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14 LGBTQ+ Dad Influencers to Follow [UPDATED]

Dale David
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Dale David
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Jun 17, 2022
A collage of five LGBTQ+ dad influencers

The month of June is packed with worldwide celebrations, however, the most notable being Father’s Day as well as Pride Month festivities. It’s a long way to go before LGBTQ+ families are completely normalized, but thanks to these LGBTQ+ dad influencers, that process is being sped up a little bit every single day as they continue to fight for positive social change and equal rights. 

The Influence Agency has rounded up our favourite LGBTQ+ dad influencers who are uplifting their community with incredible messages and sharing adventures worth following.

Scroll through to see who they are, then show your support by giving them a follow!

Jason Hanna | @2_dallas_dads

Jason Hanna is one-half of the 2 Dallas Dads on Instagram sharing important information on their surrogacy journey. Anyone who’s looking for more details on the process will find that these LGBTQ+ dad influencers have the answers! 

Also, the cuteness of their twin boys (or wiggle worms as they lovingly call them) is more than enough to make you hit that follow button.

Tyler Fontes | @fontes_four_pack

The Fontes Four Pack is always out to seek new adventures, and by tapping that follow button you automatically become part of all the fun! They might even help you discover your next travel destination. 

Not only will they encourage you to unleash your inner adventurer, but you’ll be scrolling through their feed just to catch glimpses into their lives with their two adorable little boys.

Luca Andrisani | @2daddies1baby

When there are two daddies and one little girl, you just know that no one will dare to mess with that baby. Little Elena has two super dads raising her in this world, and we just love seeing the journey of this family on Instagram.

These LGBTQ+ dad influencers are also encouraging their followers to “make decisions based on love, not fear” —  and that’s just a little snippet of how inspiring their content is! 

Mauricio & Stephen | @mydosdads

When these two Florida-based dads wrote, “the family who eats ice cream together, stays together,” – we never felt more understood. 

The Instagram content of these LGBTQ+ dad influencers, Mauricio and Stephen, is always as bright as the colours of the rainbow. Plus, they recently published a book about their adoption journey of little miss Bella, and all proceeds are being donated towards the National Council for Adoption!

Dustin P. Smith | @dustin_patrick_smith

Dustin P. Smith is quickly gaining popularity for his YouTube vlog called Dustin and Burton – Raising Buffaloes. He and his husband, Burton, are proud dads to their twins, Stone and Holland. Through their vlog they share everything about what it’s like being gay dads raising their little Buffaloes in the South!

These LGBTQ+ dad influencers are using their platform to share their parenting and fatherhood journey, marriage tips, and to shed light on gay rights and equality. Go dads!

Burton B. Buffaloe | @bbbuffaloe

The other half of the Raising Buffaloes duo is on our list of top LGBTQ+ dad influencers, too! 

Follow Burton B. Buffaloe to catch entertaining content on #twinlife and #farmlife, as well as some laid-back, yet fashionable style diaries. Trust us, you’ll love the “Mermaid Makeovers” courtesy of little Holland. 

Devon Gibby | @dadndaddies

There’s no denying that Devon Gibby is a fun dad! His content and captions are always sprinkled with a dash of humour in them — and they’re exactly what you need as your daily dose of laughter.

Whether he’s sharing his political views, his perspective on LGBTQ+ rights, or simply playing epic games with his twin sons, Devon Gibby will make you tap that follow button instantly. 

Jamie Beaglehole | @daddyanddad

Jamie Beaglehole is the daddy from the popular blog Daddy & Dad. This award-winning site has even been named Great Britain’s #1 family lifestyle blog and is recognized as one of the top 20 LGBTQ+ parenting blogs. It’s all about the life of two dads and two boys — and it has captivated audiences everywhere!

From the highs and lows of adoptive parenting to LGBTQ+ news, these dad influencers provide valuable content that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Danny Wakefield| @dannythetransdad

Danny Wakefield has a lovely journey to fatherhood and loves to share it with all! As a non-binary birther, Danny shares their experience from pregnancy to being a single dad. His story has been encapsulated, not only on his socials but, through his blog.

For a deep dive into Danny and his journey, check out his interview with StyleLikeU

Joseph Tito | @thedaddiaries.ca

This film and television producer has travelled the world but knew there was one thing missing. From there Joseph Tito embarked on his journey to becoming the certified girl dad that he is today. From a jet setter to fatherhood, Joseph has shared everything from the surrogacy process to life with twins.

Joseph authentically shared his journey and thoughts on his blog!

PJ & Thomas | @pjandthomas

For all your renovation and DIY needs, PJ and Thomas can help! These dads share everything from their upcoming projects to their family farmhouse. Aside from chronicling their family adventures, they are also activists working with the UN Refugee Agency.

To keep up with this busy pair, check out their blog! Here you can read about their daily lives from family to passion projects and everything in between.

Bret & Stephen| @broadwayhusbands

Are you fond of theatrics? Well, we have just the duo for you! Broadway Husbands, composed of Bret and Stephen, are actors and a couple. As newfound dads, they have shared their journeys about entering fatherhood. Embarking on this new journey they still hold true to their creative beginnings. Bret is an acting coach and Stephen offers private ballet lessons. 

Their Instagram is filled with pictures of their adorable newborn. To hear more about Broadway Husbands, also check out their blog

Jeffrey & Bryce| @growingupwithdads

Here’s to another beautiful couple making the list! These Utah natives, Jeffrey and Bryce, had a turbulent journey to fatherhood. Their conservative state made it difficult to find a surrogate, 35 surrogates turned them down! Although there were many ups and downs they finally found the perfect person who welcomed their lovely pair of kids. 

They now share all their family fun on their Instagram account where you can keep up with this amazing family’s journey!

Doug & Sanjay| @thetravelinggays

These London locals live up to their name. This travelling duo has turned into a trio. After welcoming their daughter, Arya via surrogacy, she now has joined their travelling escapades. On their YouTube channel, they have shared details of multiple trips from seeing drag queens in Miami to their Santorini proposal. 

This travelling trio is always sharing updates on their Instagram, which you should check out!

Follow The LGBTQ+ Leaders of Positive Change

Following these LGBTQ+ dad influencers will literally incorporate the colours of the rainbow to your newsfeed! Through their content, they’re not just entertaining their followers but also pushing for positive social change. They are powerful voices in their communities and that’s why brands love collaborating with them for their campaigns

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