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Google Ads Extension Guide: How to Boost Your Leads

Sonia Batra
Written By
Sonia Batra
Published On
Sep 29, 2020
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Have you logged into your Google ad account only to notice less clicks than you hoped for? Alternatively, are you wondering how your competitor’s ad layouts look a lot more structured than yours? These are scenarios I’m sure every PPC advertiser has definitely come across during their campaigns.

Google ad extensions are the secret ingredient to your recipe that adds finesse to your campaigns, while not costing a dime extra! Sounds amazing, right? 

In this blog, I am going to show you the top 5 Google ad extensions that are guaranteed to improve your campaign click-through-rates which, in turn, will generate more leads for you. Let’s dive right in!

1. Site Link Extension 

These extensions are directly clickable and link to the specific pages of a website, limiting the number of steps a customer needs to take when they visit your website.

For Example: Voilà by Sobeys wants to promote their Farm Boy and Fresh Fruits & Vegetables pages. This kind of extension on your Google ads provides direct access to those pages on a single click. Not just that, they are extremely helpful in improving your ad quality score and rank position!

Screenshot of Voila by Sobeys using site link Extension

2.  Location Extensions

These are also linked directly and have a location listed on its own separate line. The bonus of this extension in mobile view is that it provides a link with directions to your business’ location. 

For Example: Lululemon has several locations across Canada, but would like to advertise their flagship store on Queen Street West in Toronto in their ad. It is highly likely that an end-user that sees the address will click on the ad, as it helps the consumer find nearby stores that sell your products.

Example of Lululemon using Location Extension

3. Call Extensions

This ads extension is a basic feature that often gets missed. Including a call extension is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to include a phone number in a structured fashion on your ad. 

For Example: The phone number in the Mowitall ad has been clearly displayed in its separate field. Having a phone number displayed on your ad can drastically improve its click-through-rate. 

Example of Mow it all using Call Extension

Additionally users that view the ad through mobiles, have a click-to-call feature directly through the ad.

Example of Mow it all using call Extension on the mobile version

4. Promotion Extensions 

Ever noticed some ads appear with a price tag icon promoting an offer? Those are called Promotion extensions where you can promote a special code or discount code. Cool, right?  Additionally, it gives you the option of adding 2 lines of informational text about a specific promotion. 

For Example: JCPenney offering its customers an Easter Sale discount upto 25% Off Sitewide

Example of JC Penney using Promotion Extension

5. Price Extensions

Saved the best for the last! Hands down my most favorite ad extension. Price extensions offer you a better view of displaying up to 8 cards for specific products with their respective pricing and redirects users to that specific section of the site.

For Example: A hair salon brand is looking to advertise their different pricing for Women’s haircut, Men’s haircut, and other services, can use price extensions

Example of a hair salon using Price Extension

Bonus Ad Extension

I know I promised to cover the top 5, but since you enjoyed reading this, I wanted to throw in a bonus recommendation for you! Have a business that thrives on leads? We all know the importance of getting good quality leads. You may then want to test with the “Lead Form Extension” which is an extension that records a lead on a single click directly from the ad itself! Yes, you heard that right! Just a click away! See the example below. So what are you waiting for? Get an edge over your competition today by capturing those leads and taking your business to the next level!

Example of Haute Motors using the lead form extension

Boost traffic and Conversions with Google Ad extensions

To summarize, ad extensions are an advanced feature, they are free, easy to set up and can significantly increase your click-through-rate, post-click landing page views and ultimately conversions.

Hope you find these useful! I’d love to hear from you on how they helped you elevate your google ad strategies! And don’t forget, if you found value in this post, like, share and comment so other people can read it too.

Looking for a Google Ads specialist to represent you? Feel free to contact us today to learn how we can help you drive sales and achieve success using Google Ads!

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