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Top Esports Marketing Strategies Your Brand Can Use

Cameron Buttigieg
Written By
Cameron Buttigieg
Published On
Mar 30, 2023
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Esports, also known as e-Sports and short for electronic sports, are played by the top players of their respective video games at live competitions and broadcast worldwide for prize money. Of course, all in front of thousands of passionate fans in person or online. The market is continuously growing and Statistica is projecting the market revenue to increase to 1.87 billion U.S dollars by the year 2025. 

How can your brand benefit from this growing community and the video game industry using Esports marketing strategies? Continue scrolling to learn more. 

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Sponsoring Or Partnering With Esports Players, Teams and Events

The first relevant strategy to disclose is teaming up with an existing esports organization. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Let’s take a look at some examples: Mastercard x League of Legends

As you may already know, Mastercard is a global company that supports payment options to millions of customers. What you may not be aware of is that Mastercard has recently extended its partnership agreement with one of the biggest esports games out there, League of Legends. 

Now you may be wondering what exactly they were sponsoring, or what the correlation between the two brands is. Mastercard has been supporting the esports scene for League of Legends since 2018. During the 2020 World Championship, 10 hours of content from influencers and professional players in honour of the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends was produced for the fans. In addition, Mastercard has been interacting with the fanbase of League of Legends through social media and was able to increase its social media presence and reward those fans with sweepstakes through Mastercard Priceless. That’s not even all that Mastercard and League of Legends have done together for their community, they continue raising the bar for esports marketing. The partnership between these two brands is strong & successful on a global scale. 

Alienware x Team Liquid

Alienware is a gaming hardware company owned by Dell that is quite familiar with the esports scene. Alienware partnered with another popular esports organization, Team Liquid, and built an esports training facility in 2017 called “The Pro Lab”. The purpose of the facility is to allow esports talent under the Team Liquid brand to play on the latest equipment and technology from Alienware and give them a physical place with teammates to train for events.

Why was this a successful esports marketing partnership? Fans of gaming and esports will see players that perform at the top level utilizing Alienware products and feel more motivated to replicate their success. They may want to get an extra edge on the competition and purchase Alienware products. This is called the “halo effect” and influences the decisions of fans and customers. Alienware has a strong audience that is relevant in gaming and continues to capitalize on that by involving itself in the esports community with various esports marketing initiatives.

In-Game Advertising and Crossover Events

Esports are obviously performed on video games. So what better esport marketing strategy than to advertise through video games themselves? You’ve probably heard of the hit video game Fortnite. Fortnite has been involved with a wide variety of multiple different brands and characters over the years, so chances are that you will see multiple brands you are familiar with inside of the video game.

In 2019, Nike brought their Nike Jordan Jumpman brand products inside the Fortnite video game along with a new game mode called Downtown Drop for players to enjoy. Players were able to purchase content for their customizable character and enjoy a free game mode on top of it. This allowed for players to be advertised undisrupted while playing a video game that they enjoy. Nike and other brands were able to get more eyes on their product through a digital space with a large audience.

Mobile phone with Twitch logo displayed

Influencer Marketing on Twitch

As mentioned before, esports has a large audience across the world and the number one site where they’re broadcast is Twitch. Not only that but there are live streamers on the platform that have loyal audiences which could overlap with what your brand is looking for. Using Influencer marketing can provide a reputable face to help sell your product to an audience. 

Nissin Noodles is a company that sells ramen noodles in a cup that can be easily made. They partnered with Pokimane, a streamer on Twitch currently with 9.3 million followers. Pokimane regularly streams to thousands of viewers and she was demonstrating how easy it was to make and eat the ramen while playing video games. This helped with generating leads for Nissin Noodles and Pokimane’s audiences became more aware of the product. 

Check out our list of some of the top streamers on the Twitch Platform.

Jump into the World of Esports Marketing

Your brand doesn’t need to be gaming-focused to find success in the realm of gaming and esports marketing. Esports marketing is a great way to increase awareness and reach more audiences, whether it’s through partnering with esports teams, sponsoring events,  or working with gaming influencers. At The Influence Agency, we are more than capable of helping you find an influencer to help reach your brands’ goals. Contact us to find out how we can help you enter the world of esports marketing.



  • Cameron Buttigieg

    Cameron Buttigieg is a Intern at The Influence Agency. When Cameron isn't working, he enjoys playing video games, guitar & working out at the gym. He also loves live entertainment & events.

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  • Cameron Buttigieg

    Cameron Buttigieg is a Intern at The Influence Agency. When Cameron isn't working, he enjoys playing video games, guitar & working out at the gym. He also loves live entertainment & events.

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