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8 Podcast Social Media Marketing Tips to Triumph Online

Elijah-Blue Vieau
Written By
Elijah-Blue Vieau
Published On
Jan 10, 2024
A content creator recording a podcast on his phone in a home studio

When launching your podcast, so much of your time, money, and energy goes into getting the sound and feel right. You buy all the podcasting equipment, set up a studio, line up interviews, and when the time comes to publish your hard work—you realize you also need to promote the podcast.

So, you dive into learning the best podcast promotion strategies and realize that social media is the key to getting yours in front of millions of potential fans. That is what led you here—did we get the journey right?

We hope this article puts your research to rest. Here, we are sharing eight tried and tested podcast social media marketing strategies to get the most out of your content the easy way.

Let’s get into them! 

How Powerful is Social Media for Podcast Promotion?

There are many different ways you can approach marketing your podcast, but nothing comes close to the conversions and engagement social media can drive for your show. One study reported that 25% of Gen Z listeners discover new podcasts this way! 

However, like podcasting, social media is crowded with brands, companies, and creators fighting for your audience’s attention. To rise above other podcasts, you need a smart and purposeful promotion strategy that works.

So, as promised, here are eight podcast social media marketing tips:  

1. Choose Your Social Media Platform

Promote your podcast on every social media platform under the sun—advised no one ever. The reasons for this are pretty good, too. 

All platforms have algorithms that require you to design plans for posts, engagement, and conversion strategically. Keeping up with all of this can be draining, plus your ideal listener likely isn’t active on every single channel. 

Instead, answer these questions to choose your focus platforms:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the engagement level of your audience on different platforms?
  • Which channels are your competitors using?

If your audience is younger, then Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat might be best. If your professional podcast is for senior leaders, then LinkedIn will be the way to go. 

You can also ask your listeners these questions. Encourage them to share their favourite platforms in the comments. Also, make sure the social network is right for your niche (like art history podcasts for highly visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook).

A woman listens to a podcast while typing on her laptop

2. Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Content strategy is key, and a social media publishing schedule will provide the structure you need to consistently create quality social media content. 

For example, say you want to create online polls because they are an incredible way to engage with the audience. If you want to post one or two polls every week to spark discussion, you could dedicate specific weekdays (i.e. Monday and Thursday) to doing so. 

This kind of calendar will help you streamline your social media content flow. This way, you can align your podcast promotion with new episode releases, posting trailers and teasers before dropping the full-length episode to build hype. Moreover, the calendar will be great for collaborating with your team and constantly creating engaging content.

Better yet is how with tools like Notion or Buffer, you can schedule batches of social media posts for weeks. By eliminating the tedious work of posting separately, you can spend that time engaging with your audience. 

3. Leverage Short Audio and Video Clips

Clips are one of the best podcast social media marketing tools. They’re short snippets that provide a preview or sneak peek of your audio or video podcast and are: 

  • Super-shareable
  • Digestible
  • Attention-grabbing

It’s no secret that short-form content—especially 30-90-second videos—is ruling social platforms (including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook). You can harness the wave for your full-length podcasts with visually engaging teasers. 

How To Create Short Podcast Clips

Once you’ve recorded the podcast itself, you should: 

  1. Determine the native format of your target platform, which will inform you as to which video ratios and editing tools to use
  2. Don’t worry too much about context; focus on picking the most engaging part of the podcast supplemented with video or relevant images
  3. Add bold captions to the clips for engagement purposes) 

Sounds too daunting? Well, you don’t need a video editor to make these clips. With tools like iMovies, Kinemaster, Clipchamp, and more, you can easily create appealing clips of your podcast to be shared and improve your podcast promotion! 

4. Reach Out to Potential Guests on Social Media

Podcast interviews are a great way to harness the power of social media—especially when the guest has a significant following. Plus, interviews are still the most popular podcast format, which plays out well for you and the podcast guest.

However, it’s important to look for the guests in the right places, with social media being a tool to help you do exactly that. Each social media platform is different, so check which platforms professionals in your niche use the most.

For businesses, LinkedIn is usually the go-to channel for networking. You, too, can use this platform to connect, engage, network, and finally present the guest podcasting opportunity to the experts in your industry. 

For LinkedIn outreach, consider taking advantage of: 

  • LinkedIn searches: Look for leaders of different companies you know your listeners like, then message them directly. 
  • LinkedIn Pulse: It’s a built-in LinkedIn newsfeed to share self-published content with people in your network—use it to narrow down creators. 
  • LinkedIn groups: These are a great place to network with professionals in specific industries and cultivate relationships. 

Once you’ve found the ideal guests, focus on building a professional relationship. Engage with their posts, provide value in their comment section and chat through direct messages before inviting them to be a guest on your show.

Three women recording a podcast in a studio

5. Use Hashtags

If you choose to do podcast promotion on LinkedIn, Instagram, or even X, use hashtags. Using hashtags strategically will help you reach a bigger audience and put your podcast in front of people who are really interested in the topic.

Choose a few general hashtags that accurately describe your podcast content, like #digitalmarketingpodcast. You can even create branded hashtags with your podcast name. While the hashtag might not gain much traction initially, as your community grows, it can become a key branding tool for your show. 

Also, share these hashtags with your loyal followers and ask them to share your content, suggestions, or feedback using the hashtag. This is one of the podcast social media marketing tips you can’t afford to miss! 

6. Promote An Old Podcast Episode (Or Several)

Social media podcast marketing isn’t just for building hype for new episodes; you can also use it to promote your evergreen episodes, too. 

You’re likely always gaining new followers, and even your existing followers may not have seen all the episodes you previously aired. As such, you want to make new and old followers alike aware of old podcast episodes so they don’t miss out. 

However, don’t post the same content every time. Be creative with repurposing the episodes, pulling different quotes and posting different clips. If you talked about a topic a year back that’s the talk of the town right now, direct your followers to that episode. 

If you do this successfully, you’ll always have social media content while presenting more opportunities for your listeners to tune in to your show. 

7. Tailor Your Posts to the Platform

Each social media platform has its own voice, feel, and SEO strategies. While you can post the same content on every channel, you’ll only see higher engagement if you adapt your podcast marketing strategies to suit the uniqueness of that platform.

For example, here are some platform-specific tips for post captions: 

  • Short and snappy for Twitter
  • Informal and personal for Facebook
  • Image heavy and conversational for Instagram
  • Professional and business-like for LinkedIn

Adjust the shape and size of the images and videos to fit the format. Even within platforms, the sizes of the posts (think Instagram posts and stories) can change. 

Also, be aware of the quirks of each channel. For example, Instagram does not support clickable links in posts but engaging IG stories allow people to swipe up. Be mindful of these small changes in your podcast social media marketing! 

8. Measure your Results

The last podcasting promotion strategy is measuring your work. 

Thankfully, most social media platforms—including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook—offer advanced analytics to help you measure your content’s engagement levels. Using these tools, you can identify what works and what doesn’t. 

However, if you are using platforms that don’t come with built-in analytics, you’ll need to keep notes as you share content and promote episodes. Closely analyze the posts that get impressive engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares. 

Identify patterns, adapt your strategy to serve the audience’s favourite content, and increase your podcast engagement and listener base. You can only have success on social media channels if you establish a way to quantify it! 

Level Up Your Podcast Social Media Marketing

There you have it: eight strategies to ace podcast promotion on social media. Whether you are creating the next big digital marketing podcast or trying to build a community around your gardening hobby, following these tips will be the key driver of new listeners for your show. 

If you’re still not sure where to start, consider consulting with a team of experts in social media and content strategy! The Influence Agency is your partner for all things digital marketing—we even have a podcast of our own to prove it.

Connect with us today!

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