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20 Artists to Follow on Instagram and TikTok

Talene Francis-Prettie
Written By
Talene Francis-Prettie
Published On
Dec 11, 2023
A collage of artwork from 5 Instagram artists

Running out of creative juices? We feel you. 

Sometimes when you’re in a rut, looking to some other people for inspiration can be exactly what you need—how about some awesome influencers? Fom paintings and illustrations to pottery, woodburning, and everything in between, these Instagram and TikTok artists are pumping out some awe-inspiring content. 

Keep scrolling below to find your new favourite!

    1. Taylor | @potterywitch

Imagine drinking your morning coffee from a magical cauldron—get yourself a mug from @potterywitch and you can! 

Taylor, the talented hands behind it all, only started selling her pottery full-time three years ago without a backup plan. 189k followers and a successful online shop later, she’s one of the Instagram artists proving that following your passion can pay off in the long run. 

Video source: Instagram

  2. Amanda Eve | @amandaeveart

Tic tac toe just got cuter!

Amanda Eve is one of the TikTok artists who has transformed this classic pastime into a whimsical piece of home decor. 

Using air-dry clay, she crafts charming game boards that look like food, fruits, and flora. She’s capturing the hearts and minds of millions on TikTok, with her ever-growing legion of followers eager to see what functional ceramics she’ll produce next! 

Video source: TikTok

  3. Alyssa | @alythuh

Stay safe with Tiny Protectors, the most adorable self-defence kits on the Internet.

What started as cute character illustrations has now become a thriving lifestyle brand. Alyssa first started with self-defence items like stun guns and Swiss knives before eventually expanding into home decor, accessories, and plushies. She’s truly #goals and if you’re looking for art business inspo—give her a follow!

Wisp, a mushroom-inspired stun gun from Tiny Protectors

Image source: Instagram

  4. Matt Chessco | @mattchessco

Art meets rhythm with Matt Chesco.

He’s one of the most exciting up-and-coming TikTok artists, with his creative combination of art, music, and savvy video editing delighting almost 3 million followers daily. His portraiture work paints pop culture figures in such vivid colours that grab your attention, even when you’re in the middle of an hour-long doom scroll. From celebrities and musicians to iconic TV and movie characters, this visual artist has probably painted them all.

Video source: TikTok

   5. Heather | @hayhaycrochet

Free crochet patterns? Sign us up!

Now’s the time to kick-start your crochet journey! Follow Heather on Instagram and discover the cutest AND easiest projects that you can do in less than a day. Her patterns are beginner-friendly and available on Youtube for free. She’ll teach you how to make a vest, gloves, and even a Minnie Mouse headband for your next Disney trip.

 A Minnie Mouse headband being held up in front of a castle

Image source: Instagram

  6. Ben Johnson | @sneakermechanic

Life’s too short to wear basic white sneakers.

He’s one of the artists on TikTok transforming footwear into eye-catching contemporary art by hand-painting every single detail with ease. His designs are inspired by a wide range of interests, from TV and movie characters to luxury brands, and anime. 

Video source: TikTok

   7. Colorado Glassworks | @coloradoglassworks

Who says only churches can have fancy stained-glass artwork?

If you’ve wanted one for yourself, then @coloradoglassworks is one of the Instagram artists you need to follow. This gal creates stunning pieces of glasswork based on nature and animals. She also offers stained glass workshops for beginners at her studio in Colorado

Video source: Instagram

   8. Nick | @nickpainting

Got a love for weird-looking, cartoonish characters? Meet the Blobs.

There are so many TikTok artists getting viral these days, but none of them are anything like @nickpainting. His “blobs” look just weird enough to be cute—who could resist those big eyes and crooked smile? We certainly can’t! 

Video source: TikTok

   9. Michelle Staub | @stitchingsabbatical

Your fur baby deserves all the love in the world.

Michelle Staub is one of the Instagram artists showing that through pet embroidery. She creates hyper-realistic portraits of beloved pets with just a needle and a handful of threads. If you’d like to try your hand, Anna’s Domestika course is perfect for beginners.

An embroidered portrait of a gray cat

Image source: Instagram

   10. Nicolette Martin | @nicmartin_event

An oil painting of your wedding day may not seem like a must-have… until Nicolette Martin appears on your For You page, that is.

This TikTok artist’s live paintings of wedding days have gone crazy viral, setting off a new trend for weddings across the world. But it’s not just her talent that makes live wedding painting such a hit—it’s also because she lets guests take part in the process of creating art.   

Video source: TikTok

   11. Court O’Reilly | @hippienorth

Anything could be art, even wood.

Court O’Reilly is one of the most unique Instagram artists, bringing a fresh, modern twist to the age-old craft of pyrography. Using a heated tool, she skillfully etches intricate portraits of animals, people, and scenic landscapes directly onto wood. Each piece is an exquisite blend of detail and imagination, making them ideal additions to elevate any home space.

Video source: Instagram

   12. Steven Teller | @steventellerarts

It’s our professional opinion that sometimes, all deserve a splash of colour and some flowers to brighten up our day.

Muralist Steven Teller is one of the TikTok artists out there who seems to wholeheartedly agree. You can spot a Teller mural from afar, whether it be on tall buildings in New York, the walls of a private office in Miami, or a canvas in a gallery. The signature style of this street artist gives neighbourhoods and establishments a much-needed facelift. 

Video source: TikTok

   13. Tamar Cohen | @miniatureit

Dollhouses are a thing of the past—say hi to miniature models and dioramas!

Tamar Cohen didn’t think she had the patience or talent to give miniature art a try, she got herself a kit in 2020. Three years later, she’s making miniature models and dioramas from scratch, inspired by her daily life in Montreal.

A miniature model of a green caravan in the forest

Image source: Instagram

   14. Devon Rodriguez | @devonrodriguezart

What if a stranger sketches you in a busy subway?

Whether you’re weirded out or touched by the thought, this is exactly how Devon Rodriguez became one of the most popular TikTok artists. Devon captures the different faces and moods of New York subway commuters. In his videos, he gives the finished piece to his subject and a simple yet touching interaction follows—no wonder he has 32 million followers! 

Video source: TikTok

    15. Titsay | @titsayy

Feel a little less lonely with a cute motivational comic.

Every time a @titsayy post passes by our Instagram feed, it automatically gets saved and is sometimes used as a phone wallpaper. The dreamy and whimsical feel of her artwork is a welcome sight after a long day of screen fatigue. Her comics are relatable, seamlessly incorporating hope and motivation into their anxious dialogue. 

A drawing of a couple in bed sleeping with their orange and black and white cat by @titsayy

Image source: Instagram

   16. Jenavieve Louie | @jenavievelouie

Pop culture art just got cooler.

Jenavieve Louie is one of the most impressive self-taught TikTok and Instagram artists out there. Her paintings of iconic musicians, celebrities, fictional characters, and even anime are so spot-on that you’d think they were actual posters. Even cooler is how she sells paint-by-the-number kits so fans can easily recreate their favourites! 

Video source: TikTok

    17. Anna-Laura Sullivan | @annalaura_art

Who would have thought simplistic line drawings combined with watercolours would turn out to be the perfect nostalgic mix?

Anna-Laura Sullivan’s take on motivational comics feels like a warm hug from an old friend. Her characters reminisce about childhood, seek assurance, and feel the highs and lows of being human in light watercolour tones.

 Cartoon-drawn bear characters having dinner with a sweet caption

Image source: Instagram

   18. David Zinn | @streetartbydavidzinn

If you’re ever in Michigan, keep an eye out for David’s pets!

Ann Arbor native David Zinn has been doodling anthropomorphic animals on sidewalks since before social media was a thing. His adorable chalk creations are a mainstay in the Michigan street art scene, but sometimes visits faraway places like Manhattan, Sweden, and Taiwan. Nowadays, he makes TikToks of the creative process involved in every chalk drawing and sometimes gives his finished pieces cute little names. 

Video source: TikTok

   19. Ashante Blackwood | @_artisticlifestyle6

Ashante Blackwood puts the fine in fine art.

Unlike most Instagram artists, Ashante doesn’t stick to one niche. She combines her love for fashion and art by matching her outfits with her paintings, drawing inspiration from her lived experience as a Black woman in Toronto. Her works—which tell a compelling tale of self-acceptance and honouring her roots—are available on canvases as well as on clothing, footwear, murals, and other materials as well. 

Video source: Instagram

   20. Amina | @aminaillustration

We can’t help but fall in love with Amina’s cottage-core art portraits!

Best known as @aminaillustration online, Amina creates whimsical cottagecore-inspired art. She can transform any subject—may it be your pet or a person—into an ethereal being on paper. Every illustration she does is fantastical, but her style takes on a more mature and focused approach when she creates paintings. 

Video source: TikTok

Draw up Better Marketing Campaigns With TikTok & Instagram Artists 

After exploring 20 of the best Instagram and TikToks artists on Instagram—each with their unique mediums, niches, and styles—we hope it’s become clear that creativity knows no bounds. We also hope they fired you up if you needed a spark! 

Now, why not channel that newfound inspiration into your marketing campaigns? At The Influence Agency, we specialize in crafting influencer campaigns that resonate like art while getting real-world conversions. From strategic planning to making the right connections to flawless execution, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Talene Francis-Prettie

    Talene Francis-Prettie is a Social Media Manager at TIA. Whether she is on the go snapping pics, trying new restaurants around the city, or hopping from event to event, she always has her finger on the pulse on new ideas and trends. You can follow her @talenefp

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  • Talene Francis-Prettie

    Talene Francis-Prettie is a Social Media Manager at TIA. Whether she is on the go snapping pics, trying new restaurants around the city, or hopping from event to event, she always has her finger on the pulse on new ideas and trends. You can follow her @talenefp

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