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Event marketing is a form of brand promotion that refers specifically to functions and activations that customers can attend. Unlike a product or service, an event needs to communicate a feeling and environment more than anything, which presents its own unique marketing challenges. 

Event marketing involves engaging and exciting your audience so that they convert and purchase tickets. Through compelling creative, coordinated social media campaigns, and innovative communications, your next event could be sold out in no time.



At The Influence Agency, we approach every event as the unique experience that it is. Our goal is to help your event reach as many people as possible and prove to your stakeholders that their money is being invested wisely.

Our first step is to learn everything we can about your event. From your unique selling point and positioning in the market, to your target audience and ticket sales goals, we paint an entire picture of your brand so we can communicate it effectively.

Next, we put together a digital marketing plan that keeps your brand goals front of mind. Comprehensive social media calendars, email marketing proposals, influencer marketing recommendations, and paid advertising programs all work in tandem to produce exceptional results. 

Once the plan has been approved, our in-house experts begin executing across their different areas of expertise. Our creative team will capture custom brand photography and videography to help broadcast the essence of your event to your target audience. Detailed keyword research is implemented to find the search terms that will drive the most traffic and conversions for paid ad campaigns. Your website will be analyzed and optimized to boost conversions and sales, including bespoke copy, relevant blogs, and Call To Action buttons.

Once your event has finished, we will provide a detailed report on all statistics and results we achieved for your brand. We will discuss everything that went well, and make suggestions for improvements should you choose to do another event in the future.



Event marketing is essential to achieve the kind of recognition and attendance you need to ensure your event is one to be remembered. 

Event marketing communicates your event’s unique sales proposition – what sets your event apart from the crowd and will be an event your target audience will want to attend. Effective event marketing creates new touch points with potential customers to engage with and share, spreading brand recognition and generating a positive return on investment organically.

Combined with social media management, blogging, optimized email communications, and influencer marketing, event marketing can boost ticket sales and make your event an unmissable opportunity for your brand and target audience alike.



The Influence Agency specializes in a wide range of event marketing initiatives for any kind of event. Some examples of events we can offer our expertise in include:

Music Festivals

The music festival industry is competitive and crowded, with hundreds of events taking place every year in any major city. To stand out from the crowd and actually drive ticket sales, you need a comprehensive event marketing strategy that catches your target audience’s eye. We have extensive experience taking our client’s music festivals to the next level through imaginative social media campaigns and optimized newsletters.

Cultural Events

To stand out and draw the crowds you want, you need event marketing that is properly optimized to your target audience. We have had exceptional results with several cultural event clients through dynamic advertising and timely sales pushes.

Professional Events

Business and professional events require a different approach to customer facing events, which means their event marketing has to adapt as well. We are highly experienced with all forms of professional advertising, including LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Public Relations opportunities.

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“A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

– Steve Jobs