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18 American Mom Influencers to Follow [UPDATED]

Dale David
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Dale David
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May 04, 2022
A collage of American mom influencers

We’ll never really know just how moms seem to keep it all together. Aside from herding around cute little kids, they have their careers to take care of too. Don’t even get us started on the loads of laundry waiting for them at home. Their to-do list just never seems to end, but they always manage to get the job done perfectly.

The supercharged energy of moms leaves us in awe every time

We’ve rounded up the 18 American mom influencers who are quickly gaining massive popularity on Instagram for their relatable content. You’ll be tapping that follow button right away! 

Heather Crockett Oram | @heathercrock

As an adoptive mom to two babies born only 4 months apart, Heather’s journey to parenthood is a uniquely beautiful story. She may not have given birth to the children of the Oram family, but she’s undoubtedly their supermom. 

The adoption process is one that people tend to have a lot of questions about. With her significant presence on Instagram, this American mom influencer gets to provide vital info to families all over the world. 

Dana Harvey | @homeoftheharveys

All of Dana Harvey’s photos look like they’re straight out of an H&M ad. We’re still dying to know what magnificent filter it is that she uses. 

The home of the Harveys is full of smiles, laughter, and aesthetic interior design. Their #FamilyChallenge videos are what we always look forward to. The quirkiness of this adorable family will always have you ROFL-ing. 

Rachelle Chapman | @rachelles_wheels

Rachelle Chapman constantly influences her followers to “remind themselves of the good things”. She has proven that even quadriplegia can’t stop her from being a supermom to her daughter Kaylee. 

On her blog, Diary of a Wheel Girl, she shares stories on fashion, fitness, motherhood. It’s clear that her wheel life is truly a happy and fulfilling one. There’s no doubt about it that Rachelle is one of the most inspiring American mom influencers out there. 

Denise & Ebony | @team2moms

With 4.4 million fans on Tiktok, @team2moms is taking the platform by storm. These two moms and their three kids have built a huge fan base thanks to their hilarious challenge videos and content on LGBTQ issues.

Denis and Ebony are living the life they envision and defying the stigma. Through their unique content, they consistently encourage their viewers to be their authentic selves. 

Kashia Palmer | @kashiapalmer

If you love seeing adorable babies pop up in your Instagram feed, then you ought to follow Kashia Palmer — she’s got three. Everything you need to know about styling kids’ hair, beauty, organization, and travel can be found on this American mom influencer’s page. 

This “mama through adoption” continues to serve as a reliable source for other families out there who have questions about the adoption process. 

Chrissy Rodriguez | @christinanrodriguez

This lifestyle blogger is a proud mom to interracial kids in a blended family. On top of that, she’s also an infertility advocate. Chrissy Rodriguez’s posts are all about empowerment. 

Whether she’s inspiring people to let go of their fears and insecurities, or encouraging them to challenge the status quo, this American mom influencer’s captions are always on point. 

Amy | @amy_bernhard_

Amy Bernhard’s Instagram page is basically a compilation of the most quotable quotes ever. The best part about it is that the majority of these quotes are her original words.

She’ll provide your daily dose of inspirational words that will push you further to chase after your dreams. When she’s not busy being an MLM coach, you’ll find her pulling hilarious pranks on her daughter Amelia. 

Sara England | @saraengland1

Sara England loves to share her children’s adventures on Instagram. Their adorably heartwarming stories will have you going “awww” forever. Whether it’s her son Noah buying pink tulips for his big sis Maddie, or little Sam taking his first steps, there’s always some content from Sara England that can make you smile. 

On top of sharing #RealMotherhood stories, she also posts fitness content that will push you to stay consistent in your own fitness journey. 

Krystian | @krystian_gabrielle

This family of two supermoms and two adorable kids are brightening up Instagram with their empowering content. They’re speaking up on LGBTQ issues and proving that love is love

From their story as a couple to their pregnancy journeys, Krystian is an American mom influencer with valuable content you shouldn’t miss out on.

Palak Patel | @thechutneylife

You no longer have to spend an eternity trying to figure out what you should whip up for dinner. American mom influencer, Palak Patel, has all the answers. Literally, all her recipes just resonate a flavorful and mouth-watering vibe. 

The best part is that her adorable kids help out in the kitchen too! The Chutney Life is officially our new life-saver.

Nabela Noor | @nabela

With over 2.3 million followers, Nabela Noor is one of the most popular lifestyle influencers — and just recently became among everyone’s favourite American mom influencers!

The CEO of @saaraandbeguum, a home decor brand, never fails to provide her followers with content that’s aimed to elevate daily life. Plus, her adorable #NewMom content on TikTok will totally melt your heart!

Stephanie Wentworth | @stephleighworthy

Stephanie Wentworth is a glowing mom of four, and her smile says it all — she’s living her best life!

Her goal is to “help mamas feel good about motherhood.” Through her content on natural living, homeschooling, and hair tutorials, there’s no way she won’t become one of your new favourite American mom influencers!

Aseky Bonnaire | @asekyb

Aseky Bonnaire gives her loyal followers an inside look at her motherhood journey and their luxurious family travels.

Whether it’s Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, or Disneyland, this American mom influencer is out to give her children a life filled with exciting adventures!

Rebecca | @mommyinheels

Being a mom is challenging enough; Being a mom in heels? Now that’s a whole new level of expertise!

Rebecca is a huge supporter of self-love and affordable fashion. She’s catwalking her way through motherhood with wisdom, humour, and most importantly — in high style. It’s easy to see why she’s one of our favourite American mom influencers. 

Tennille Murphy | @thetennillelife

She’s a cool mom with cool hair; there’s just no denying that. Even Oprah Winfrey once walked up to Tennille Murphy to chat about her hair. #OMG

You’ll love how this American mom influencer shares content on effortless sustainable living, interior design, and everything self-care.

Joy Green | @joyfullygreen

Joy Green is our favourite self-proclaimed “cat lady turned mom” whose sense of humour will have you tapping that follow button right away. She’s also a DIY genius who makes motherhood look like one of the greatest adventures of all time!

We’re telling you in advance — it’s impossible not to feel good vibes when you scroll through her Instagram feed.

Jen | @piecesofemerald

We all get older, but the only thing that doesn’t is playing dress-up. And that’s exactly what this American mom influencer does on the daily as she shares lifestyle content on motherhood.

Here’s what sets her apart: she plays dress-up with her two adorable kids. Sure, matching couple shirts are great — but nothing is cuter than a mom and kids wearing coordinated outfits!

Jennifer Hanks | @cocoscaravan

Jennifer Hanks is a mom to two beautiful twin boys and a widow. While her story is heartbreaking, her strength and wisdom will move you beyond words.

She inspires her audience to cherish life’s best memories — and has even created a course on organizing digital photos. We’re all for courageous moms who impart extraordinary values to the people around them! 

Who Is Your Favourite American Mom Influencer?

The Influence Agency specializes in influencer marketing campaigns around the world! We love working with mom influencers as they are experts in creating and sharing lifestyle, wellness, and fitness content that is always #FamilyGoals. 

Did we miss your fav American mom influencer in this roundup? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to feature them in our influencer blog series



  • Dale David

    Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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  • Dale David

    Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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