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20 Skincare Influencers to Follow on TikTok

Leira Lacuata
Written By
Leira Lacuata
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Feb 16, 2024
An Nguyen (left), Matt Woodcox (middle), LaToya Lanice (right)

Is attaining healthy, glowing skin one of your manifestations this year? If so, TikTok’s best skincare influencers have your back! These healthy skin gurus give honest skincare tips and reviews on the latest beauty industry products so you can decide which latest item is worth adding to your skincare routine. 

Without further ado, here are the top social media influencers you should follow on TikTok to achieve that glowy, healthy skin!

1. Lavinia Rusanda | @laviniarusanda

Lavinia is one of the skincare influencers who breaks the illusion of “perfect skin” by confidently embracing her acne. She uses her skin and makeup tutorials to show why people should accept the beauty in their imperfections. No wonder why she has thousands of followers on TikTok!


Bye breakouts, hello new @Sweet Chef 🥕 @target #sweetchefpartner #skincaretiktok #skincarereview #acneskincare #acnetreatment #acnecheck #skincare101

♬ original sound – Lavinia

Video source: @laviniarusanda | TikTok

2. Alix Earle | @alixearle

Whether it’s dressing up or down, Alix Earle is a must-follow for her intriguing GRWM content on TikTok. She’s among the TikTok skincare influencers who struggled with a broken skin barrier and now recommends various skincare brands that have worked for her.


Hope this helps anyone with the same skin issues! Available @Murad Skincare @Ulta Beauty #muradpartner #muradskincare

♬ original sound – Alix Earle

Video Source: @alixearle | TikTok

3. Helen Cai | @skinbyhelen

Skincare products are expensive, but Helen Cai has your back when it comes to sharing affordable dupes that offer the same benefits as other brands. Though it sounds like she has her own skincare line, she’s only sharing her holy grail products for plump, hydrated glass skin.


Has my number one toner been DOOPED?? 👀 Comparing two milky toners — both are well formulated and amazing for dry skin! #creamskin #milkskintoner #tirtir

♬ Chillest in the Room – L.Dre

Video Source: @skinbyhelen | TikTok

4. Marielle Juan | @glowwithmar

Marielle’s viral video on reapplying sunscreen just showed how vital sunscreen reapplication is to protect your skin from UV rays—it’s one of many reasons why she’s one of the top skincare influencers you should follow. If you’re struggling to find a sunscreen that fits your skin type, this skincare influencer has so many recommendations to offer.


Replying to @fancynapkintea sunscreen is the only thing thats non-negotiable when it comes to skincare 🥲 also there are sunscreen mists I prefer to use to prevent greasiness, breakouts and to ensure my makeup is secure! #sunscreen #sunprotection #sunscreenmist #sunscreenspray #uvprotection #sunscreenreapplication

♬ BGM perfect for item description – Mi-on(みおん)

Video Source: @glowwithmar | TikTok

5. Ruchika Karnani | @ruchikakarnani

Ruchika is all about holistic wellness, not just maintaining skin health. As someone who previously had eczema, she’s now learning to go beyond the looks. On her TikTok, you’ll find affirmations and life tips aside from makeup ideas and product recommendations. Consider her one of the TikTok skincare influencers who provides safe spaces!


looks like a new oil’s been added to the sensitive skincare rotation 🌟 @REN Clean Skincare #renskincare #sensitiveskin #ad #dryskin @sephora #eczemaskin #eczema

♬ Bossa Nova-like acoustic – koji tanaka

Video Source: @ruchikakarnani | TikTok

6. Darlene Flores Lugo | @matte.about.makeup

Unfiltered and unedited, Darlene ranks among the top skincare influencers because of her straightforward personality. While she mostly reviews beauty brands, she also serves up golden skin health advice, especially for acne-prone skin. 


Calling all my chronically late peeps!! @cocokind will never steer you wrong! This routine is quick and effective and will get you out that door ASAP! 🏃🏻‍♀️Available at @target ❤️ – – – cocokindskincare, #cocokind skincareforacne, acneskincare, gentleskincare, #quickskincare routine, affordable skincare

♬ original sound – Darlene Lugo – Pimple Princess

Video Source: @matte.about.makeup | TikTok

7. Matt Woodcox | @dirtyboysgetclean

Male skincare influencers like Matt Woodcox are ready to dish out the 4-1-1 about proper grooming. He’s here to tell men of all ages that they can achieve healthy and glowing skin, too! This skincare enthusiast reviews almost all products so you won’t have to test everything yourself—a lifesaver, indeed.


🌸Besties, let’s talk beauty tools I love and how I use them in my routine, shall we? Y’all know I love @japonesque [AD] and they have a line called Skin Therapy with tools that are meant to boost the performance of your skincare products! I feel like tools just help elevate my routine and they make such a difference!! PS: these tools are exclusively available on Amazon! Here’s what I use: • ✨Dermaplaning Facial Razor is what I use to shave my face weekly. This is great to remove facial hair, exfoliate, and allows your products to absorb better. • ✨Rejuvenating Sonic Facial Cleanser is not only great for removing dirt, oil, & grime but it massages and is great for lymphatic drainage. • ✨Contouring V Roller is amazing to contour and deeply massages the skin for a rejuvenated appearance. Gimme a jawline lmao! • ✨Gua Sha is going to help sculpt, tone & relax the facial muscles! #japonesque#beautytools #guasha #dermaplaning #skincareroutine #beautytips #healthyskin #glossier #charlottetilbury #tatcha #selfcaretips

♬ original sound – Dirtyboysgetclean

Video Source: @dirtyboysgetclean | TikTok

8. Tyler Polakovich | @sighlur

If you’re big on facts, Tyler is one of the best skincare influencers for science-based skincare routines. She takes her time to research each product, learn the scientific jargon, and understand how the ingredients work on the skin. You won’t have to worry about hard-to-read words on labels because Tyler’s here to explain what they are in plain words.


Textured skin who??? Don’t know who that is 😮‍💨 ✨ALL products are always linked in my linked in my bi0! 🫶🏻 #skincare #texturedskin #textureskin #texturedskincare #cloggedpores #cloggedporesroutine #congestedskin #congestedskincare #doublecleansing #oilcleansing #oilcleanser #exfoliate #skincycling #skincyclingroutine #moisturizer #salicylicacid #azelaicacid

♬ original sound – Dexter Carr

Video Source: @sighlur | TikTok

9. Alexa Johnson | @glowopedia

Alexa Johnson does a little bit of everything on her page—serious skincare tips, satirical beauty videos, shopping on Sephora with her daughter, and trying on skincare sticks, which are her favorite. Now she’s trying all the best hydrating sticks for winter and saying goodbye to dry, irritated skin while skiing!


Slopeside Skincare 🎿 if you like the Tatcha dewy skin cream you will love this because it’s basically that product concentrated in stick form. This has lots of ingredients that are gentle and help replenish skin – especially in dry or cold climates. I take this with me everywhere basically. Even when skiing down a mountain 🏔️ You can use on dry patches, lips, eyes etc It’s an 80% Squalane balm touch up stick for anyone who has dry skin and feels tight throughout the day. Or just wants to be proactive in having hydrated happy skin ✨ A lot of people get really bothered by skincare in stick form and if this isn’t something for you- then that’s fine. But I love skincare sticks and will do a carousel round up this week. If this is way above what you are comfortable spending then check out the Medicube Collagen MultiBalm – it doesn’t have similar ingredients- just a similar concept I’ve also seen more brands come out with stick skin balms and will be trying more and more #skintok #dryskin #tatchaserumstick

♬ HEY HEY HEY LOVERR – ally <3

Video Source: @glowopedia | TikTok

10. Annie Dayoon | @anniedayoon

No one says more about Korean skincare products than Annie Dayoon. She’ll try, review and recommend popular skincare products and treatments from Korea just to tell you if they’re worth your time and money. A great source of info!


I love the thicker circular ones like the @medicube_official Super Cica pads For wiping my face for skincare prep. And i like using Bioheal BOH probioderm Tightening t3 collagen pads to use like a sheetmask for makeup prep!! Oliveyoung: ANNIEDAYOON1 Yesstyle: ANNIE22 Stylevana: SHOPANNIE #tonerpad #koreanskincare #kbeauty #skincare #makeupprep #skincaretips

♬ Cute – Audiolist Productions

Video Source: @anniedayoon | Instagram

11. Hanah Bae | @hanah.bae

Still can’t figure out how to achieve the dewy look you see on social media influencers? Follow Hanah Bae for educative tips, advice, how-tos, and other related content! She’s the queen of self-care, always reminding her followers to enjoy life with a balance of everything.


This is how you get rid of pimples fast. Pimple popping is super satisfying but its the worst thing you can do for your skin. Youll end up with broken capillaries and hyperpigmentation that could take months to heal. Put on a gentle spot treatment and stick a pimple patch over instead! #acnetreatment #pimplepatch #zithappens

♬ Theme From A Summer Place – Percy Faith

Video Source: @hanah.bae | TikTok

12. An Nguyen | @phithegoldenskin

Skip this, and get that—An Nguyen will show you the right and affordable way to get glowing skin and bouncy hair! Her attractive TikTok and Instagram feed are treasure troves of helpful guides to bring out the best in you and make you a certified “glowgetter”!


Skincare Routine for Dehydrated Skin . @rhode skin Glazing Milk & barrier restore cream @Lancôme ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE FACE SERUM @Revision Skincare® D·E·J Daily Boosting Serum @StriVectin Hydration Multiplier Hyaluronic Acid Serum @loréal paris usa Bright Reveal Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Daily UV Lotion . . #grwm #skincareroutine #dryskincare

♬ atlantis – vinn

Video Source: @phithegoldenskin | TikTok

13. Hillary Croft | @hillaryxcroft

We love a woman who isn’t afraid to show all sides of her life! Hillary Croft uses her TikTok to document the highs and lows of embracing beauty and being comfortable with her skin. She’s your online big sister who’ll walk you through the various paths of skincare and help you find which one suits your skin the best.


If you listen to one thing today, let it be this audio. 🩷

♬ original sound – Josie Balka

Video Source: @hillaryxcroft | TikTok

14. Melodie Perez | @diaryoftroubledskin

Melodie Perez champions the curly-haired and brown-skinned girlies worldwide. She’s one of the TikTok skincare influencers who openly shares skincare and beauty products that suit dark skin. As her username suggests, Melodie proudly shares her story about dealing with recurring eczema and acne on her page, helping others deal with them, too.


Your master guide because ik skincare can be confusing >>> feel free to save for future reference 😝💛✨ #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skincare101

♬ son original – 𝑺🌷

Video Source: @diaryoftroubledskin | TikTok

15. Heather | @fueltheglow

Are you looking for a “Let’s Try and See” content creator? Then, Heather is your girl. She’s always on top of the latest products trending worldwide, ensuring you don’t miss out on what’s hot in the skincare world. Heather’s reviews will help you fuel YOUR glow!


Skin prep is the key to smooth makeup application ✨ #asmr #makeup #skincareroutine #skincareasmr #smoothskin #skinprep #glowyskin #skinisin #skincaretips #makeuptip

♬ original sound – Heather

Video Source: @fueltheglow | TikTok

16. Jackie Dymond | @jackiedymondskin

Jackie Dymond is all about versatility like many of the best skincare influencers. This certified aesthetician looks out for the girls struggling with the effects of weather changes on their skin. No matter the season, Jackie will show you how to avoid dry and oily skin.


This is my trick when is skin is SUPER dry #skincare #skincaretips #dryskin

♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

Video Source: @jackiedymondskin | TikTok

17. Kiara Basa | @realskinprogress

Real skin progress! We should all pause, drop everything, and see what Kiara Basa has to share online. You’ll fall in love with her vulnerability and truth because she isn’t ashamed of her random acne breakouts and other facial struggles.


The 5-minute (gentle) skincare routine that has LITERALLY calmed my skin 😭 plus, almost everything is from the drugstore!!! having been dealing with acne for years, believe me when I say, a gentle routine will do you better than one with all the actives that may potentially be causing more of your breakouts. sometimes you skin just needs A BREAK 😮‍💨 recently, i stopped using everything and just pressed the reset button with all my products. i wanted to focus on what i know my skin needs most. i knew i needed a cleanser to cleanse my skin and a moisturizer to hydrate it bc im sooo dehydrated and my skin will literally flake if i don’t moisturize. spf? will figure that out next! but this gentle routine has worked SO WELL in just hydrating and calming my skin 🥹 products used: • cleanser @miracle10skincare — cleanser ii MY FAV CLEANSER EVER • mist @avene — thermal water spray sooo calming & soothing to the skin. i also use it to make sure that my skin is damp before applying my serum 💧 • serum @vichylaboratoires — mineral 89 hyaluronic acid my skin drinks this stuff!!!! plus, a little goes a long way, so you really don’t need that much 👏🏼 • moisturizer @avene — cicalfate+ restorative cream idek how to start with this product. im just OBSESSED w it and it’s the moisturizer i’ve been looking for and needing my whole life 😭 • lip @vaselinebrand — rose lip balm ofc can’t forget the lips 👄 defff my favourite routine so far! #skincare #skincarehacks #acne #acneprone #glowy #glowyskincare #sensitiveskin #skincaredrugstore #skincareroutine #skincareroutinetips

♬ Cool With You – NewJeans

Video Source: @realskinprogress | TikTok

18. Beth Love | @bloves.beauty

Whether you’re looking for the best makeup brush cleaning tips or a product to remove zits, Beth Love’s TikTok account has you covered. As a huge lover of beauty, this UGC content creator takes her time in reviewing products. Every month, Beth uploads “Empties” videos where she gives honest feedback on things she finished using.


3 months worth of empties..its a long one! Honestly so satisfying finishing up all these products! Im trying to get better at finishing up what i have before opening a new product, because i hate throwing away stuff that goes bad! #emptiesreview #emptiesskincare #emptiesbeauty #repurchaseorpass

♬ original sound – beth

Video Source: @bloves.beauty | TikTok

19. LaToya Lanice | @the_blacker_the_berry

One of the best Black skincare influencers is Blackess LaToya Lanice—a 40+ year-old content creator who specializes in skincare, beauty, and lifestyle content. She posts unfiltered reviews on various products, debunks their claims, and shares which ones are perfect for POC. 

“It’s never too late. I’m living proof” is LaToya Lanice’s powerful and follow-grabbing bio on Instagram, reminding you there’s no age limit for skincare.”


I cannot get over how cool this cream makes my face feel. That alone has had me grabbing for this repeatedly over the last ciuple weeks! Clinique Moisture Surge SPF 28 gets a co-sign by me! #cliniquemoisturesurge #blackesssunscreens #blackesssunscreenreview #nowhitecastsunscreen

♬ original sound – Blackess 40+ Beauty & Style

Video Source: @the_blacker_the_berry | TikTok

20. Shriya | @shrishenanigans

Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed by the thousands of skincare products out there! Shriya is here to help boil things down to the essentials. Give her a follow to see her inspiring skincare journey and organic facial tips you won’t regret using.


a glazed donut skin is for the win !!! @haruharu wonder @The Ordinary @numbuzin Official @La Roche-Posay @Skinfix @Kiehl’s Canada #glazeddonutskin #glassskincare #skin #skincaretips #skincare101 #skincareproducts #skincareroutines #skincaretiktok

♬ original sound – Shriya💕

Video Source: @shrishenanigans | TikTok

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