Healthy Social Media Habits
Samuel Butcher

Healthy Social Media Habits For 2020

The ability to be always “on” or connected, is not always a good thing, and you must be concise of your consumption and create healthy social media habits for 2020. Posts, likes, comments, shares, tweets, pins, and more, there are hundreds of ways to interact on social media that we may use every day. The downfall of having this booming technology within the 21st century is that now studies show negative side effects linking to social media usage. Addiction, anxiety, negative thoughts, and more. Mental health and conversations surrounding it are more prevalent on social media than ever before.

When using social media daily, it’s important to understand your habits and be conscious about how you can keep your usage healthy as opposed to unhealthy. We’ve broken down our top Healthy Social Media Habits For 2020 and how you can start implementing them within your daily life and activities.

Let’s begin.

Instagram App Activity

Set Your Usage Limits

Using “Your Activity” on the native Instagram app, or “Screen Time” if you’re using an iPhone, is a good way to track your mobile or technology usage throughout the day. You may even limit your usage by creating constraints that once you hit the cap it will defer you from using them any further.

Avoid In Morning & Before Bed

Avoid using your phone or any technology on social media directly when you get up in the morning, this act is too abrasive and can stimulate your brain too much when just waking. The same thing goes for before bed, your brain and eyes should be winding down before bed so that you have a more pleasant sleep.

Avoid In Morning And Before Bed

Be Present

When you’re out and about, or experiencing moments in life by yourself, with family or friends, or a significant other, it’s important to be present. This means having moments in time where you detach yourself from technology allowing everything to reset and recharge and most importantly to take all of your surroundings in!

Engage Purposely

Make sure you’re engaging purposefully and that your comments, likes, and interactions all have meaning. It’s important to engage with your audience and it’s even more important to leave thoughtful clear and concise comments on your audience’s channels or accounts. This helps create an openness between you and your following. Make sure you are purposefully reading the captions of those who you engage with so that you know your actions within that social post are true and valued by the receiver.

Contribute To Important Conversations

Many conversations live within social media, and it’s important to share your voice. Whether it’s politics, religion, world news, or pop culture, social media gives everyone a platform to speak their minds and opinions and it’s key that you only participate in the conversations that reflect who you are as a person.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Social media can be a constant comparison, and although more and more accounts are speaking out about this, it’s a valuable practice to realize that not everything is as it seems especially within social media, and you are your person. Don’t compare yourself, because everyone’s stories and lives are different.

Be Authentic

Be you. Be authentic and live your most authentic life. Social media shouldn’t only be about showcasing the highlights of your life, it should also give you a platform to show real and raw moments that all individuals go through. Make sure you stay true to you and that you’re always being real.

healthy social media habits

Think Before You Post

Is something you’re going to post going to hurt someone? Do the themes in your post go against someone or are derogatory to a specific group, community, or person? You must analyze your content or social posts always to make sure these boxes are checked off. You always need to ensure that no matter where the content is living on social media, that you have a clear assertion that it will be valued.

Life Isn’t Perfect

Enough said.

Unfollow What Bothers You

If you’re following someone “just because”, negative people, or accounts that are against your views and values, then it would be in your best interest to unfollow those accounts. Unfollow anyone on social media and in real life that does not make you feel empowered, informed or inspired.

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