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The Power of Influencer Marketing in Experiential Field Marketing Initiatives

Nancy Chu
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Nancy Chu
Published On
Dec 04, 2018
The Power of Influencer Marketing in Experiential Field Marketing Initiatives

There is no doubt that the world is becoming more digitally connected every day. Although consumers are used to the idea of making connections and gathering information through online means, nothing can replace the power of face-to-face connection. As influencer marketing in Toronto and around the world continues to experience exponential growth, marketers are beginning to capitalize on influencers’ followings by harnessing the power of field marketing and face to face interaction. 

Experiential Field Marketing is made up of all marketing initiatives that involve direct face-to-face contact with audiences and customers. When paired with influencer marketing, it has the power to build brand loyalty, ongoing relationships with key audiences, and more compelling brand engagement all while helping marketers achieve their business objectives.

These strategies will leverage the abilities of both influencer and experiential field marketing in a way that fosters brand relationships while creating the highest ROI.

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Fostering Real Relationships

One of the first steps to leveraging the power of influencer marketing as well as experiential field marketing is to start recognizing influencers who already use, love, and promote your brand… without you having to ask! A good place to start would be to scan through your mentions on Facebook and Twitter, as well as investigate your brand’s tagged photo stream on Instagram to collect some data on who is already endorsing your brand.

It’s no secret that consumers can easily tell when an influencer is being told what to do or say. This is why forming real relationships and partnerships is so important, while transactional partnerships are a thing of the past. When influencers are truly invested in your brand, product, or service, it makes it a whole lot easier for them to spread the word, especially to a wide-reaching audience that genuinely believes in them too. 

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Consider Microinfluencers

Let’s be real. No one wants to re-live that Scott Disick nightmare. Remember when he made that Instagram post promoting a protein powder and copied and pasted the instructions he was given by the brand? Yeah, that one.

To best protect your brand and prevent this from happening, avoid the mistake of choosing an influencer based on only the size of their name or following. More and more brands are beginning to partner with micro influencers– and for good reason!

Microinfluencers tend to have smaller, more tightly-knit communities and as a result, tend to have higher engagement rates. Their audience values their authenticity and everyday relatability, making microinfluencers a fantastic option when launching an experiential marketing campaign.

Friends with arms up

The Importance of Sharable Content

When it comes down to it, digital content that is created for the sole purpose of making a sale is less likely to promote engagement. Authentic content, on the other hand, is organic in nature and aligns with the values of both the brand and influencer. This is when experiential marketing is the most powerful, as it allows influencers to be the face of introducing new products and services to consumers in shareable, memorable ways.

In conclusion, working with an influencer for your next experiential marketing campaign can be an incredibly effective way to spread your message. It all begins with fostering real relationships with influencers who may already be endorsing your brand, choosing an influencer with an appropriately sized audience and reach, and by sharing content that is organic in nature.

If you’re hoping to promote your brand through experiential marketing efforts with the help of influencers, contact us today!

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