8 Toronto Women's Fashion Influencers
Noah Parker

8 Toronto Women’s Fashion Influencers To Follow In 2018

Our Fave Toronto Women’s Fashion Influencers Right Now

As Influencer marketing continues to grow in Canada and around the world, we’ve seen a TON of amazing creators pop up in the great north, and in particular in Canada’s (un-official) capital city Toronto where style and fashion is at the forefront of this incredible lifestyle hub.

We’ve wrangled our list of some of our absolute fave Toronto Women’s Fashion Influencers in a variety of different styles that you gotta follow in 2018 if you don’t already…


Jenna is a Toronto Fashionista/Socialite who’s as respected as they come in the Canadian fashion community. Known for her head-turning high fashion style, Jenna’s Insta looks are always ahead of the curve. 



Gigi is a Toronto Women’s Fashion Influencer and lifestyle blogger with a preppy sense of fashion that is unique to Gigi, and always on trend no matter the season. Check out her style on her IG or blog at gigihilal.com 



Tina is the creator of her fashion and lifestyle blog simplyteee.com, where she showcases her personal everyday style, living by the motto ‘comfort over everything’ and looking fly AF while she’s at it.


Ruby Benson @RAGSXRUBY

Local fashion model and blogger Ruby Benson is completely unfiltered and true to herself in every post she shares with her audience. She pairs her personality with artistry to showoff her sense of style and quite frankly we can’t get enough!

Ruby Benson @RAGSXRUBY

Jodi Blk Lopez @JODIBLK_

Jodi’s insta style is mostly monochrome, but black and white is the new black, and her looks are anything but one-note. You can catch Jodi on IG or her blog where she captures her adventures travelling the world with her also influencer hubby Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez

Krystin Lee @KRYSTIN_LEE

On the flipside of monochrome we have the ever-colourful social stream of Krystin Lee, creator of the blog www.suburbanfauxpas.com – where Krystin shares her daily inspirations from fashion to decor and everything in between. Krystin is a self-proclaimed girl in the burbs with big city style, who showcases a personality that’s as big as her smile!

Krystin Lee

Shay Ingleton Smith @TORONTOSHAY

New mama Shay Ingleton Smith’s beautiful sense of style screams confidence and eclecticism. Shay can pretty much rock any style combo and has a diversity that’s rare when it comes to everyday fashion sense.

Shay Ingleton Smith

Vanessa Cesario @VANESSACESARIO_

Vanessa Cesario’s style is the perfect mashup between an American Apparel catalogue and a 90s Hip-Hop mixtape –  her unapologetic flare for fashion is on-point in every post. You can check Vanessa’s swag on her IG or dive deeper into her world of wardrobe on her blog www.thebrunettesalad.com

Vanessa Cesario

Are you looking to promote your fashion line or brand through authentic Toronto Women’s Fashion Influencers with audiences that fit your key demographic and move the needle for your business?

Contact us today to find out how we can help spread the word!



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