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Ecommerce Tips: 15 Ways to Make a User-Friendly Website

Rocco Bombardieri
Written By
Rocco Bombardieri
Published On
Jan 24, 2022
A white tablet displaying an Ecommerce website

Shopping—whether it’s in-person or online—is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. But if you don’t have a user-friendly website, then that takes all the fun out of it; and customers will be clicking “exit” before you know it. 

Now, if you’ve been wondering how to make a website user-friendly, you’ll find everything you need in this guide. From search bars to live chat support, these are the things your Ecommerce site needs to give customers a seamless experience. 

Optimized Speed

One thing’s for sure: turtle-paced websites will quickly make you lose visitors. In an era where patience is getting shorter, the loading time for Ecommerce sites needs to get faster. Aim for a timeframe that’s about two seconds, which is the standard for most pages. 

Search Bars

When customers can’t find what they need instantly, it ends up being a frustrating experience. To ensure a more user-friendly website, don’t forget to incorporate a search bar. Your amazing products/services will be easily found and your clients won’t ever have to feel lost. It’s a win-win situation. 

Well–Organized Product/Service Categories

No matter where you go, organization is always key. Even if you have a search bar, it’s still vital to arrange your Ecommerce site in a way that’s easy to navigate

Figure out the categories of all the products/services you offer and create a website framework that works

Visible Best-Sellers

Your homepage is a massive window of opportunity to flaunt what your company’s got and what it’s best known for. Display your best-sellers here for a chance to instantly give your reputation a nice boost! 

Great Promotions Deals

Everybody loves free stuff and fantastic deals. Whether you offer free shipping for a minimum purchase or have curated bundle deals that are a steal deal, make these visible on your Ecommerce site through well-designed banners. 

High-Quality Product Photos and Videos

A user-friendly website should feature high-quality product photos and videos to earn the trust of visitors. Collaborate with professionals who specialize in custom brand photography and videography to capture your products in their best light. 

Customer Support

Having a reliable customer support system is one of the most essential features of a user-friendly website. Some brands tend to forget that after-sales support should be as energized as the marketing efforts. You could have the most impressive products/services, but if you don’t give your customers the proper assistance, it could really damage your business.

Consider incorporating a live chat feature so visitors can get instant answers to all their queries. Remember, the competition is stiff in every industry. Not responding to questions instantly could result in one of those “you snooze, you lose” situations. 

A mini shopping cart filled with boxes on a laptop keyboard


Having an FAQs page has more conversion powers than you think. Whether it’s regarding your returns, exchange, or warranty policies, some visitors won’t exert the necessary effort to reach out to your customer service just to get the answer to a simple question. But when you have an FAQs page at the ready, you’ll be able to solve all those common question marks that potential clients might have. 

Clearly stating your policies helps build consumer trust and creates a more customer-friendly environment. Plus, it will also reduce the number of queries that your customer support system will have to attend to. 

Updated Contact Details

A user-friendly website should always have accessible contact details. Remember to include an updated contact number, email address, and store address on your Ecommerce site. This gives visitors some peace of mind knowing that they have concrete channels for communication if the need should ever arise. 

Think of it as the “I’m-not-going-to-make-a-run-for-it-if-ever-you-need-assistance” type of page.

Visible Trusted Payment Options

With so many hacking issues taking over the internet, making online payments will always be a delicate issue. Some visitors even hesitate to make transactions when there aren’t any trusted payment options clearly visible on your site. 

Display the most reliable payment gateways (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.) on the bottom of your pages. Don’t forget to include the logos of tools you’re using to ensure encrypted transactions as well (such as McAfee).  

Always remember to emphasize the importance your brand puts on security—it’s how to make a website user-friendly. 

Connect Your Socials

Connecting your Ecommerce site to your social media pages is all part of the branding process and the user-friendly website criteria. It helps establish brand identity as you grow both your online following and site traffic.

Social Sharing

How many times have you browsed through Ecommerce sites and found something interesting that you wanted to share with friends and family? Your visitors are bound to feel the same way. Make a more user-friendly website by enabling social sharing. It’s convenient for your clients and will help you expand your network. Social sharing increases the chances of conversions and boosts brand awareness at the same time.

Wishlist Features

Some visitors are on your site to browse and weigh out their options before making a purchase. Make sure they don’t forget about their great finds on your site by including a wishlist feature. 

Use Pleasing Colours

Using pleasing colours is a vital component of any user-friendly website. You don’t want visitors turning away because of blindingly bright colours, nor do you want them yawning at the boring aesthetic of your Ecommerce site. Create the best balance of tones for your specific industry by taking some notes from colour psychology. Let your creativity flow to create a user friendly design

Ensure Your Site Is Both Desktop and Mobile-Friendly

This is one of the usability features of a website that shouldn’t be neglected. Given that two out of three mobile users say they use their phone to make purchases through shopping websites or apps, it’s clear that Ecommerce sites should be both desktop and mobile-friendly. The best websites are the ones that can easily adapt—this should be kept in mind as you build your pages.

A web design plan displayed on a computer screen on a desk.

User-Friendly Websites Designed by The Influence Agency

If you’ve always wondered how to make a website user-friendly, this guide should help bring you one step closer to Ecommerce success.

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If you’re ready to inspire visitors to click “add to cart” through user-friendly websites, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to learn more!



  • Rocco Bombardieri

    Rocco Bombardieri is the Art Director at TIA and also the one writing this little byline. All I, wait, I guess it's all he wants to do is drink a black coffee, go for a run, and make a killer website. The order of those don't matter, but oftentimes, that's the way it is. If you ever have to question whether or not I/he is making a joke, here's a hint: I/he am/is.

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  • Rocco Bombardieri

    Rocco Bombardieri is the Art Director at TIA and also the one writing this little byline. All I, wait, I guess it's all he wants to do is drink a black coffee, go for a run, and make a killer website. The order of those don't matter, but oftentimes, that's the way it is. If you ever have to question whether or not I/he is making a joke, here's a hint: I/he am/is.

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