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100 Must-Follow Indigenous Influencers in Canada

Tanya Cruz
Written By
Tanya Cruz
Published On
Jun 08, 2022
Collage of 5 Indigenous Creators

At The Influence Agency, we recognize the importance of celebrating diverse creators on an ongoing basis, especially those within the Indigenous community. On the heels of #CancelCanadaDay, it’s clear we still have a lot more self-education and advocacy work to do. As an agency that works with a lot of influencers, we wanted to showcase some of the amazing Indigenous social media content creators who uplift the voices of their communities on a daily basis.

Check out this list of 100 Indigenous influencers in Canada that inspire us each and every day – and we hope that they will inspire you to hit that follow button as well!

Kendra Jessie | @kendrajessie

As a dancer, model, fitness trainer, and wellness advocate, Kendra does it all. From fashion pics to workout tips to life lessons she’s shared with her audience, her Instagram feed is beautifully curated.

Tavia Christina | @tavschristina

Tavs is a multidisciplinary Métis artist, showcasing their work as a dancer and choreographer on their Instagram. You’ll definitely find their content artistically inspiring if you give her a follow.

James Jones | @notoriouscree

James is a traditional hoop dancer, having performed all over the world, including the Olympics and Coachella. With over 900 thousand and 3.1 million followers on Instagram and TikTok respectively, he has used his platform to educate his followers on Indigenous issues and culture.

Tia Wood | @tiamiscihk

Tia is a singer and creator, championing her Cree and Salish cultures on Instagram and TikTok. She began to share her peoples’ history and traditions on social media as her followings took off, making her content both educational and moving while throwing in some humour every now and then.


🤣 inspired by @che.jim, check his page out HES HILARIOUS & posts dope native content! #indigenous #fyp #trending #landback #fypシ #skit #foryou #nativ

♬ original sound – leah

Larissa Crawford | @larissa_speaks

Larissa is a Métis-Jamaican speaker and mama. She aims to bring climate justice, disability, and anti-racist knowledge to spaces and stages around the world through her work with @ancestorsfuture – an Indigenous-Black owned and youth-led social enterprise.

Michelle Chubb | @indigenous_baddie

This 23-year-old content creator shares posts that are a blend of social justice activism, relatable jokes, and stunning Indigenous regalia. Follow her to see more of her life and work as a full-time beading artist.

Shina Novalinga | @shinanova

During TikTok’s height of popularity during the pandemic, Shina posted a video of herself and her mother throat singing on TikTok. The video went viral and since then, she’s continued to share her Inuit culture with her millions of followers including food and fashion.


Support us by getting our album in the link in my bio! Nakurmiik!#supportindigenousartists #indigenous @kayuulanova

♬ original sound – Shina Nova

Lesley Hampton | @lesley_hampton

Lesley is an Anishinaabe Artist and Fashion Designer, championing body positivity and authentic representation in the creative industries. Her self-named LESLEY HAMPTON is an Indigenous-owned and size-inclusive clothing brand based in Toronto. Check out their beautiful pieces!

Scott Wabano | @scottwabano

2Spirit Eeyou, Scott is a fashion stylist and designer with the goal to create safe spaces for 2Spirit/IndigiQueer youth in urban cities. They’ve worked with notable fashion brands such as Vitality Design, Manitobah Mukluks, and Lesley Hampton, as well as Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto and Sephora Canada.

Angela DeMontigny | @angelademontigny

Next up we have Angela! Internationally renowned designer, all her collections are custom made and ready-to-wear, inspired by her Cree/Métis heritage. She is also the creator of LODGE Soy Candles, promoting Indigenous wellness for the spirit, body, and home.

Billie Chiasson | @billiechiasson

Mi’kmaw/French photographer, Billie Chiasson is inspired by all things beautiful, showcasing their work on their Instagram platform to thousands of followers. She has worked with a wide variety of notable clients, such as Revlon Canada, Knixwear, Vistek, and more! Follow her to see more of her beautiful photography.

Yoshi Sam | @vintagenative13

With over 30 thousand followers on TikTok, Yoshi Sam is here to make his voice heard. On his platform, he shares his experience as a Nádleehi bringing more awareness towards Queer identities within Indigenous cultures.


I’m a Nádleehi(one who change)3rd gender@nativetiktoks @juicyllama1 @geronimo.warrior #Diné#Nádleehi#3rdgender#holypeople#twospirit#twospirittiktok

♬ original sound – canoeguy97

Theland Kicknosway | @the_land

Theland is an Indigenous youth advocate, role model, mentor, educator, and activist. Being Potawatami and Cree, and a member of the Wolf Clan, he showcases his culture through his content to a vast audience of 404 thousand followers on TikTok and 92 thousand followers on Instagram.

Charlie Amáyá Scott | @dineaesthetics

Charlie Amáyá Scott, creator of Diné Aesthetic(s), is a Diné non-binary femme person who seeks to inspire joy and spread awareness through their content. As a member of the Navajo Nation, they aspire to one day contribute to shaping inclusive higher education policies for Black folks, Indigenous people, and people of colour.

Jayli Wolf | @jayliwolf

Notable musician, composer, and actress, Jayli Wolf creates bold and striking artistic content admired by her vast following of over 59 thousand on TikTok and 30 thousand on Instagram. After leaving the doomsday cult she was raised in, Jayli is able to overcome various struggles to find her voice as a respected Indigenous artist.

Boslen | @boslen

Coming from the town of Chilliwack, Boslen is a talented and rising hip-hop rapper with over 73 thousand followers on TikTok. Boslen was an excellent rugby player for team Canada before taking on the world of music with his genre-bending pieces, loved by thousands of fans.


DUSK to DAWN OUT NOWWW!! 12 song album. Features: VORY, TYLA YAWEH, DRO KENJI ✨🦇

♬ NIGHTFALL – Boslen & Dro Kenji

Cheyanna Kootenhayoo | @djkookum

DJ Kookum, also known as Cheyanna Kootenhayoo, is a DJ and filmmaker – and is a member of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. She is best known for work as a trap/rap/hip-hop/EDM DJ with some of her works and events featured on Instagram for her eager audience of over 8 thousand followers.

Quiiroi | @quiiroi

Next up is Quiiroi, or Quiibunnie – a non-binary creator on TikTok who’s videos have gained them over 100 thousand followers. They use their platform for education and to dispel myths through straightforward videos responding to comments online.

Aicha | @aichella

Aicha is an exemplary dance artist and content creator of Afro-Indigenous heritage. Her content is her platform for sharing her talent and spreading awareness towards an audience of over 225 thousand followers on TikTok. 


Reply to @_…_h0ney_…_ really grateful for the support and good vibes 🙏🏾🥰✨

♬ original sound – Mynameisaicha

Martina Aginas | @martinadene

Martina Aginas is a Nakota/Navajo dancer and content creator with a following of 181 thousand on TikTok. She shares her talents and showcases beautiful regalia for the world to behold while also spreading awareness on important issues.


Waited all weekend to get a sidestep. 😍❤️ I loved every minute of our first real powwow since covid. #jingledress #fyp

♬ original sound – Martina Aginas

Jayroy Makokis | @jayroymakokis

Jayroy Makokis is of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation. He is a hunter and electrician with a knack for creating content that is positive, entertaining, and spreads awareness while showcasing his rich heritage. It is no wonder that Jayroy is followed by over 327 thousand people on TikTok and has garnered over 3.9 million likes. 

Marika Sila | @thatwarriorprincess

Marika Sila is an Indigenous content creator with over 126 thousand followers on Instagram and 318 thousand followers on TikTok. She is also a stunt performer, actress, and host of the RedPath Radio Podcast. 


Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself. 🙃💖😇 #saturnreturns if you know you knoww, lol #indigenous #nativeamerican

♬ I AM WOMAN – Emmy Meli

Lance Tsosie | @modern_warrior__

Hey Colonizer! If you’ve seen any of Lance Tsosie’s videos, you’ll recognize this greeting. Lance is a Navajo TikToker who uses his platform to educate his 1.4 million followers on issues faced by Indigenous peoples and spotlight other creators within the community. We highly recommend watching his videos to self-educate.


Laura Grizzlypaws | @l_grizzlypaws

Laura Grizzlypaws is definitely not your run-of-the-mill social media influencer; because she goes a little bit deeper than a mere aesthetic OOTD. The moment you land on her Instagram feed, you’ll see that she’s all about music, education, motivation, fitness, and activism.

Brennah Wahweotten | @brennahwah

Brennah Wahweotten is the epitome of an Indigenous and urban muse. From her photos of herself wearing stunning regalia that pays respect to her rich heritage all the way to her laid-back weekend posts with her lovely family and adorable puppy, her Instagram feed is all good vibes!

Nancy King | @chiefladybird

Chief Lady Bird is an artist, using her spirit name given to her in a ceremony by her grandfather to sign her work. Anishinaabe culture and language are at the core of everything she creates. Her artwork is beautiful so be sure to give her a follow!

Joe | @hahahillaireous

Joe is a TikTok content creator who shares funny and educational stories on his feed. Check them out!

Keisha | @themostradicalcree

If you’re looking to follow an Indigenous creator who models, blogs, and stands up for social rights, then Keisha is your girl! Proud of her heritage, natural curls, and unapologetic curves, this ray of sunshine is making a statement as the most radical Cree, indeed.

Wab Kinew | @wabber

A true powerful individual is one who uses their influence for good, and that is exactly what Wab Kinew embodies. He may be the leader of the Manitoba New Democratic Party and the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, but he also makes time to be a cool dad and a thought-provoking author.

Sean Snyder | @seanqsnyder

If you want a splash of rich heritage, gorgeous vacation snaps, and a side order of sass, then you need to hit the follow button on Sean Snyder’s page right now! Being a designer, dancer, and non-binary queen, this Indigenous artist will surely dip your feed in glitter and make it sparkle.

Michael Shonie | @michaelshonie2

Up next, we have another TikToker! Michael is a Queer content creator who shares his life online while educating his followers on issues Indigenous peoples face and uplifting other voices in the community.

Adrian Matthias Stevens | @adstevens

It would simply be a crime to leave Adrian Matthias Stevens out of this list! This cultural ambassador and public speaker, who also happens to be Sean Snyder’s partner, never fails to represent both the Indigenous groups and the LGTBQIA+ community. Wave those flags with pride and honour!

Kahara Hodges | @kaharahodges

Kahara Hodges’ mood is an Indigenous beauty with a capital “B”! Once you hit that follow button, you’ll get glimpses into her life as a model, a mom, and a proud Indigenous artist. Also, we want to know what kind of highlighter she uses, and we want to know it now.

Kinsale Hueston | @kinsalehues

Kinsale Hueston sure knows how to find her light and strike a pose for an Instagram-worthy shot. Whether she’s donning a flowy dress, letting her hair whip around in the wind, or hanging out with friends, her photos speak volumes of fashion, fun, and friendship.

Calei | @aunt.calei

Calei shares videos with her 145 thousand followers on TikTok on how to support Indigenous rights. Follow her now!


Lakisha S Custer-Sewap | @nithaomalakisha

Makeup is an art, and Lakisha can go from delicate faux freckles and a sun-tanned glow to a full-blast Halloween look real quick. When she isn’t busy working her magic to create mind-blowing eyeshadow art, she’s out there posting heartwarming pictures of her beautiful baby boy!

Ira | @ndnaesthetix

Ira is a TikTok creator and Powwow dancer, sharing videos of their art with over 37 thousand followers. They also Follow them today!


I did a performance at a middle school it felt good to teach my culture again #powwow #powwowdancer #smokedancer #nativetiktok #icarlyaffirmation

♬ original sound – Samatha Spruce

Adam | @singsinthetimber

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to the ones Adam takes, the words are infinite. This Indigenous photographer captures life in all its wonder from behind the lens of his camera, and once you follow him, you’ll be excited to immerse yourself in the stories each photograph tells.

Coyotl | @haatepah

Coyotl is an Indigenous model and actor who never fails to make a statement. This artist also often takes to TikTok to speak out about social matters and campaign for change.

Naiomi Glasses | @naiomiglasses

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing right now and check out this influencer’s page, because we guarantee that you have never ever seen a dog mom this cool. Bringing the best of the urban life and Indigenous culture together, Naiomi Glasses stuns in vibrant ensembles paired with sneakers to perform perfect kickflips on her skateboard! #Slay

Lauren Good Day | @laurengoodday

Lauren Good Day is a fashionista of epic proportions. Incorporating refreshing pops of colour and intricate patterns into her work, this Indigenous artist truly knows how to set the bar high in the world of innovative style. Follow her and you might just stumble upon your next summer vacay outfit. In her designs, you’ll always have a good day

Shaandiin P. Parrish | @shaandiinparrish

Make way for a beauty queen with a cause! Shaandiin P. Parrish carries the title of Miss Navajo Nation 2019-2021, and she does it with grace and purpose. Like a true queen does, she utilizes her social media presence to promote multiple good causes and even personally lends a hand herself! This is the perfect opportunity to say #YasQueen. 

Geronimo Warrior | @geronimo.warrior

This TikTok creator is a LGBTQ+ trailblazer with over 160 thousand followers. Check out their videos!

Jessica R. Metcalfe | @beyondbuckskin

Jessica R. Metcalfe’s Instagram feed proves that your outfit is only complete once you’ve topped it off with the perfect accessories. Promoting beautiful Indigenous-made fashion, this influencer will surely pique your interest to add to cart!

Cheyenne Large | @maskawitehew

Cheyenne’s attractive collection of Indigenous fashion pieces is larger than life. From statement pieces like intricately beaded earrings all the way to charming midi skirts, this designer will ignite your inner fashionista! 

Norma Baker-Flying Horse | @red_berry_woman

Can we just take a moment to talk about Norma’s formal wear designs that own that “wow” factor? Because we love that coalition of heritage-meets-modern-day flair!

Sonny | @ugrunna

Sonny is an actviist, documenting her activism work on TikTok for her 136 thousand followes. Be sure to follow along her journey, you won’t want to miss it!


comment “cut off the head of the black snake” if you’re seeing this 🐍 #fypシ #fypsounds #nativetiktok

♬ original sound – sonny 🦭

Lily Yeung | @lily.yeung

Lily Yeung is a Navajo-Chinese content creator who simply glows with her honey-toned beauty. Aside from her modelling endeavours, this Indigenous influencer is also a queen of the crochet! Knit knee socks, anyone?

Keesha Raven Donio | @insta_ojibway

Keesha is an Anishinaabe beadworker. She sells her beautiful work through her Instagram, showcasing her process and finished pieces – as well as some drool-worthy food pics every now and then. Be sure to follow and support her if you can!

Chelsey Luger | @chelsey.moves

Are you looking for an influencer who’s all about fitness, wellness, and all-around awesomeness? Well, that’s Chelsea Luger! As the brilliant co-founder of Well For Culture, this Indigenous artist will inspire you to bring back balance to your lifestyle.

Nikita Elyse | @nikitaelyse

Nikita does it all. She’s an environmental science student, Indigenous researcher, model, Powwow dancer, and brand ambassador. She passionately champions that Indigenous ways of knowing are equally valid to western science through her work protecting and preserving the environment. She uses her social platforms to educate her followers on the beauty of Indigenous cultures.

Shayla Oulette Stonechild | @shayla0h

Shayla is a yoga instructor and founder of the podcast Matriarch Movement that amplifies Indigenous women’s voices through story, meditation, movement, and medicine. Follow her today!

Jocy Bird | @jocylittlesky

She’s a dancer, she’s a family gal, she’s a stylista, and she never fails to express and impress with her vibrant feed. Frequently posting a harmonious mix of family, fashion, and culture, Jocy Bird’s IG exemplifies happiness.

Nicole Nakrialnguq | @adventuresoulnicole

Nicole Nakrialnguq’s vibe radiates sunshine, 21st-century flair, and daring adventures. Head over to her Insta and you’ll see that all those qualities reflect in all her posts too!

Ryan Oliverius | @ryanoliverius

Do you want to see the great outdoors without having to drag your feet out the door? Well, you’re in luck, because Ryan Oliverius is an Indigenous photographer with a genius knack for capturing nature in all its wonderful beauty. Prepare to be amazed.


Tiffany Black | @tifffay

You know what they say: “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Taking this saying to the next level, Tiffany Black uses her eyeshadow palette to create extraordinary makeup looks to frame her eyes with sprightly colours and depth. Teach us your ways!

EMME Studio | @korinaemmerich

Their Insta description says it all: “art, fashion, and justice.” What can we say? These style mavens got it all checked off their list.

Carlos Benally | @carlosbenally

What happens when Eminem’s unparalleled rapping skills cross over with the richness of Native American culture? Allow Carlos Benally to show you through his epic videos! This Indigenous creator’s TikTok videos are a seamless mash-up between Native American and pop culture — and it’s always an A+.

Danyal Harvey | @agnalaniaq

If you’ve always wanted a deep dive into the Inuit culture, then go follow Indigenous creator, Danyal Harvey! From the making of naniq (seal oil lamps) to Uunalik Poke (a delicacy), she’ll show you just how interesting it is to get it all done.


Carving my very own Qulliq ✨♥️ pt 1

♬ Paint – Trees and Lucy

Sheldon Moss | @theknotthot

Sheldon Moss isn’t afraid to voice his opinions, which is exactly why he’s among our favourite Indigenous creators! Whether he’s reciting a 7-part patriotic poem or dipping an oreo cookie in a glass of orange juice, his content is always worth watching.

Darrell Brertton Jr. | @darrellbrerttonjr

Do you know how to trade in the foreign exchange market? Good thing, Darrel Brertton Jr. knows exactly how and explains it to his followers in a manner that’s so clear and entertaining. He’s the Indigenous creator to follow for some serious money tips and a good laugh!


DM in you want more sacred knowledge, AHO! 🙏❤️📈 #indigenous #investing #fypシ

♬ original sound – Darrell Brertton Jr.

James Cohen | @thatwoodlandguy

It’s quite impossible for us to choose our favourite post from Indigenous creator, James Cohen. We’re 100% sure that his video on what it’s like trying to make a TikTok video when it’s bird hunting season will have you ROFL-ing.

Ilona Verley | @ilonaverley

Ilona Verley of the Nlaka’Pamux nation is spreading waves of high fashion photography all throughout Instagram. Not only is she uplifting her Indigenous culture through social media, but she also continues to raise awareness of the queer community.  

Santee Siouxx | @santeesiouxx

Santee Siouxx is a Toronto-based content creator who uses her platform to share her heritage and culture. Follow her today!

Ashley Callingbull | @ashleycallingbull

If this Indigenous artist looks familiar, then you might know her from The Amazing Race or the tv series, Blackstone. Ashley Callingbull is also the first Indigenous woman from Canada to win the Mrs. Universe title!

Jessica Matten | @jessicamatten

Jessica Matten is an Indigenous artist of Red River Metis/Cree descent who stars in the second season of the Discovery Canada & Netflix’s TV show Frontier alongside Jason Momoa. The actress is also a fitness enthusiast who runs a fitness company called Lemon Cree with her family!

Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs | @kdeveryjacobs

Kawennáhere is a proud, queer Kanien’kehá:ka storyteller and she’s not afraid to show it!You can catch her, alongside other Indigenous artists, on the Hulu TV series Reservation Dogs starting August 2021.

Grace Dove | @_gracedove

This actress and film director portrayed Hugh Glass’s wife in the 2015 movie The Revenant alongside Leonardo DiCaprio! This talented Indigenous artist recently earned a shiny “Best Lead Actress” nomination for her work in the movie Monkey Beach.

Miss Chief Rocka | @misschiefrocka

Follow Miss Chief Rocka on Instagram to see just how much of a talented dancer, designer, educator, and performer she is! We must say, we’re absolutely in love with the jewelry that @misschiefrocka designs.

Joey Stylez | @joeystylez

With three Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Awards and a shiny Juno nomination, it’s no surprise that Joey Stylez has been recognized by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as one of the top 25 Canadian rappers of all time. Follow him to see why his music stands out!

Carsen Gray | @iamcarsengray

If you loved Joey Stylez’s hip-hop tracks, then go check out the music of his wife, Carsen Gray! You’ll adore the dreamy sound, and will be adding her newest single Someplace to your playlist right away.

Dustin Rivers | @khelsilem

Indigenous leader, Khelsilem, is constantly uplifting the culture of the Squamish people through his work as a spokesperson for @SquamishNation. Hit that follow button to learn more about the incredible work of this politician!

Chante Reddest | @nativephotographyy

Chante takes photography to a whole new level on TikTok. The Indigenous creator has even mastered the art of self-portraits with perfect night lighting. Where history meets photography, you’ll find Chante!

Elle-Máija Tailfeathers | @ellemaijatailfeathers

Bloodland (2011), A Red Girl’s Reasoning (2012), and The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open (2019), are just a few of the amazing projects that Elle-Máija has worked on. Follow her to see more of what this award-winning filmmaker is up to!

Aicha | @mynameisaicha

Incredible dance skills? Check. A unique sense of style? Check. Aicha is an Afro-Indigenous creator that you’d love to follow for just so many reasons!


Checkout IReallyLoveThisSong.com for more 😏💃🏾✨✌🏾 @drinkruna @dazed #dance #dancer #blacktiktokcreators #indigenoustiktok #dancersoftiktok

♬ original sound – Mynameisaicha

Sherry Mckay | @officialsherrymckay

She’s funny, she’s creative and she loves handwritten letters just as much as we do! On her TikTok page, the Indigenous creator has an adorable segment called Sherry’s Friend Mail Friday, where she reads actual letters from her loyal followers — it’s bound to make anyone feel nostalgic!


Who stands with indigenous people?

♬ Life of a Native – Okema

Prairie Rose LilTent |  @ lil_houseontheprairie

We don’t know what we love more about Prairie Rose, is it her fierceness or her comedic timing? Follow this Indigenous creator to see exactly what we’re talking about!


POV: of a powwow newbie complementing me on my powwow regalia ✨Indigenous #fancyshawl #powwow #beadwork #love #kindnessmatters #nativetiktok

♬ original sound – Prairie Rose LilTent

Karly Black Kettle | @karlyblackkettle

Karly Black Kettle isn’t just using her platform to entertain, she also raises awareness on the moments in Indigenous history that people often turn a blind eye to. She’s one of our favourite Indigenous creators because there’s always something to learn from her amazing content!


B. Pastion | @pvstion

When it comes to #MentalHealthMatters, B. Passion says: “Don’t give up. Continue to fight. It gets better. Your ancestor’s prayers are still with you.” — and it’s honestly one of the most powerful thoughts we’ve ever come across.


Link in bio for help. By reclaiming my identity, I was able to heal 🦅 Honor of – prevention day IB: @ashkiijosh #fyp#indigenous#mentalhealthmatters

♬ original sound – g

Nahanni | @nahannifontaine

Nahanni is an Indigenous creator of many talents. She’s a public speaker, advocate, baker, and fashion & lifestyle enthusiast who’s making Instagram a better place!

Ashley Daniels |@ashleyjdaniels_

Ashley Daniels uses her platform to fight for climate change and speak up about Indigenous identity and accountability. The Anishinaabekwe – Dakota Winyan youth leader was even honoured at the Business Council of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Awards in 2019!

Dakota Bear | @dakotabearofficial

Whether it’s through his hip-hop music or his clothing brand called Decolonial, activist Dakota Bear never fails to send powerful messages that inspire and spark change. He’s an Indigenous artist who’s out to empower the youth!

Fallon Farinacci |@fallonfarinacci

Fallon Farinacci is a proud Red River Métis who advocates for healing and Indigenous communities. This content creator has a point of view that’s like a breath of fresh air, and we absolutely love seeing her whole family’s daily adventures.

Gia Pastion | @gihhaa

Indigenous content creator, Gia Pastion, is a bubbly and likable presence on TikTok. Through her online content, she showcases her heritage, lifestyle, recipes, and thoughts. 


Kairyn Potts | @ohkairyn

Kairyn is a content creator on TikTok and a Twitch streamer. Kairyn’s content features their lifestyle and entertaining skits enjoyed by over 121 thousand followers on TikTok.


Now’s a great time to start learning at your own pace through modules. Link in bio to register! #indigenoustiktok #ad #canada

♬ original sound – Kairyn Potts

Fawn Wood | @fawn.wood

Fawn Wood is a musician, singer, and dancer from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. With a following of over 61 thousand on TikTok, Fawn is able to showcase her heritage through her entertaining and relatable content.

Isabelle Chapadeau | @isapadeau

Isabelle Chapadeau is an Inuk content creator who keeps her culture alive through her lifestyle and shares this with her follower base of 43 thousand on TikTok. Her content covers bits and pieces about hunting, throat singing, being Indigenous in Canada, and much more.


“See you next time anxiety” lol ok.

♬ Love Song – Nukariik

Haze | @hkmiranda

Haze is an Indigenous influencer with a following of over 37, thousand on TikTok. Her engaging content show encouragement for Indigenous youth, bite-size information about her heritage, and her passion for cosplay. 

Morgan Dawn | @porterfieldlol

Morgan Dawn is a Dene filmmaker with a somewhat large following on TikTok. Her content mainly discusses her opinions and takes on issues surrounding Indigenous people.

Bobby Sanchez | @harawiq

Bobby Sanchez is a trans poet, musician, and model with over 100 thousand followers on TikTok. His content pieces showcase native jewelry, fashion, poems, and his unique takes surrounding Indigenous issues. 

Camri Thomson | @camrithomson

Camri Thomson describes herself as an ‘Anishinaabe girl in a colonized world.’ She speaks to an audience of 23 thousand followers on TikTok about her opinions on indigenous issues in the form of skits and bite size videos, while also showcasing beautiful beadwork jewelry.

Coyote Park | @nativeboytoy

Coyote is a trans Indigenous influencer on TikTok with more than 85 thousand followers. On this platform, he shares his takes on issues surrounding trans and Indigenous people through thought-provoking videos.


❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 He/they cowgirl (no transph0bia in the comments u will be bl0cked)

♬ original sound – Brooksie

Sarain Carson-Fox | @sarainfox

Sarain Carson-Fox is an Anishinaabekwe artist, director, and content creator who is also a host in RISE, a documentary where Vice visits Indigenous communities who are protecting their homelands. She has an active following of 61 thousand followers on Instagram where she shares her heritage, lifestyle, and family life.

Kayuula Nova | @kayuulanova

Kayuula Nova is an Inuk Indigenous influencer and musician with a following of over 500 thousand on TikTok. Through her videos of throat singing, recipes, and other informational tidbits, she is able to showcase her rich heritage to the world.


Let me know what it sounds like in the comment. #throatsinging #inuittiktok #indigenoustiktok @shinanova

♬ original sound – Kayuula Nova

Haatepah | @desertndn

Haatepah is an Indigenous model, actor, and content creator who is passionate about Indigenous rights and environmental issues. He has a vast audience of over 890 thousand followers on TikTok, where he shares about his heritage and his thoughts on various issues.


Tony Duncan | @tonyduncanhoopflute

Tony Duncan is an Indigenous artist, dancer, and musician known for his spellbinding flute music and dance videos. He has over 132 thousand followers on TikTok and over 31 thousand followers on Instagram.


Love dancing with my son @naiche_duncan_hoopdance Short clip of our performance this weekend at the #heardmuseum #nativetiktok #fyp #indigenous #dance

♬ Stadium Pow Wow – The Halluci Nation

Larry Yazzie | @larryyazzie

Larry Yazzie is an artist, model, actor, Meskwaki dancer, and cultural educator. His rich content features authentic and beautiful native regalia and dances to an audience of more than 117 thousand followers on TikTok.

Juan G Maya | @juan.the.mochilero

Juan G Maya is an Indigenous influencer with over 175 thousand followers on TikTok. He uses this platform to share about the lives of Indigenous people in Central Mexico, showcase ornate Indigenous regalia, and his thoughts about issues at hand. 

Patrick Willie | @patrickisanavajo

Patrick Willie is a Navajo content creator with a vast audience of 71 thousand followers on Instagram and 133 thousand YouTube subscribers. His Instagram showcases mesmerizing videos of hoop dancing while his YouTube is best known for his vlog as well as his series, Natives React.

Nikki Apostolou| @recycledstardust

Digital creator, Nikki Apostolou identifies as a proud plus-size asexual, cosmeholic, fashionista, and food enthusiast. Known far and wide for her disarming style and colourful lifestyle, she gives inspiration to many whilst also sharing her rich heritage as an Indigenous influencer from the Mohawk nation. With her captivating personality, it’s no wonder she is followed by 150,000+ on Instagram and 100,000+ on TikTok (and counting.)

Clearbear | @topash.skharr

Clearbear is a model, activist, and Indigenous influencer with a following of over 23,000 on Instagram and 89,000 on TikTok. His varied content pieces feature stunning snapshots of his heritage and his heartfelt perspectives on issues surrounding Indigenous people across North America. 

Work With The Top Indigenous Influencers in Canada

Want to work with one of these Indigenous influencers in Canada for an upcoming campaign? Contact us today and we’ll help make that connection.

If there is an Indigenous creator or artist you love, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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