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Top Canadian Dad Influencers [UPDATED]

Kitty Lana Carr
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Kitty Lana Carr
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Jun 14, 2021
Canadian Dad Influencers

We put together a list of Canadian Dad Influencers that we love! Dad’s are funny, entertaining, and give great advice. We all know about the benefits of working with Mommy Bloggers, but we love working with Dad Influencers because they can give a different perspective to a brand or a product and their content is candid and relatable.

From sporting goods to kid’s toys, these Dad Influencers are in the know. Are you trying to teach your kids how to skate or figure out how to sneak vegetables into dinner? No problem, follow these Dad Influencers for all the best parenting tips and Dad jokes!

Shaun Frey | @ownitdad


Shaun Frey is a proud girl-dad, and he never fails to show it with his hilarious reels and heartfelt captions! What this Canadian dad influencer loves about having a baby is making up his own games and dressing her up however he wants. His little girl, Zoe, may only be a few months old but she’s already been sorted into her Hogwarts house. Watching Shaun having the time of his life being a dad is an instant mood booster!

Joseph Tito | @thedaddiaries.ca

Raising twin toddlers may look like twice the work, but Joseph Tito makes it look like twice the fun! This single dad is pulling off parenting like a pro, and has got some extremely useful tips and tricks to share with all his followers.

From parenting programs geared towards dads to art activities that will help your kids beat boredom during the pandemic, Joseph Tito has got all the answers. Plus, you’ll love that this Canadian dad influencer uses his platform to speak to issues like affordable childcare and LGBTQ+ community concerns.

Mike Reynolds | @everydaygirldad

Mike Reynolds’ Instagram is a platform for all their deepest thoughts — and they’re all just beyond relatable. This non-binary girl-dad stands for mental health, body positivity, and LGBTQ+ rights, and it’s sure to add some inspiration to your newsfeed.

This Canadian dad influencer’s parenting tips will have you laughing, agreeing, and double tapping in no time!

Clive Felice | @dadswithattitude

If you’re looking for a daily dose of laughter and sarcasm, it’s clear that you’ve got to follow the CEO of sarcasm, Dads with Attitude. Parenting can often be chaotic, and this Canadian dad influencer isn’t afraid to document it all in the most hilarious ways. 

He may be poking fun at his six-year-old daughter every now and then, but at the end of the day, he lets her paint his nails in an ultra-shiny pink shade. If that isn’t awesome parenting, we don’t know what is.

Stewart Reynolds | @brittlestar

Stewart Reynolds calls himself “The Internet’s Favourite Dad,” and after scrolling through his witty posts, we’re 100% sure you’ll agree. His funny videos always look like high-budget TV commercials – the difference here is that we won’t be skipping the ads.  

Stewart is one of our top Canadian dad influencers because of his point of view on mental health, the pandemic, and social media. His personality is the perfect balance between thought-provoking and classy comedy. Trust us when we say you’ll be binge-watching Stewart Reynolds’ videos for the rest of the day!

Jeremy Rupke | @howtohockey

Everything about the hockey life and family life can be found on Coach Jeremy Rupke’s Instagram page and YouTube Channel! The best part is that the whole Rupke family loves hockey.

So whether they’re excitedly getting ready for the World Juniors or documenting their daughter’s suggestions for a ball hockey team name (she suggested crusty old men), Jeremy’s wholesome Canadian family content is sure to capture your heart and convince you to step onto the hockey rink!

Rick Campanelli | @rick_campanelli

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen Rick Campanelli on TV before. This media personality has interviewed a bunch of our favourite celebrities, and it’s all documented on his Instagram page!

Aside from being an accomplished emcee, this Canadian dad influencer is also a proud father to three adorable boys. The games they play and the snacks they whip up prove that there’s never a dull moment in the Campanelli household.

Casey E. Palmer | @caseypalmer

Another one of our top Canadian dad influencers, Casey Palmer, is winning at the content creation game. Through his blogs, he’s helping other dads navigate the challenges that come along with fatherhood. On top of that, he’s encouraging dads to start building a strong bond with their kids right now
In one of his Instagram posts, Casey Palmer states, “You only get one shot at being a father to your child—it’s best not to waste it.” — and we couldn’t agree more!

Andy Hay | @andyseastcoastkitchen_

This MasterChef Canada season 7 runner-up cooks amazing recipes and also has a fun take on parenting that make him one of the must-follow Canadian dad influencers on our list. Hay loves taking his daughter on dates to the grocery store, and it’s honestly one of the cutest ideas we’ve ever heard!

We also love the adorable father-daughter bonding moments in the kitchen that he shares on Instagram, and we’re sure you’ll quickly be tapping that follow button because of them.

David Bacque | @life_with_benjamin

David is a Calgary-based dad influencer and talented photographer. If you’re looking for images that tell a story and are basically dreams come to life, you’ve hit the jackpot with Bacque’s Instagram feed. When collaborating with brands he is a Photoshop wizard; and his creativity completely tantalizes our visionary taste buds!

Khodr Habib | @the.dadcode

Khodr has cracked the code – and we’re not just talking about documenting #dadlife to the fullest – we’re talking about his Instagram captions. Funny, relatable, and always telling a story, this Canadian dad captures hilarious, wholesome, and honest moments every parent experiences with their kiddos.

Dad Influencer Marketing

If you are interested in working with any of the Dad Influencers on our list, or if you have any questions about how a Dad Influencer could work for your Influencer program, do not hesitate to reach out here!


  • Kitty Lana Carr is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA and specializes in strategy-driven Influencer Marketing campaigns and punny ad copy.

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  • Kitty Lana Carr is a Senior Client Success Manager at TIA and specializes in strategy-driven Influencer Marketing campaigns and punny ad copy.

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