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The Influence Agency’s Favourite Super Bowl Commercials

Jordyn Gangbar
Written By
Jordyn Gangbar
Published On
Feb 09, 2022
Friends cheering watching the Superbowl game on television.

The Super Bowl. The epitome of American culture in one event, it is also the biggest night of the year for football fans and marketers! Watching Super Bowl commercials has become just as entertaining, if not more entertaining, than the actual game. In fact, I would even argue more people watch this game just for the Super Bowl Commercials and half-time show than for the game.

It’s not just a sports game, it’s an event that captures the attention of millions. The Superbowl includes a football game and highly-anticipated half-time show and commercials. With such high viewership, it is no surprise that companies are so competitive to promote their products during this event. In 2021, the average cost for 30 seconds of air time was 5.6 million dollars. The reported cost for an ad for 2022 is 7 million dollars. That figure does not include the cost of putting a Super Bowl commercial together! The stakes are so high to advertise during the Super Bowl that companies are investing tens of millions of dollars into 60 seconds of video content.

NFL Superbowl promo poster

Why would a brand be interested in spending so much money in Super Bowl Commercials?

Having an advertising spot during this game guarantees product awareness and visibility. The commercials have become a source of entertainment that viewers actually want to watch. There is literally no other night where you will find people wanting to watch commercials during scheduled programming. Super Bowl commercials generate a lot of conversation and attention which makes them a very good investment for a brand. Super Bowl commercials are often discussed before and after the event, with a lot of people going online to watch the Super Bowl commercials for entertainment. Meaning that a brand is generating awareness through one ad for years to come.

What makes a great Super Bowl Commercial?

Super Bowl commercials are iconic and showcase a great advertising strategy. With so much competition in a short period of time, it is important for brands to stand out so that they are memorable. Unlike regular commercials, Super Bowl commercials are admired for their:

  • creativity
  • cinematography
  • celebrity cameos
  • comedy
  • and the uncertainty

Who doesn’t love a good list?

At The Influence Agency, we are constantly watching what other brands are doing and the Super Bowl is our favourite night of the year to see the work from the best in the advertising industry. See below for a list of the Influence Agency’s favourite Super Bowl commercials.

The Influence Agency’s Favourite and Best Super Bowl Commercials:

MasterCard Presidents commercial (Super Bowl 2003)

Jordyn Gangbar, Project Manager

“This was the first superbowl I ever watched, and this was the era when MasterCard built its iconic “Priceless” campaign. This superbowl ad kept you guessing the whole time trying to figure out what these Presidents had anything to do with the plot, which made it so entertaining to watch.”

State Farm (Super Bowl 2022)

Josh Filderman, Client Success Manager

“This is the first ever TikTok Superbowl ad in the history of the NFL and showcases the power of leveraging user generated content through emerging platforms like TikTok! State Farm invited TikTok users to participate by submitting a duet TikTok with its mascot, Jake from State Farm, during the NFL playoffs. They’re going to have fans vote on their favorite duet and the winner will air as a real commercial!”

Statefarm tiktok screenshots of Jake on a set

Alexa’s Body (Super Bowl 2021)

Jackie Tambosso, Client Success Manager

I wouldn’t say it’s the best one I’ve seen but it’s definitely memorable and eye catching!”

Loretta – Google (Super Bowl 2020)

Amaara Dhanji, Social Media Manager

“The way this ad made me and everyone in the office SOB. Such a great ad that seamlessly integrates the product, but makes it all about the story line. Love this one!”

Alexa Loses Her Voice (Super Bowl 2018)

Chelsea Moore, Account Coordinator

“Love the way that this ad played into distinguishable voices and personas. Definitely a fun and unique way to play on how distinguishable Alexa’s voice is.”

Doritos Time Machine (Super Bowl 2014)

Tom Yawney, VP of Business Development

“It’s just funny to me!”

1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial (Super Bowl 1984)

Stephanie Palasti, VP Client Success

“This is still, to this day, the most powerful commercial I’ve ever seen.”

Will Ferrel – General Motors Trucks (Super Bowl 2021)

Maxim Kim, Lead Videographer

“Great funny commercial with an outstanding talent roster. Will Ferrel is a great choice anytime and had my attention the whole time”

Hyundai Smaht Pahk (Super Bowl 2020)

Angela Chau, Social Media Manager

“I love Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Boston accents! Car commercials don’t generally catch my attention, but this one did.” 

Betty White x Snickers (Super Bowl 2010)

Jess Copeland, Brand Director

“Snickers and Betty White (RIP) was an absolute comedic ICON and I don’t think you can do this round-up without including her.”

Budweiser Lost Dogs(Super Bowl 2015)

Caelia Luk, Lead Developer

CUTE. DOG. FEELS. Do I need to say anymore?”

Budweiser Puppy Ad (Super Bowl 2014)

Gabby Frank, Lead Photographer

“This has nothing to do with beer and everything to do with CUTENESS. I’m sold. Puppy Bowl anyone?”

Etrade Baby Commercial (Super Bowl 2007)

John Bastawrous, Account Director Digital Marketing

“Whoever thought of using babies to talk about investing was a pure GENIUS! So effective and so comical. Truly changed the world of advertising by using voiceovers.”

It’s a Tide Ad (Super Bowl 2018)

Rocco Bombardieri, Art Director

A meta commentary on Superbowl commercials that kept the audience guessing whether the subsequent ads were “real” or just another Tide ad.”

Cheetos ‘it wasn’t me” (Super Bowl 2021)

Danielle Howson, Senior Content Manager

“For reasons I will not get into, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” reminds me of my first year at university LOL it was fun seeing this song brought back in a fun and creative way.”

M&Ms Human Commercial with Danny Devito (Super Bowl 2020)

Vivian Phung, Paid Media Manager

“Casting Danny DeVito as a human-sized M&M was genius.”

Meet the Ketchups (Super Bowl 2016)

Sara Ensan, Digital Designer

“How could you not resist smiling at the sight of one hundred dachshunds (aka weiner dogs) running in hot dogs costumes?”

Pepsi – We Will Rock You feat. Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Pink (Super Bowl 2004)

Kaela Johnson, Client Success Manager

“I mean you take 3 of the most iconic women of the 00s and turn them into gladiators to cover a legendary song? How could it not be on the list?! There’s even a cameo from Enrique Iglesias, but I personally watched for the gladiator queens tbh.”

Pepsi: More Than OK (Super Bowl 2019)

Tanya Cruz, Director of Communications

“Who doesn’t like to poke fun at the age old “Coke vs. Pepsi” debate. As someone who is personally #TeamCoke (don’t @ me lol), while I did feel a little personally attacked here, this commercial is super fun, OKURRRR! Love the range of celebrity personalities that make an appearance and most importantly, I love a Cardi B moment.”

Tourism Australia (Super Bowl 2018)

Samuel Butcher, Creative Director

“It doesn’t get more clever than a country promoting tourism for themselves, especially for a beach, on a night when an event is being watched by a demographic that is currently wearing parkas. Needless to say, it definitely worked and makes want to book a trip to Australia with Chris Hemsworth as my tour guide.”

Hyundai – Kevin Hart First Date Commercial (Super Bowl 2016)

Sari Klaczkowski, Client Success Manager

“Kevin Hart might be the reason I bought a Hyundai. This commercial just makes me laugh and i love that they are positioning this car for Dads”

Did we miss a great Super Bowl commercial? Let us know! The Influence Agency is If you are interested in learning more about creating video content check out our blog on video editing resources. We are a content collective with some of the biggest advertising strategists in the industry. If you are interested in learning more about our video services visit the link here

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