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Case Study: Taking Cannabis Brands to All New Highs With SEM

Sari Klaczkowski
Written By
Sari Klaczkowski
Published On
Jun 13, 2022
True North Cannabis Co.’s logo

True North Cannabis Co. was founded in 2020, with the goal of being Ontario’s biggest cannabis store and retail chain. Their mission is to provide their clientele with high-end cannabis products and accessories at reasonable prices. 

Just after a year of being founded, TNCC has established and opened 36+ stores in small towns across Central and Southern Ontario. The convenience that they offer is paired with the expertise of their staff and budtenders to help their clients on their cannabis journey. What sets True North Cannabis Co. apart from other dispensaries is their best prices in the market. Their fair market offerings create a bigger opportunity for learning and sharing the benefits of cannabis among our involved communities.

The Opportunity

True North Cannabis Co. and The Influence Agency have been working together since April of 2021. We provide them with leading Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy in addition to managing their social media profiles and website. 

 A screenshot from True North Cannabis Co.’s Instagram

While still relatively new to the space, our first big project with TNCC was to refresh their website and build a strong brand presence online to help them stand out in the overly competitive cannabis industry. With over 1000 dispensaries operating in Ontario alone, we had our work cut out for us. But as a leader in custom cannabis marketing solutions, the team here at The Influence Agency was up for the challenge.

The Solution

Right from the jump, our solution to the opportunity with True North Cannabis Co. was obvious. Our suggested strategy included:

  • Developing a new visually pleasing, user-friendly, and SEO-driven website.
  • Creating a cohesive brand image across social media and newsletter marketing channels.

Why Cannabis Sites Can’t Skip Out on Being SEO Optimized

Your website is like a business card, always acting as a reflection of your business. So not only do you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed, but you also need it to be search engine optimized. 

SEO goes hand-in-hand with web development and is essential to ensuring that you are converting any search engine users into paying customers — or at least users with purchase intent. This is especially true in the cannabis space since due to strict marketing regulations in Canada, brands can’t pay to advertise through Google and other search engines. 

Overall, applying SEO strategies for cannabis brands can lead to an increase in brand awareness, search engine ranking, and website traffic. 

The Importance of Having a Strong Brand Identity

A strong brand identity builds loyalty and trust between the brand and its customers. If customers feel as if they share the same values as the brand they’re buying from, they’ll be more likely to turn into brand loyalists. This can include different values such as developing quality products, a commitment to sustainable processes, and many more.

When creating the TNCC website, we spoke with the client about what makes them unique and what makes them stand out, making it a priority for these differentiators to be highlighted across their website. The cannabis space is highly competitive. It can be really difficult for brands or dispensaries to stand out in this market. From our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve learned the best way to stand out are to have a strong and consistent brand identity.

The Results

With the help of our design, development, content, and digital marketing team, we built a brand new website for TNCC. The new site is focused on creating a super user-friendly experience for cannabis consumers, driven by tried and tested on-page SEO strategies.

We worked alongside the TNCC team to develop a unique brand identity that remained consistent across their website, social media accounts, as well as their newsletter. The website also features custom branded content that we created, capturing various products and showcasing the brand in an approachable lifestyle environment. 

A screenshot of True North Cannabis Co.’s new website

How to Win in the Cannabis Space

If you are a cannabis dispensary or a licensed producer, it is crucial to have a strong online presence, starting with a strong website. We have had the pleasure of watching True North Cannabis Co. grow from eight stores to thirty-six in less than a year. They would not be able to service so many customers across Ontario without the 24/7 support of their website. 

Want to find out how The Influence Agency can take your brand to new highs with our web design and SEM marketing services? Get in touch with us today.

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