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20 Sports Influencers to Follow

Tom Yawney
Written By
Tom Yawney
Published On
May 23, 2024
(Left to right) Esports influencers aBeZy, ELiGE, SypherPK, H1ghSky1, and Clayster

Looking to tap the best Esports influencers? We have a list you should look at. From competitive gaming champions to gaming enthusiasts, these influencers can level up your digital marketing strategies.

Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive lineup of Esports influencers you should follow.

Daniel Warren-Biers |  @troydan

Daniel Warren-Biers

Image source: @troydan | Instagram

Boasting 3.29 million subscribers on YouTube, Canadian video game creator Troydan gained his massive following after posting his most viewed video—attempting to score full-court shots on every NBA2K game.

Tyler Blevins | @ninja 

Tyler Blevins, famously known as “Ninja,” is a popular Esports influencer. He’s a professional Battle Royale player and streamer with over 19 million followers on Twitch and a whopping 23 million subscribers on YouTube.

Tyler Blevins

Image source: @ninja | Instagram

Aside from being well-known in the gaming community, Ninja has trophies too. He has dominated the Esports industry, winning places at Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) tournaments. 

Michael Grzesuek | @shroud

Michael “Shroud” Grzesuek is an Esports influencer you should follow if you want engaging gaming content.

Michael Grzesuek

Image source: @shroud | Instagram

Shroud has almost seven million subscribers on YouTube. His most viewed video was him playing PUBG in VR about six years ago, garnering 16 million views. On a deep dive, however, he has been posting videos since 2015. 

Follow one of the gaming industry’s famous influencers on his Twitch channel.

Turner Tenney | @tfue

Turner Tenney, whom many know as Tfue, is best known in the gaming industry as a Fortnite player.

Turner Tenney

Image source: @tfue | Instagram

He boasts 223K subscribers on Kick, a gaming live-streaming platform, 4.1M followers on Twitter, and 4.2M on Instagram. His numbers are an indication of his popularity as an Esports influencer.

Kyle Giersdorf | @bugha

Bugha started competitive gaming in early 2019, but four years ago, he became one of the most decorated Esports influencers after winning $3,000,000 for the Fortnite World Cup.

Kyle Giersdorf

Image source: @bugha | Instagram

Today, Bugha is a professional Esports player for DIGNITAS. Despite his fame, he still streams on his Twitch channel.

Benjamin Lupo | @drlupo

Rising to fame after posting a viral video where he plays with Ninja, DrLupo has almost two million subscribers on YouTube.

Benjamin Lupo

Image source: @drlupo | Instagram 

This gamer from the Midwest has 3.7M followers on Instagram and 1.9M on his YouTube channel. He’s a top gaming streamer who continues to provide engaging content, pre-recorded or live.

Timothy Betar | @timthetatman

In addition to owning a part of Complexity Gaming, Tim “TimTheTatMan” Betar is also a full-time YouTube streamer.

Timothy Betar

Image source: @TimTheTatMan | Instagram 

Tim started posting videos on YouTube about ten years ago. Today, he has over five million subscribers, proof that his gaming content is wildly loved by the community he built.

Josue Burgos | @fazesway

At 3.98 million YouTube subscribers, FaZe Sway is an epic Fortnite player. One of his most popular videos uploaded four years ago, shows him demonstrating the evolution of his plays. 

Josue Burgos

Image source: @fazesway | Instagram 

Want to watch FaZe Sway? Head to his Twitch channel for an amazing gaming experience.

Ali Hassan | @sypherpk

Hailing from Austin, Texas, SypherPK rose to fame after a kid sang him a song on Fortnite. This video alone got him 21 million views, cementing him as one of the must-watch Esports influencers. 

Ali Hassan

Image source: @sypherPK | Instagram

It’s amazing that 12 years ago, he was posting RuneScape game videos. Now, he’s a Twitch streamer with almost seven million followers.

Nick Kolcheff | @nickmercs

A competitive Twitch streamer, NickMercs is one to watch. He holds several records in Fortnite and competes with other gamers around the world.

Nick Kolcheff

Image source: @nickmercs | Instagram 

NickMercs is a former Major League Gaming (MLG) National Champion. Today, he has over four million followers on Kick.

Jack Cizek | @cizzorz

Cizzorz has won the hearts of many in the gaming industry after he uploaded a YouTube video of himself helping a little kid win his first-ever Fortnite game.

Jack Cizek

Image source: @cizzorz | Instagram 

Cizzorz is a known gaming streamer for Call of Duty, Fortnite, and more. You can catch him streaming on his Twitch channel every weekday. 

Patriciu Bragaru | @fazeh1ghsky1

The youngest member of the FaZe clan, H1ghSky1, joined the gaming group 5 years ago.

Patriciu Bragaru

Image source: @fazeh1ghsky1 | Instagram 

He has over two million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram, making him one of the youngest famous streamers today.

Shane Hendrixson | @rapha

Goat of the game Quake Champion Rapha, or Shane Hendrixson, is a professional Esports player playing for Tema Liquid.

Shane Hendrixson

Image source: @KeenconGaming | Twitter 

This Esports influencer has won awards yet continues to be low-key. Watch and learn as he streams Quake Champions on his Twitch channel.

Jingjun Wu | @SneykingDota

A pro-DOTA 2 player for Falcons Esports, Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu has 48.5K followers on his Twitch channel.

Jingjun Wu

Image source: Tundra Esports | YouTube 

Outside of the game, Sneyking enjoys investing and working out. Get to watch him in action on his live-streaming channel.

Shane Cotton | @epikwhale_ 

A pro player for FaZe, EpikWhale has his own fair share of game winnings.

Shane Cotton

Image source: @epikwhale_ | Instagram

This 21-year-old is known for his Fortnite gameplay. You can follow his winning strategies as he streams on Twitch.

Tyler Pharris | @tylerabezy 

A professional Call of Duty (COD) player, aBezy has won the COD World Championships in 2019 and 2021.

Tyler Pharris

Image source: @tylerabezy | Instagram 

This 24-year-old plays for FaZe and has accumulated a good following on Twitch. He’s a 10x COD Champ, so if you enjoy multiplayer games like this, then go on and follow him on his channel.

Alec Sanderson | @Arcitys 

Arcitys is a professional COD gamer for OMiT Brooklyn and a two-time world champion.

Alec Sanderson


Image source: @arcitys | Twitter

You can watch Arcitys play COD on his Twitch channel. You can also hit him a follow on Twitter.

James Eubanks | @clayster 

James Eubanks, widely known as Clayster in the gaming community, is a 3x CoD World Champion, MVP, and X Games Gold Medalist.

James Eubanks

Image source: @Clayster | Instagram 

He is known for his consistent wins, marking him as an Esports influencer you must watch for. 

Jonathan Jablonowski | @eligejj 

Jonathan “ELiGE” Jablonowski is an entry fragger and rifler for Complexity’s CS:GO team.

Jonathan Jablonowski

Image source: @eligejj | Instagram

ELiGE is one of the most accomplished NA CS players, winning awards after awards during his 2019 Intel Grand Slam run. Soon, he will represent Complexity at the first Counterstrike 2 Major in Copenhagen.

Jake Yip | @stew2k 

Last, another Esports influencer you should follow is Jake Yip, also known as Stewie2k.

Jake Yip

Image source: @stew2k | Instagram

Jake is a member of Cloud9 and the first North American to win a Valve-sponsored major in CS: GO. He has over 1.4 million followers on his Twitch channel and broadcasts live almost every day.

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  • Tom Yawney

    Tom Yawney is the Director of Business Development at The Influence Agency, and has a passion for digital marketing trends, technology, and futurism.

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  • Tom Yawney

    Tom Yawney is the Director of Business Development at The Influence Agency, and has a passion for digital marketing trends, technology, and futurism.

    View all posts

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