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5 Strategies for Growing Your Following on TikTok

Chelsea Moore
Written By
Chelsea Moore
Published On
Jan 19, 2022
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COVID-19 has resulted in people spending more time at home and people are turning to social media as a means to stay connected and informed. TikTok’s popularity has exploded with VP of Global Business Solutions, Blake Chandlee, sharing with Variety how the apps services and tools have kept over 100 million users engaged during lockdown. TikTok is a great space to share your brand and messaging with a large audience.

I will discuss five strategies to gn this blog, werow your TikTok following that help in increasing your audience and enhancing your social media presence.

1. Understand Your Audience

An important first step is to identify who your target audience is. Like any platform, TikTok content spans a multitude of different ages, locations, and niche groups. The TikTok algorithm ensures that each user has a unique experience based on their interests. An understanding of your audience is beneficial to connect with that audience. Once you gain this understanding, you are then able to create content with your target demographic in mind.

In focus is a phone recording two girls dancing.

2. Take Part in Trends

Trends are a big part of the TikTok experience! From the renegade dance to Adult Swim bumps, there are a lot of opportunities to take a popular concept and make it your own. Head over to the discover page on the app to see popular hashtags and sounds as inspiration for your content.  Find which trends align with your brand and target your desired audience. You are more likely to end up on the for you page of people already liking similar content and bring in new followers.

3. Timing is Everything

TikTok is great at sharing personalized content through their For You page. But, is there an optimal time to post? Well, there are a handful of variables involved in when is the best time for you to post. If you want to target a certain region, account for their timezone. If you are targeting a certain age group, account for lifestyle. There is no key time, but recognizing patterns and utilizing analytic tools help in identifying what time works best for you.

4. Use TikTok Features

If you want to get new eyes onto your page, engage with other videos. TikTok has features such as stitching and duetting others videos. Stitching is adding original content after someone else’s video and duetting is your video with the other video. Engaging with relevant content can draw their audience to your content. You can also gain traction through liking and commenting.

A woman preparing to film a recipe video.

5. Educate your Followers

Being both educational and entertaining on TikTok provides value to your audience. Whether it is a makeup hack or a recipe, audiences always love learning something new. Use TikTok as a space to share your expertise with others who gravitate towards your content. This can often lead to natural engagement as others may have questions or share their experience with the knowledge you shared. This allows for community building and developing a following that engages with your content.

Key Takeaways

Gaining an understanding of your brand, content, and audience is integral to your growth and following on TikTok. As the platform grows, more people turn to it for entertainment and information. Finding a way to engage with others is how you will make your content thrive compared to others.

There is no set of rules to ensure success on TikTok but, these strategies are a start in the right direction to taking a more critical approach when using the platform. 

If you want help executing your TikTok marketing strategies, reach out to our team today! We’re here to help power brands through comprehensive social media marketing campaigns that win.



  • Chelsea Moore

    Chelsea Moore is an Account Coordinator at The Influence Agency. Outside of work, she is also an avid reader, TV watcher, and music listener.

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  • Chelsea Moore

    Chelsea Moore is an Account Coordinator at The Influence Agency. Outside of work, she is also an avid reader, TV watcher, and music listener.

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