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14 Halifax Family Influencers to Follow

Jackie Tambosso
Written By
Jackie Tambosso
Published On
Feb 24, 2023
A collage of three Halifax family influencers

These 14 Halifax family influencers are totally winning the generation game.

Their innate charisma, unfiltered wittiness, and strong bonds truly shine the spotlight on how family is the biggest blessing and a wonderful adventure.

So who should you be following to light up your Instagram newsfeed with endearing content? Keep scrolling to find out!

1. Katie-Rose and Rob Decoeli | @thewilddecoelis

These two Halifax family influencers always walk their followers through the process of making their house feel like a home—and we all know how much of a challenge that can be!

Whether they’re talking about the struggles of moving into and getting used to a new house or sharing elaborate backstories on a piece of furniture in their house, you can feel how there’s a lot of heart in each and every post.

Katie-Rose and Rob Decoeli
Image courtesy of @thewilddecoelis on Instagram

2. Sheridan Ingalls | @sheridaningalls

Sheridan Ingalls is the queen of a family of five! A few scrolls through her feed, and it already becomes so evident that she’s living her best life as a mom and wife.

The co-host of the Two Gems Podcast uses her platform to share her motherhood and marriage journey—and of course, some hilarious memes (because where would we be without them?)

Sheridan Ingalls’ family
Image courtesy of @sheridaningalls on Instagram

3. Kimiko Zakreski | @indie_home

This Olympian always slays when it comes to parallel slalom—and her skills as a Halifax family influencer are just as impressive.

From interior design ideas to heartwarming family moments, there’s a lot to look forward to when you follow Kimiko Zakreski. We love how she encourages her followers to connect with each other and what is around them, rather than always having their cameras out. #WordsofWisdom

Kimiko Zakreski and family
Image courtesy of @indie_home on Instagram

4. Amy E. Peters | @amyepeters

Amy E. Peters is a self-proclaimed professional homebody—and now we know what we want to be when we grow up!

This interior stylist is dedicatedly working on their house one space at a time to turn it into a home for her lovely family. With her great eye for design, you don’t want to miss out on the exciting transformation!

Amy E. Peters and family
Image courtesy of @amyepeters on Instagram

5. Kaylee Giffin-Logan | @theblondielocks

She’s not just known for her gorgeous blondie locks—she’s also one of the top Halifax family influencers!

From raising her two cutie pie toddlers to renovating their family home and aesthetic mom-on-the-go fashion, follow her adventures as she “curates a life that is juuust right.”

Kaylee Giffin-Logan and her two kids
Image courtesy of @theblondielocks on Instagram

6. Thanh Phung | @loveandsundays

Thanh is a cool mom to two daughters who created the Love and Sundays platform as a space to reflect her identity as a new mom.

In her blog, the Halifax family influencer talks about everything under the sun—from her excitement and fears as a mother to adorable back-to-school looks for your little ones.

Thanh Phung’s family
Image courtesy of @loveandsundays on Instagram

7. Janine Young | @alongwiththeyoungs

Come along with the Youngs to see how they are “living with less, doing more.”

Janine Young is the queen of this party of five that’s always seeking adventure! Their travels stretch from hiking in Nova Scotia all the way to strolling in Paris. Her platform is filled with uplifting content that’ll inspire you to gather the whole family and give in to your inner travel bug.

Janine Young’s family
Image courtesy of @alongwiththeyoungs on Instagram

8. Kayla Davis | @kdavis_fitness

Kayla is a pre and post-natal specialist who is dedicated to helping moms find balance in terms of family and fitness. After all, balance is the key to living a healthy and happy life!

To help her audiences achieve that, this Halifax family influencer offers online personal training programs for all fitness levels.

Kayla Davis’ family
Image courtesy of @kdavis_fitness on Instagram

9. Inshia | @inshiasl

This influencer is all about mom, lifestyle, beauty, and food content.

For her, motherhood is pretty much her “whole purpose.” While it is all-consuming and leaves little time for anything else, she’s so “here for it” and “all for it.” Inshia shares that she feels blessed to be defined by motherhood and blessed to be her child’s entire world. Don’t tell us that her perspective on being a mom didn’t tug at all your heartstrings. <3

Inshia’s family
Image courtesy of @inshiasl on Instagram

10. Allie and Sam | @allieandsam

Allie and Sam are a travel couple who are “lovers of life.”

They are moms to twins and five pets who document their family story for the whole world to see. From their pregnancy story to post-natal realities, there’s something for every couple to learn from these Halifax family influencers.

Allie and Sam’s family
Image courtesy of @allieandsam on Instagram

11. Amanda Mina Nahas | @messonmyvanity

This mom of three is also a pro makeup artist with a knack for entertaining family and beauty content!

You’re guaranteed to be treated to posts that will make you go “awww!” and “haha!” Amanda’s sincerity and wittiness when it comes to her motherhood journey will capture your heart in an instant. 

Amanda Mina Nahas’s family
Image courtesy of @messonmyvanity on Instagram

12. Britanie Sparks | @raisinglittlesparks

This Halifax family influencer is an eco-mom consistently striving for low waste!

From berry picking and veggie harvesting to clean-ups at the beach, she’s raising her two “little Sparks” to connect with the planet and take care of it—talk about sparking positive change!

Britanie Sparks with her two kids
Image courtesy of @raisinglittlesparks on Instagram

13. Amanda | @moon.raising

Everybody needs to slow down at some point to appreciate the world around them a little better. And with Amanda’s content being focused on simple, wild, and slow mothering, she might just inspire you to see the beauty of living at your own pace.

@moon.raising carrying her baby
Image courtesy of @moon.raising on Instagram

14. Misty Cartmill | @maritimemommy

What’s it like to have a full house in real life? Follow @maritimemommy to find out!

Misty Cartmill’s Canadian East Coast family of eight consists of three kids, two parents, and two grandparents. One thing’s for sure when it comes to this bunch—their full home will always make your heart full!

Misty Cartmill and her family
Image courtesy of @maritimemommy on Instagram

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