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Top American Cannabis Influencers [UPDATED]

Darcy Price
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Darcy Price
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Apr 18, 2022
Top American Cannabis Influencers

Puff, puff, pass this blog to your bud-loving friends and celebrate some of the dopest cannabis influencers in the States right now.

Over the last decade, the legal use of cannabis for recreational purposes has increasingly become more normalized around the world. Not far behind in this movement is the U.S., with 17 states having fully legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. In fact, just since election day 2020, another six states have taken the leap!

Cannabis culture has been a prevalent part of our society for hundreds of years, influencing our music, food, entertainment, and medicine. Now, the call to end the stigma against cannabis use through decriminalization and legalization is finally happening.

So, in light of all cannabis enthusiasts’ favourite holiday – none other than 4/20, of course – we’re sharing this list of our favourite American cannabis influencers for you to be inspired by!

Libby Cooper @libbycooper 

Libby Cooper isn’t just a cannabis influencer – she’s also the founder of Space Coyote, a super groovy, collaborative pre-rolled joint brand. What started as homemade joints rolled with resin and hash is now a full-blown business with her product in dispensaries across California. Her mission while working in cannabis is to provide more sustainable options, and this includes buying only sungrown and regeneratively-grown herb.

Cooper states, “We have been dismayed at the current direction of the industry when it comes to low-impact, environmentally friendly decisions, which have stemmed from years of misinformation and new regulations.”

Among many other cannabis influencers, Cooper also hails from California, but currently resides in Hawaii. Her Instagram serves as an outlet for her inner hippie with content ranging from body positivity, to surfer-chic vibes – all with a joint in hand.

Tune into her Thursday livestreams on @Herb for an extra dose of canna-content! 

Whit @sunnny.daze

One of the most aesthetically pleasing cannabis influencers on Instagram is Whit, a Colorado-based advocate for all things dank.

Her advocacy isn’t just about protecting the cannabis industry, she actually encourages her followers to hold their favourite brands, suppliers, and dispensaries accountable for their commitments to social justice. Whit’s Instagram is a window into her everyday life with cannabis – whether it’s getting stoned and roaming the Colorado mountains, getting buzzed and doing yoga, or baking with bud – her authenticity is something we love about this cannabis influencer, and we think you will too!

Rachel Burkons @smokesipsavor 

Rachel Burkons

Cooking with cannabis has never looked so delicious.

Rachel Burkons’ career is rooted in the wine and spirit industry. Her connection to mixology, top chefs, and sommeliers across America was an easy segue into co-founding Altered Plates Hospitality, a hospitality consulting group based in Los Angeles. Her company works to normalize cannabis consumption through CBD and cannabis culinary education, hosting events, content creation, brand and product development, and culinary brand activations.

Burkons’ passion for cannabis and drinking culture has led her to be an active voice in the marijuana community, and she currently sits on the advisory board for the Wine and Weed Symposium. If you’re interested in learning more about how to infuse your cocktails and food with cannabis, check out her page.

You can also listen to her guest podcast appearance where she speaks about storytelling through cannabis on Weed + Grub!

Bess Byers @imcannabess 

Cannabis influencer marketing specialist, radical libertarian, travel enthusiast, and fashionista; #Cannabess is one cannabis influencer not afraid to speak her mind.

If you’re curious about how cannabis is grown, her Instagram Reels showcase up-close-and-personal tours of the different types of cannabis growing facilities. From soil to bowl, her content is mainly educational, touching on different sustainable growing methods. She also speaks to cooking with cannabis and cannabis concentrates, particularly dabbing – her preferred method of consumption. If you’re looking to learn more about cannabis extracts, Bess is your go-to source!

Jamie Evans @theherbsomm

One of the hottest expected trends this summer in the cannabis industry is infused beverages – yes, your favourite strains of CBD and THC are now being made into thirst-quenching, bubbly drinks. 

While some of us have yet to try these innovative cannabis creations, Jamie Evans has hopped on that train and elevated it beyond our wildest dreams. This blogger-turned-author has a passion for writing about cannabis, CBD, wine, and food in the canna-culinary world – with a particular focus on “cannacocktails.”

In 2020, this cannabis influencer was recognized as one of Green Market Report’s “Most Important Women in Weed,” and for good reason. Evans’ cocktail cookbook, “Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home” will teach you the basics of infused mixology and help you navigate the world of terpenes, cannabis aroma, and flavour palates, and how to pair them with food.

That High Couple @thathighcouple 

Based in Hollywood, “That High Couple,” also known as Alice and Clark Campbell, are a weed-loving, married duo that use their social media presence to educate, entertain, and just have fun with their dope content.

What started as a YouTube side-hustle has steadily sprouted into a following of almost 100,000 followers over five years. Both Alice and Clark were medical marijuana cardholders prior to the legalization of recreational marijuana use in California in 2018, and they used this to their advantage to educate the public on the many benefits of the herb that sparked their channel.

Their content ranges from trying to grow weed at home, how-to’s for beginners, as well as a series dedicated to visiting every dispensary in L.A.! If you’re missing some home-grown, wholesome content on your feed, That High Couple has you covered.

Alicia Goku @aliciagoku_

Down-to-earth and hilariously relatable, Alicia Goku, also known as “The Weed Princess,” uses her platform to showcase her genuine love for Mary-Jane. This cannabis influencer is also a musician, sharing her marijuana-inspired music on her YouTube channel. Her brand is uniquely authentic, and we appreciate the honesty and educational content she shares – especially when speaking to the very real aspects of what can happen when you smoke too much. If you’re looking for some high-level laughs, Alicia’s your girl.

Dr. Michele Ross @drmicheleross

Dr. Michele Ross has turned her career as a neuroscientist studying addiction into advocating for the medicinal use of psychedelic drugs. Combining her knowledge of science, tech, and plant medicine she shares how cannabis and mushrooms can be used as a natural way to heal chronic pain. 

As a previous contestant on Big Brother, this LA native does not shy away from sharing her experience and expertise with her audience. From being the author of multiple books including her newest “Vitamin Weed” to articles on her website, Dr. Michele is always ready to educate her audience on the benefits of natural medicine!

Krishna Andavolu @this.is.krishna

Krishna Andavolu is the epitome of a storyteller! He is a veteran reporter, producer, editor, correspondent, and actor who covers a multitude of thought-provoking topics.

Currently, he hosts ‘Weediquette’ on VICE, a documentary series exploring the generational shift of cannabis. Exploring various cultures and communities’ relationships with cannabis, Krishna shares the complexities of this topic. Utilizing videography, viewers get to learn about profound subjects and see Krishna’s journey. (This includes his first time smoking weed being on camera seated with the president of Uruguay!)

Jorge Cervantes @jorgecervantesmj

Jorge has been a cannabis advocate for a LONG time! Self-publishing his first book ‘Indoor Marijuana Horticulture’ in 1983, he has continued advocating and writing on the topic. The sixth edition of his book is currently in the works.

Another California native, he uses his humorous approach to knowledge sharing on his YouTube account. Here he highlights his travels, cannabis garden and more! His continued cannabis content shares his years of wisdom to comment on the ever-growing industry and his unique experiences.

Sydni Smiley @shadesofsyd

Cannabis content creator Sydni Smiley shares how she incorporates cannabis into her health, wellness, and mindfulness journey. You can also check out her YouTube channel where she shares her spiritual journey, mushroom experience and more!

Alongside her lively Instagram account is her business Medicated Melanin. Her CBD-infused, vegan lip gloss leaves you with soft, supple lips. Her presence in the cannabis space as not only a creator — but also a businesswoman — is integral to the diversification of the space. Sydni knows that platform is not one just for herself but for other POC to share their relationship with marijuana. 

For fun, relatable cannabis content be sure to check out Sydni’s content!

Jessica @pothead.princess

Looking for innovative cannabis products, check out @pothead.princess! Jessica is always sharing and working with brands highlighting different strains and accessories for your cannabis consumption. 

Alongside influencer marketing and modelling, Jessica has also previously worked with CannaMantra by Vuela Agency. Here they combine the zen nature of yoga with the stress-relieving nature of cannabis. Jessica led a workshop on joint rolling. 

Her key advice: ”If it’s not perfect the first time, then you get to roll another one!”

Cannabis Influencer Marketing

At The Influence Agency, one of our passions is working with cannabis brands and cannabis influencers in order to raise awareness about its growing list of benefits.

Reach out to us today if your canna-company is looking for a little extra “toke” to get the fire going – we’d love to hear from you!

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