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The Influence Award Winners 2021

Kaela Johnson
Written By
Kaela Johnson
Published On
Oct 08, 2021
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Drumroll, please. Because the final results are in!

To celebrate the amazing work of content creators across North America within multiple categories, The Influence Agency proudly presents The Influence Awards.

From September 13 to 26, 2021, fans and our community cast their votes for their favourite nominated digital creators in a variety of categories including beauty, fashion, gaming, interior design, and more. Now, the long wait is over and it’s time to announce who you voted for from the selected top 10 finalists from each category!

Without further ado, here are the winners of the inaugural Influence Awards: 


Mei Pang | @meicrosoft

Mei Pang simply demands attention, and you know it! Her very existence is a cross between modern beauty and art. She continues to captivate audiences with her artistic makeup expertise and has become a widely loved digital creator.

For this year’s beauty category, The Influence Award goes to Mei Pang!


Shina Novalinga | @shinanova

As a talented content creator who has successfully put the spotlight on Indigenous people, The Influence Award for the Changemaker category goes to Shina Novalinga! 

Across her social media platforms, you’ll find that she shares valuable information on everything that shapes Inuit culture. From Instagram to TikTok, the proud Inuk creates thoughtful and educational content. With over four million people following her story, it’s clear that she has made a positive change in the world for her community.


Showing you how we kiss, to show affection @kayuulanova #inuit #indigenous #kunik #eskimokiss

♬ original sound – Shina Nova


Sheridan Ingalls | @sheridaningalls

Family is love—and that’s something you’re bound to feel when you scroll through Sheridan Ingalls’ social media. Her content resonates with her audience, as she always keeps them entertained with family content that’s relatable and funny. Not to mention her adorable gaggle of kids!

This proud mama shares how motherhood is both a beautiful journey but also like living on Hot Mess Express Ave. Her followers love her because she’s always keepin’ it real, and that’s why we do too!


Antonia Fifi | @tonififi

On a platform filled with fashionable looks that slay, our community has voted and revealed that Antonia Fifi is a stand-out style icon!

The digital creator radiates confidence and effortless taste in every single post. Antonia never fails to serve up #OOTD inspiration on the daily that makes us want to step up our own fashion game. Congrats!


Cam Lee | @camleeyoga

Meet this year’s winner for The Influence Awards’ Fitness category—Cam Lee! 

She consistently treats her audience to fitness, health, and wellness content that will truly inspire you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. There’s no denying that her influence is impacting Instagram for the better! She’s definitely accomplished any digital creators’ ultimate goal—to make social media a better place. 


Sam Schnur | @thenaughtyfork

Food has the power to take you to incredible places! The Instagram account @thenaughtyfork is actual proof that it’s more than possible. From an Instagram feed of all the great food in the world to a successful, fully licensed digital media news and marketing company, The Naughty Fork is a go-to for food lovers everywhere. 

And the genius behind it all, Sam Schnur, takes home The Influence Award for the Food category!   


Ali “SypherPK” Hassan | @sypherpk

Anyone with an interest in gaming is bound to know the name SypherPK! With over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 5.42 million subscribers on YouTube, the streamer and content creator entertains fans with his gaming expertise that is on a whole other level.

Congratulations, Ali, for taking home The Influence Award for Gaming!

Interior Design

MaCenna Lee | @xomacenna

Extraordinary interior design is like ASMR for the eyes, and MaCenna Lee is the one pro you can always count on to add a touch of architectural beauty to your feed! 

Her home renovation and interior design content deserves all the love it receives and more—and the community clearly agrees! MaCenna is this year’s Influence Award winner for Interior Design.

Up & Coming

Allison Lang | @allisonelang

Make way for this up & coming content creator who’s quickly taking over Instagram as she passionately advocates for people with disabilities! As a professional photographer, motivational speaker, athlete, and model, Allison Lang is proving that nothing can get in the way of her beauty, brains, and determination. 

This travel enthusiast also popularly uses her hashtag #HopAroundTheWorldWithMe — and it’s always an adventure you don’t want to miss out on.

Video Creator

Kris Collins | @kallmekris

With over 36.3 million followers on TikTok, there’s no doubt about it that Kris Collins is one of the biggest names on the platform! The talented video creator is best known for her comedy skits that leave everyone ROFL-ing.

It’s no wonder fans everywhere have chosen her as the top Video Creator in this year’s Influence Awards. Congrats, Kris!


Always Compared👩🏼‍🏫

♬ original sound – Kris HC

That’s a Wrap on The Influence Awards 2021

Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners and nominees who continue to make waves on social media! Thank you for making these platforms a better, more inclusive place while fostering communities that love your content.

To everyone who cast their votes, The Influence Agency thanks you for celebrating the work of extraordinary digital content creators with us. You made our inaugural awards a success—your thousands of votes even crashed our site! Make sure to check out all the other amazing creators who were voted as this year’s second and third place winners here

And a final special thank you to our guest judges: Toni Rufo, Stephanie Joseph-Flatts, Richard Wong, Kelly Samuel, Victoria Manakis, Chrissy Abram, and Melissa Ahlstrand.

Now, that’s a wrap on The Influence Awards 2021. We’ll see you next year!

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