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20 New Furry Friends: Top Pet Influencers on Instagram to Follow

Nancy Chu
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Nancy Chu
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Sep 06, 2023
A collage of five Instagram pet influencers

While it’s usually the wildin’ content that gets the most attention on Instagram, we all know that it’s the good boys and good girls who are the real MVPs of this social media platform.

Yup, we’re talking about the pet influencers who add a dose of cuteness to our newsfeeds. Not only does following their adventures put a smile on our faces, but it also helps relieve some of the stress of everyday life—you know it’s true! 

From a cat who’s travelled the world to a little pig who’s being raised alongside dogs, these are the 20 Instagram pet influencers you’ll want to play with forever. 

Warning for pet lovers: Extremely cute pictures ahead on these pet accounts!   

  1. Iggy Joey | @iggyjoey

Iggy Joey isn’t your average Italian Greyhound—this dog influencer was named the “Most Fashionable Dog in Canada” by Buzzfeed and “The World’s Most Fashionable Pooch” by the Bow Wow Times.

The paw parent of this working dog model, fashion icon, and lifestyle enthusiast also uses this platform to raise awareness and encourage dog lovers to do rescue adoption and carry out the right research when looking for a pet. 

Iggy Joey in a black leather coat and shoes

Image source: Instagram

  1. Loki the Wolfdog | @loki

Loki’s hooman, Kelly Lund, launched a social media account for the wolfdog back in 2013 to post their exciting adventures content across the Western United States. It wasn’t long before they captured the hearts of social media communities and publishers and hit a whopping 1.8 million Instagram followers. Together, they’re on a mission to “inspire others to get out, explore the world and make memories with their dogs.”

Loki the Wolfdog and Kelly Lund 

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Ari | @honeyidressedthepug

While “Honey, I shrunk the kids” is bound to induce panic, “Honey, I dressed the pug,” on the other hand, deserves a standing ovation. Maitri Mody always dresses her pug, Ari, in matching clothing—and it’s taking #FurBabyGoals to a whole new level. 

Ari and Maitri Mody in matching red-checkered outfits

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Bindi and Rosie | @bindisbucketlist

Looking for a fun way to learn more about your canine companions? Then it’s about time you start following @bindisbucketlist! On this page, you’ll find diverse content featuring American Village Dogs and top pet influencers, Bindi and Rosie. 

From guides on canine body language signals to ways you can make enrichment more enjoyable for nervous dogs, their owner, Taylor, dives deep into the fluff and uncovers vital info every pet owner should know about dog breeds and more. 

Top dog influencers Bindi and Rosie laying on a bed

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Harvey | @harveytherescue

Say “hey” to Harvey—he’s an adorable rescue dog who’s known for being a wiggle butt with bouncy ears. Audiences have fallen completely in love with the chaos and high energy levels that he brings to Instagram. 

As one of the best dog influencers, Harvey’s owners always make it a point to highlight just how amazing rescue dogs are and continue to encourage others to consider rescuing as well by contacting local shelters or rescue organizations.

Dog influencer Harvey the Rescue outside wearing a blue leash

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Living with Pickles | @livingwithpickles

The Instagram page @livingwithpickles documents all the antics of Pickles the Pig as he shares a household with 10+ animals (consisting of pigs, dogs, chickens, and rabbits)

Lovingly called a “farm-ily,” these top pet influencers share their home with a rotation of fosters as well, such as puppies, lambs, piglets, bunnies, and even a baby cow.

Maddie Johnson, the incredible hooman of the house also shares how she maintains “order, sanitation, and sanity” at the same time. There’s no doubt that “living with Pickles” is like living your best life with cute farm friends. 

The whole “farm-ily” of animals in action 

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Stanley & Rich Waldmann | @thatpupstanley

It’s time to say “hi” to Central Ohio’s newest celebrity and one of North America’s top Instagram pet influencers: Stanley. This happy French bulldog is here to spread daily smiles, one funny adventure at a time. 

Get ready to laugh out loud as you watch his videos, like “Trying to Make Friends is Hard,” “How to Ruin a Sunset,” and “Dad, If I Am a Piglet.” His poker face and comedic timing will make you his fan instantly.   

Stanley Waldmann wearing sunglasses and a little hat

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Emily Wang | @emwng

This fur baby mom is here to flaunt the cuteness of her three adorable dogs and pet influencers, Kokoro, Chibi, and Kibo.

A few scrolls through her stunning Instagram photos, and you’ll be wondering how on Earth it’s even possible for doggos to look so incredibly aesthetic. But aside from that, you’re in for some vital knowledge, like how to properly introduce dogs, how to make your dog a birthday cake, and why you should use treat tiers! 

Dog influencers Kokore, Chibi, and Kibo together outside

Image source: Instagram   

  1. Nathan Eddy | @roamwithauss

What’s it like living life from a cat and dog dad’s POV? Wonder no more when you follow Nathan Eddy—this freelance photographer captures his two Australian Shepherds and three kitties in all their undeniable cuteness as they connect with nature. 

Every post highlights their explorations of the great outdoors and will surely inspire you to pick up your pup and go on a great adventure. 

Nathan Eddy’s Australian Shepherd under the Northern Lights

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Suki Cat | @sukiicat

Suki may be a cat, but her best friend is a dog named Killua. Together, they’re exploring nature and all the beauty it has to offer. 

Initially, Suki Cat rose to fame as the feline who’s living her best life travelling the world with her person who’s a landscape photographer. This Instagram pet influencer once visited 11 different countries in two months and even has a book about her titled Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat. 

Suki Cat and Killua the dog near a body of water

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Bao the Chihuahua | @baothechi

We’re pretty sure he hears this a lot, but Bao the Chihuahua is one handsome guy—and the Instagram feed of this social media influencer is more than enough proof of that.

This six lb. model, fashion icon, and travel enthusiast is here to help other furry companions mimic his classy, elegant, and timeless style. You’ll find recommendations for fashionable and comfortable clothes on his platforms. 

Bao the Chihuahua in sunglasses and a green jacket

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Winnie | @winniethecattledog

Instagram pet influencer’s cute, funny, sassy, and a little melodramatic when her breakfast gets served two minutes late—but that’s exactly what audiences love about Winnie the Cattle dog. 

Beyond Winnie’s daily adventures, pet owners also can’t get enough of the super helpful “Back to Basics: Weekly Dog Training Planner“ on her platform! 

Winnie the Cattle dog on a beach

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Tika the Iggy | @tikatheiggy

Tika’s pet parents have acknowledged that she’s quite the diva in real life—and it’s that type of persona paired with her impeccable fashion choices that have turned her into a social media sensation

Being an Italian greyhound (essentially, a desert dog) who lives in the colder temperatures of Montreal has turned into the perfect runway for her to strut her style while keeping warm, which is vital to her health. From French tulle to faux fur and designer bags, the fashion police would be saluting her every style choice. 

Tika the Iggy in a giant pink and baby blue tutu

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Max La Menace | @maxthewhitecat

His name might be “Max La Menace”—but this Instagram pet influencer sure does have the looks of an angel who couldn’t possibly cause any trouble. 

This six-year-old guy loves belly rubs, freeze-dried chicken, minnow, shrimp, and well…posing like an elegant work of art for the camera. You’ll also often find him chilling with his adopted sibling Monsieur Moustache the Gentleman.

A close-up shot of Max La Menace 

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Lady the Golden Retriever | @ladyandtheblues

According to her bio, Lady’s the “squishiest, grumpiest Golden Retriever you’ve ever seen”—and now we know that’s a killer combo that steals everyone’s heart. But on top of that, she’s the “goodest girl” too. 

Her Instagram also documents Lady’s interactions with her human little sister, Olivia. From their nap times together to this angel of a Golden Retriever bringing toys to the baby, we’re here to tell you in advance that your heart will melt over and over again.

Lady the Golden Retriever snuggled up with a baby

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Farley | @justbeingfarley

As an anxious dog, Farley ended up being the perfect match for her anxious hooman, Victoria Stuart. 

This #GirlPower duo’s content is all about them creating their best lives through humour, self-care, and mountain adventures. 

Dog influencer Farley by the side of a river

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Sookie and Ivy | @sookieandivy

These two Instagram pet influencers and rescues are the stars of some of the platform’s most hilarious POV videos. Always clad in crochet hats, audiences always look forward to what looks they’ll rock in their next videos and their funny antics. 

Top dog influencers Sookie and Ivy with yarn cakes on top of their heads

Image source: Instagram 

  1.  Chas | @through.the.lleaves

Chas of @through.the.lleaves believes that “Pets are the new kids” and “Plants are the new pets.” Follow her on TikTok for a closer look at what that means! 

On this page, you’ll find the adventures of a tortoise, four cats, and a Dutch Shepard. One of Chas’ cats is a main coon kitten—which is the largest domestic cat breed—while two of her rescues are two completely blind cats. Seeing how she raises them all to live happily and in harmony is something that will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. 

Video source: TikTok

  1.  Ziggy & Charlie | @ziggy.and.charlie

Ziggy (a girl) and Charlie (a boy) are two rescue Tabbies living in Tuscon, Arizona. You’ll often find them going on cat-centred adventures with their backpacks a couple of times per week—but when their persons get a bit busy, you’ll catch them going on stroller walks instead. 

Ziggy and Charlie in strollers

Image source: Instagram 

  1. Archer the Frenchie | @archerthefrenchie.to

You’ll love everything about Archer the Frenchie. He’s a full-time cuddler and treat connoisseur, and a part-time model. His one-expression look never gets old—and makes the perfect foundation for endless memes. 

Recently, he welcomed a brother named Roux. Together, they’re bringing some good trouble,  pure sarcasm, and double-tap-worthy dog photos to your Instagram feed.

Archer the Frenchie and Roux with a book that says “how to sell your brother”

Image source: Instagram 

Partner With The Top Dogs In The Marketing Game

There you have them: 20 of the best pet and dog influencers that absolutely can brighten up your social media feed—but what about your marketing campaigns?

You can teach an old dog new tricks (the old dog being your existing marketing strategies) when you partner with The Influence Agency. Whether you’re thinking about working with top pet influencers or popular hooman influencers to reach a much wider audience, we’ll get you barking up the right tree in no time at all. 

Let’s make your brand loveable and fluffy on social media platforms. Get in touch now to get started on your next campaign! 



  • Nancy Chu

    Nancy Chu is the Brand Manager at The Influence Agency and is dedicated to building holistic brand campaigns that empower audiences around the world. She loves pasta, sunshine, and can eat a pint of ice cream every day of her life!

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  • Nancy Chu

    Nancy Chu is the Brand Manager at The Influence Agency and is dedicated to building holistic brand campaigns that empower audiences around the world. She loves pasta, sunshine, and can eat a pint of ice cream every day of her life!

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