in Toronto! His content focuses on the power of vegan athleticism and lifting and breaking the stereotype of having to be carnivorous as an athlete or fitness trainer.

LISA LE@thevietvegan

This content creator is constantly scouring the city for the best vegan eats! Her content focuses on delicious and homemade vegan eats, from cheddar cheese balls to cookies and Filipino BBQ chicken!

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THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! 🍂 I know the weekend is over, but there is no time like the present to go outside and appreciate the beauty that is autumn leaves. I love the crunch of leaves, the smell of earth and rotting leaves (😂), and the crisp wind through the trees. 🍂 It's a reminder that I have to let go and ready myself for change. Big things on the horizon and I have to let be what I can't control and just go where the path leads me. I trust that with the support of my family and friends that things will all work out. 🍂 In the meantime, bánh xèo recipe will finally be up on Wednesday! I'm hyped 🤗 #thevietvegan #whatveganslooklike #vegansofig #mountnemo #brucetrail

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SAM TURNBULL@itdoesnttastelikechicken

Carnivore to vegan, overnight! She began playing around in the kitchen after watching Forks Over Knives. She’s now a food blogger and content creator and her channels focus on creating fun, quick and easy vegan meals!

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On this day in 2012, I watched @vegucated and made the decision to go vegan on the spot, and I was not happy about it. While I had made my choice, I really didn't want to be vegan, I just felt like I had to be to live my life according to my own values. But all I could focus on were all the things I was losing. What I didn't realize is that I would actually GAIN so much.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I GAINED health- my sensitive stomach, bloating, afternoon drowsiness, unbuttoning jeans after meals, were all things of the past. I dropped a bit of weight and now easily maintain the same weight I was in high school. With all the extra energy I have, I've even learned to love exercise (something I had always hated before). I still get ID'd all the time and I'm 35 (the drinking age is 19 here in Ontario).⁠ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I GAINED ⁠food- the thing I thought I would miss the most was actually the thing I gained the most. Sure I may have cut out a few animal products from my diet, but I now enjoy a limitless abundance of delicious vegan food. I try new dishes all the time and prepare foods in ways I had never thought of before. Meat and two veg ain't got nothin' on the meals I create now.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I GAINED a career- I was working as an art director before and while it was ok, I guess, I wasn't passionate about my work. I soon found passion in sharing my recipes online which blossomed into the career of my dreams including a cookbook, appearing on tv, and doing radio interviews. I now get to do what I love every single day.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I GAINED awareness- I stopped making excuses for my actions and instead took responsibility for them. This seemed scary at first but it was actually so freeing to know I'm doing my part. I'm far from perfect, but my choices help save the animals and the planet every day just by simply eating delicious food! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I GAINED a community- both online and in-person I get to meet so many amazing like-minded people. It's so cool that that simply finding out that someone is also vegan will instantly connect you. It's like you're best friends already! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ It turns out that the only thing I regret about going vegan is not doing it sooner. I've gained so much!🌱⁠ #govegan

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& ME!


A vegan of 3.5 years, he loves to incorporate vegan food, lifestyle, and recipes into his content. Having the ability to work at a digital marketing agency, The Influence Agency here in Toronto focusing on photography and social media has further fueled his passion for amazing, colourful and bright content creation!

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your friendly neighbourhood Leo! 🌞 #thriving

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Have you ever tried being vegan or vegetarian?

With the new year just around the corner, 2020 may be the year that you focus on eating more healthy and being conscious of your impact on the environment! Being vegan or vegetarian can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and help the environment. Look to these powerful, fun and engaging influencers for inspiration!

For more information on what we do here at The Influence Agency, feel free to contact us today! Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


  • Samuel Butcher is the Social Content Manager at TIA. He is passionate about all things creative & content. In his spare time this vegan-foodie can often be seen travelling and soaking up the sun while capturing amazing photography with his keen eye! You can follow him @smbtchr

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  • Samuel Butcher is the Social Content Manager at TIA. He is passionate about all things creative & content. In his spare time this vegan-foodie can often be seen travelling and soaking up the sun while capturing amazing photography with his keen eye! You can follow him @smbtchr

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