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Why Instagram Reels Are a Better Way to Reach and Engage Your Audience

Mahlet Yordanos
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Mahlet Yordanos
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Jan 14, 2022
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Instagram has come a very long way ever since its early days when it was all about sharing, liking, and commenting on square photos posted by our peers.

Over the past decade, the app has completely evolved and strives to be an all-in-one social media platform, constantly upgrading and adding new features to keep up with the fast-moving digital world.

Instagram always makes sure they stay up at the TOP and are notorious for checking out the competition and “borrowing” features from other competitor social media platforms, and even improving them. 

With the growing popularity of TikTok over the past two years, Instagram has hopped on the same bandwagon and introduced Instagram Reels, which gives Instagram users more content creation opportunities, BUT also a very strategic competitive move towards its biggest competitor at the moment, TikTok.

What are Instagram Reels?

To keep it short, an Instagram Reel is essentially almost identical to a TikTok video. They are short multi-clip videos (15-60sec) that you can edit by having music added to them as well as voiceovers, fun effects, sounds and filters. The primary purpose of these videos is to entertain by creating fun and creative content.  

For more info on the platform’s short-form video feature, you can check out our ultimate guide on Instagram Reels here.

Now, you’re probably thinking…Why bother using Reels when I can just create content on TikTok as they are more popular than Reels at the moment? Well, let me explain to you why it’s essential to start taking advantage of Reels NOW….. 

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Instagram shifted focus.

Back in June 2021, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, made a big announcement that Instagram was shifting its focus. He mentioned that Instagram is no longer a square photo-sharing app and is focusing on four key areas: 

  • Creators
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Messaging

Mosseri also highly emphasized their focus on overall entertainment and video due to how well they do on their competitor platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Essentially, they plan to embrace video more broadly and make that their focus.

More reach – Instagram wants your Reels to be seen!

Because of Instagram’s shifted focus on video, and Reels being a newer feature, the app is prioritizing Reels and wants more and more users to create content in it. How do they do this? By pushing your content and giving it priority placement in search results and on the Instagram explore page! Not only does this increase the reach of your followers but also those audiences that don’t follow you. So overall, posting Reels on Instagram is allowing for your content to have better visibility and discoverability!

Allows for more fun and engaging content!

Not only do Reels increase your visibility and discoverability on the app, they most importantly provide entertainment to your audience, which is content they are more likely to engage with! As people scroll past static photos on their feed, a fun video is something that will immediately catch the attention of a user. 

Reels are also an excellent way for brands and businesses to have fun with their content, express their creativity, humanize their brand, and bring it to life! Reels can consist of content such as hopping on trends, funny humour, showcasing newest products, how-to’s, quick tips, behind the scenes and other fun and engaging ideas! 

Overall, make sure your content is creative, fun and most of all, content that resonates and stands out to your audience!

Close up of a finger clicking on Instagram Reels

Main Takeaway

The takeaway of all of this is that it’s a good time to start considering more video content, specifically Reels! When done right, you can reach more of your target audience and increase engagement. So, if you haven’t started using them, now is the time to start! 

Things like Instagram Reels are only one of the many tools which are integral to your social media marketing strategy success. Social Media has become such a critical platform space for brands to market themselves and grow their business in this day in age! If you want to learn more on how to leverage social media channels to grow your business, check out our Social Media Marketing page.

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