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Top 20 LA Beauty Influencers to Follow

Sari Klaczkowski
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Sari Klaczkowski
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Sep 13, 2023
A collage of five of the top LA beauty influencers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and in the feeds of these 20 LA beauty influencers.

From skincare secrets to makeup hacks, their content won’t fail to inspire a major glow-up ✨ for your routine while keeping you highly engaged. 

Always look photoshoot-ready by tuning in to what these influencers from La-La Land have to share! Lights, camera, action—scroll to see who they are 🎬

1. Ivan | @makeupwithivan 

You’re bound to get a flawless look when you let Ivan’s beauty tips inspire your makeup. From the iconic coloured eyebrows to gemstone eyeliner, there’s so much out-of-the-box inspiration that you can take from this LA beauty influencer’s posts! 

Ivan with coloured gems above his eyes

Image source: Instagram 

2. Koosha | @kushin

Allow us to introduce you to your new skincare BAE. This LA beauty influencer goes by the name Koosha and is all about sharing must-know tips and beauty trends that will help you achieve your best-ever glow. He’s also part of the ultra-glam Sephora Squad! 

Koosha lying down on a white and black floor

Image source: Instagram 

3. Matt Lars | @matt_lars 

Everybody’s feed needs a little shimmer—and Matt Lars totally understands how to keep things exciting so you’re highly engaged. 

You’ll be absolutely obsessed with his *sparkly* eye makeup looks that make the windows to the soul look brighter than ever. On top of that, he’s also the CEO of MATT WESS, a proud LGBT+ and Latino-owned apparel company. 

Matt Lars in a leopard print shirt with heavy blue eyeliner

Image source: Instagram 

4. Bekah Sun | @bekah_sun 

As one of the top LA beauty influencers, she’s using her platform to inspire and uphold that “beauty has no gender, but there is space for every gender.” 

Bekah Sun’s known for having an affinity for luxury and being insistent on equity in the beauty space. From thoughtful laser treatment reviews to makeup recommendations and skincare hacks, this girl’s got you covered! 

Bekah Sun with blue eye makeup in a colourful shirt

Image source: Instagram 

5. Brandyn Cross | @itsbrandyncross 

From PR to makeup, Brandyn’s 10 years of experience in the beauty world have led them to know the industry inside out. 

Currently, they serve as the Global Makeup Artist and Educator at Mineral Air and Sephora Squad 2023’s mentor. Apart from stunning makeup looks, Brandyn Cross’ content is all about body positivity and gender diversity. 

A close-up of Brandyn Cross wearing colourful jewelry

Image source:  Instagram 

6. Nayamka Roberts-Smith | @labeautyologist 

You’ve probably heard about the 60-second rule in beauty—it’s about how long you should take to clean your face, not food that’s fallen on the floor. Believe it or not, Nayamka Roberts-Smith is the one who coined that popular trend! 

When you follow this skincare and wellness expert, you’ll be treated to mind-blowing science-backed and informative content. 

Nayamka Roberts-Smith in a fuzzy pink robe

Image source: Instagram 

 7. Spencer | @paintedbyspencer

When you’re painted by Spencer, you’ll become a work of art.

This makeup and hair beauty influencer started experimenting with makeup at the age of ten. He catapulted to fame after posting jaw-dropping before and after photos of the looks he creates, including mature skin.  

Spencer applying makeup to their cheeks

Image source: Instagram 

8. Melissa Christine G. | @melissacgeraghty 

Melissa Christine G. is a beauty and wellness girlie whose relatable content you don’t want to miss out on! From habits to achieve healthy hair to nutritious recipes and even non-toxic cleaning products, this cool mom shares tips that will help you elevate beauty on the outside and discover the beauty of wellness. 

Video source: TikTok

9. Kevin Kodra | @kevikodra 

If you love @nudestix, then you’re absolutely going to love Kevin Kodra, who’s the Global Makeup Artist & Digital Educator of the brand. 

From bridal makeup to runway-ready looks, his Instagram feed is proof of how every face he glams up becomes even more gorgeous than it already was.  

Kevin Kodra posing with three makeup products

Image source: Instagram 

10. Trevor Barrett | @trevorbarrett 

With almost one million followers, Trevor Barrett is one of the top LA beauty influencers on TikTok—and this impressive following is for good reason!

This makeup teacher shares all the makeup looks with a message that you’d gladly keep in your beauty armoury. He’s on a mission to share his cosmetic and artistic knowledge with audiences so they can experience the transformative and empowering influence of makeup.

Video source: TikTok

11. Patrick Ta | @patrickta 

From Gigi Hadid to Camila Cabello and Kourtney Kardashian, Patrick Ta has glammed up all your favourite Hollywood A-listers

He also founded the Patrick Ta makeup brand with a mission to make women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other social media influencers dominating the beauty world like he is! 

A close-up of Patrick Ta in front of a velvet background

Image source: Instagram 

12. Alexis Oakley | @alexisoakley 

Another celebrity makeup artist on our list of the top LA beauty influencers is Alexis Oakley.

Avril Lavigne, Kris Jenner, and Olivia Jade are just a few of the names in her star-studded list of clientele. You’ll also find her posting hilarious POVs and lip-sync videos on the TikTok platform—you don’t want to miss out!

Lifestyle influencer Alexis Oakley with an iced coffee

Image source: Instagram 

13. Hailey Hoff | @makeupbyhaileyhoff 

This top LA beauty influencer has celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Hailee Steinfeld, Sofia Richie, Charli D’Amelio, and Noah Cyrus in her list of clientele. 

On Instagram, this makeup artist documents all the red-carpet-worthy looks that she creates. BRB, we’re taking notes so we can recreate them, stat. 

Hailey Hoff and Tinx’s poster for a Colour Pop virtual masterclass 

Image source: Instagram 

 14. Jackie Aina | @jackieaina 

Jackie Aina has raked in over 390 million views on YouTube—what more proof do you need to start following this content creator? 

Beyond beauty tips, you can also expect to get your daily dose of OOTD inspiration. As one of the top LA beauty influencers, she’s also passionate about using her platform to advocate for the visibility of people of colour in the cosmetics industry.

Jackie Aina posing for a photo in a red phone booth

Image source: Instagram 

15. Alexandra S. Siderman | @lexilalamakeup 

Alexandra S. Siderman calls herself the “CEO of the Rainbow,” and you’ll only need one look at her dream of an Instagram feed to see why. 

Proving that there’s no such thing as too much colour or excessive sparkle, you’ll be rushing to slide down the rainbow and snatch some makeup inspiration.

Alexandra S. Siderman wearing turquoise hoop earrings and heavy makeup

Image source: Instagram 

16. Nicole Guerriero | @nicoleguerriero 

Nicole Guerriero captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts and gained a huge following when she started posting celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials. She was even named the “Ryan Seacrest Best Beauty Guru of 2013.”

You’ll also find adorable family and lifestyle content on her page—keep an eye out for her son, Kai. Just like his mom, he’s also bound to steal your heart!

Nicole Guerriero in the sun wearing a green vest

Image source: Instagram 

17. Tennille Murphy | @thetennillelife_ 

Tennille Murphy’s platform is all about clean beauty, self-care, fashion, interior design, plant-based recipes, and effortless sustainable living. 

This gorgeous, silver-haired influencer hopes that audiences look at her as “a friend who helps you to love yourself well and see the beauty in your life.” She’s one of the coolest influencers in Los Angeles, so be sure to give her a follow! 

Tennille Murphy posing with a pizzeria in the background

Image source: Instagram 

18. Christen Dominique | @christendominique 

This cosmetics influencer gained a massive following when she started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. Her videos such as “Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts,” “Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup Tutorial,” and “Full Face Drugstore vs. Highend Makeup Tutorial” raked in millions of views and solidified her status as a beauty guru and YouTube star. 

Today, she’s become one of the beauty industry queens and even founded the vegan and cruelty-free makeup business, Dominique Cosmetics.  

Christen Dominique with immaculate makeup

Image source: Instagram 

19. Michelle Lee | @heymichellelee 

This beauty lover is the former Editor in Chief of Allure and Nylon Mag. 

From 2021 to 2022, she served as the global VP of editorial and publishing at Netflix. In 2018 and 2019, she was named to the Gold House A100 of most influential Asians. On her Instagram page, you’ll find yourself scrolling endlessly to see her stunning nail art, jewelry pairings, and beauty product must-haves. 

Michelle Lee checking her face in a handheld mirror

Image source: Instagram 

20. Monica Veloz | @monicastylemuse 

It’s time to follow your next style muse: Monica Veloz. 

Her passion for glamorous makeup looks, chic OOTDs, and a positive lifestyle shines through in every post and serves as some major inspiration for her 381k followers across the globe. As an Afro-Latina, she also uses her platform to combat colorism in the Latinx community. 

Monica Veloz in a yellow-ish top

Image source: Instagram 

Glam Up Your Marketing Strategies

There’s no doubt about it: all 20 of these stars have the hallmarks of a great beauty influencer—making them perfect for your next marketing campaign!

Here at The Influence Agency, we specialize in connecting brands with top LA beauty influencers to produce campaigns with unparalleled creativity. Your brand is beautiful in its own way, and we’ll help make sure audiences know it! 

Contact us today to get started! 

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