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21 Tattoo Artists & Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram

Ally Castillo
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Ally Castillo
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Feb 23, 2024
Megan Massacre, Martin Pacheco, Miryam Lumpini, and Romeo Lacoste

Tattoo artists are the OG influencers. Their canvases are the ultimate personal billboards—eye-catching living advertisements that turn heads and spark desire. That’s why in the visually-driven world of influencer marketing, they are way ahead of the curve.

This influencer roundup pays homage to some of the most incredible tattoo artists who have built influential empires through their social media, one mind-blowing tattoo at a time.

Trust us, whether you’re an ink addict or just appreciate amazing artistry, these 21 talented tattoo influencers (listed in no particular order) will have you double-tapping all day long. So, without further ado, let’s talk tattoos!

1. Veronique Wiebe | @vonvibrance

When talking about top female tattoo influencers on Instagram, Veronique Wiebe will always be part of the conversation. Her body art has been 15 years in the making, and you can easily tell how much talent and work she puts in with her vibrant and lifelike tattoos.

Her Instagram followers get treated to a ton of landscapes, animals, and psychedelic themes when they scroll through her page—follow and see for yourself!

Veronique Weibe outside during the winter

Image source: @vonvibrance | Instagram

2. Martin Pacheco | @tattoos_by_martin 

If you want to find tattoo influencers hailing from Texas, quit Googling because we’re here to bring you one of the masters. Martin Pacheco is a 31-year-old tattoo artist from San Antonio, TX with 13 years of experience under his belt.

He dabbles in a diverse range of tattoo styles, from blackwork to watercolor, so you know he means business. 

Martin Pacheco sitting on a chair holding a canned drink

Image Source: @tattoos_by_martin | Instagram

3. Samuel | @lin_tattooer 

If we have to decide on an OST for this tattoo influencer’s Instagram account, it would be “Fine Line” by Harry Styles hands down. Except our hands won’t be down because we’ll be busy clapping for @lin_tattooer’s impeccable line work with every client he tattoos. 

Follow this guy for a taste of flowers, pets, or butterfly tattoos that seem like they’re about to fly out of the screen—or the skin, if you will.

Video Source: @lin_tattooer | Instagram

4. Romeo Lacoste | @romeolacoste 

Romeo, save me because this tattoo influencer’s Instagram account will have anyone crying on a staircase in awe. His single-needle tattoos are definitely tears worthy, and his host of celebrity clients certainly agrees. 

Having tattooed the likes of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, this Los Angeles-based phenom is one of the most followed tattoo artists on Instagram. Plus, he sings! 

Romeo Lacoste posing under the sun of Los AngelesImage Source: @romeolacoste | Instagram

5. Nikko Hurtado | @nikkohurtado 

Nikko Hurtado is a master tattoo artist from Los Angeles, and he’s known for hyper-realistic color tattoos that even The Rock loves—the skull tattoo is fire. 

Beyond being a tattoo influencer and entrepreneur, Hurtado also made appearances on shows like LA Ink, Tattoo Wars, and Ink Master.

Nikko Hurtado on the set of Ink Master

Image Source: @nikkohurtado | Instagram

6. Megan Massacre | @megan_massacre 

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Megan knows how to massacre the competition. As one of the most influential tattoo artists in New York, she owns and runs a successful tattoo shop and clothing line called “Grit N Glory” in Manhattan’s West Village.

Her target audience is anyone who likes living on the edgy side of life—that’s why both her tattoos and clothes are so exciting!

Megan Massacre posing outside a wall covered in graffiti

Image Source: @megan_massacre |Instagram

7. Colin Mohamed | @colinmohamed 

Brampton represent! Our next tattoo influencer hails from Ontario and has been making waves on social media with his elaborate tattoo art that’s incredibly detailed and mesmerizing. 

He dabbles in different styles, including blackwork and realism, and he can create both black-and-grey and colored tattoos.

Video Source: @colinmohamed | Instagram

8. Jonathan Valena | @jonboytattoo 

Jonathan Valena (a.k.a. JonBoy) is the fashion world’s go-to tattoo artist for good reason. His tiny tattoos (technically called single-needle, fine-line tattooing) don’t require long hours on the chair, but have a lasting impact.

The Filipino-American tattoo influencer has inked the skin of personalities like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Chloë Grace Moretz just to name a few. 

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Video Source: @jonboytattoo | Instagram

9. Curt Montgomery | @curtmontgomerytattoos 

Lines, lines, baby! If detailed linework is your jam, Curt Montgomery from Toronto is the tattoo artist you should follow. Known for his sassy, sweet, and cheeky designs, he makes tattoos and content that hits just the right spot for any minimalist tattoo fan.

Video Source: @curtmontgomerytattoos | Instagram

10. Miryam Lumpini | @miryamlumpini 

Female tattoo influencers are a whole other type of awesome, and Swedish-born tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini tops that list. 

Known as “TheWitchDoctor” she specializes in covering up other’s bad work or her client’s past memories—moonlighting as a healer when she’s not on the chair. You can also follow her for fashion/beauty content because she has both in spades!

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Miryam Lumpini posing in lingerie with her hand on her stomach

Image Source: @miryamlumpini | Instagram

11. Anthony Michaels | @antmikes 

Arizona is hot, but this next tattoo influencer is hotter! Give it up for Anthony Michaels, winner of Ink Master Season 7 and an all-around awesome tattoo artist from Arizona. 

He won over the hearts of judges during the show’s final with his Irezumi dragon piece, and he’s been winning more fans and Instagram followers through his social media content (featuring more awesome tats!) ever since.

Half-body shot of Anthony Michaels showing off his tattoos

Image Source: @antmikes | Instagram

12. Michela Bottin Ackerman | @michelabottin.ackerman 

Anime fans, assemble! If the Instagram handle tells you one thing, it’s that Michela Bottin is out here making all your anime dreams come true with her recreations of her client’s favorite characters. This female tattoo influencer gets all the props for her richly unique and unrepeatable style, so make sure to follow her!

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Video Source: @michelabottin.ackerman | Instagram

13. Pony Wave | @ponywave 

Artists can be some of the most busy people around, and we know that because they multitask like no one’s business. Pony Wave is a female tattoo influencer, musician, fashionista, business owner, Vegan activist, and just plain awesome most days. 

Check out her platform to spy on some realistic tattoos that are just as mesmerizing as the artist herself!

Video Source: @ponywave | Instagram

14. Dillon Forte | @dillonforte 

This tattoo artist’s process is just as hypnotic as the final, healed ink. Dillon Forte is one of the top tattoo influencers on Instagram and is known for using sacred geometry-inspired patterns. He has been featured on The Paramount Network show The Art of Ink


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Dillon Forte☰ (@dillonforte)

Video Source: @dillonforte | Instagram

15. Ghinko | @ghinkos 

Let’s hear it for New York! Another top-notch female tattoo influencer from The Big Apple, Ginkgo specializes in illustrative fineline and microrealism. She posts her creations on Instagram with insightful captions that are often just as beautiful as her tattoos.

Ghinkos sitting down and tattooing a client’s arm

Image Source: @ghinkos | Instagram

16. Lisa Orth | @lisaorth 

The list of amazing female tattoo influencers is endless, but it would be a crime not to include Lisa Orth. We’re not criminals here, so we’re giving her the spot she deserves! 

Hailing from Seattle, Lisa has a rich history as an artist and musician. She’s skilled in both traditional and digital art forms and is one of the most influential queer people you’ll ever know. She designed Nirvana’s first records and their iconic logo. Queen!

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Lisa Orth with a cute dog

Image Source: @lisaorth | Instagram

17. Tiffany Perez | @tiffanytattooz 

Speaking of artistic queens, our next female tattoo influencer from Fairfield, New Jersey also fits the bill. She owns the largest tattoo shop in NJ, Ink Gallery Tattoo Studio, and was on the TV shows Black Ink and How Far is Tattoo Far on MTV—slaying both times!

Tiffany Perez tattooing a client’s lower leg

Image Source: @tiffanytattooz | Instagram

18. Rogerio Araujo | @rogerioaraujotattoo 

Rogerio Araujo is a Brazilian tattoo artist based in Miami. He owns tattoo shops in both Brazil and Miami—talk about a power move! His signature style revolves around realistic skin ink, usually in black and gray. 

Video Source: @rogerioaraujotattoo | Instagram

19. Joseph Bryce | @josephbrycetattoo 

Joseph Bryce is a tattoo influencer from Portland who creates some of the best shading and line work you’ll ever see. His tattoos mostly revolve around nature motifs like flowers and animals. While most of his clients seem to prefer black-and-gray, he can also make stunning colored tattoos!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by JOSEPH BRYCE (@josephbrycetattoo)

Video Source: @josephbrycetattoo | Instagram

20. Rebecca Blair | @rebeccablairtattoos 

Saskatoon, Canada may not immediately come to mind as a tattoo mecca, but Rebecca Blair’s work can certainly convince anyone to hop on a plane and get inked on this side of the Great White North. Her neotraditional work makes her one of the most loved tattoo artists on Instagram and in Canada.

Rebecca Blair tattooing a client during the Okanagan Tattoo Show

Image Source: @rebeccablairtattoos | Instagram

21. Élo | @moo.tattoo.mtl 

They say tattoos are for people who live on the edge, and for Élo’s Instagram followers that sounds about right—if edge means the side with cats and cartoons. 

Her distinctive comic-style tattoos make her one of the most influential tattoo artists in Montreal, and if you want to create a cute tattoo inspired by your pet, we 100% recommend her! Aside from tattooing cat ladies and other pet owners, she writes comics, too!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Élo 👻 (@moo.tattoo.mtl)

Video Source: @moo.tattoo.mtl | Instagram

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