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22 Muslim & Arab Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram

Ally Castillo
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Ally Castillo
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Feb 02, 2024
Sarah Ahmed, Nada Nour El Hak, Jamad Fiin, and Irene Khan

Tired of the same old, same old on your Instagram feed? Get ready to spice things up with 22 Muslim and Arab influencers who are bringing their A-game to the social media scene. 

From fashion and beauty to travel and lifestyle, these Middle Eastern influencers are proving that representation matters—and they’re doing it with style, wit, and authenticity!

Ready? Let’s meet your next Instagram obsession!

1. Jamad Fiin | @_jamaaad 

Jamad Fiin, one of our favorite Arab influencers, hails from Boston and was a college basketball player known for her insane game. She is a serious inspiration both on and off the court, showing young Muslim women that their athletic passions are attainable.

Now, she’s a graduate student at Emmanuel College and often hosts basketball events for Somali and Muslim girls through her nonprofit, Jamad Basketball Camps. Her YouTube channel is also worth subscribing to if you love seeing young women in hijab do amazing things!

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Jamad Finn posing courtside at a Boston Celtics game

Image Source: @_jamaaad | Instagram

2. Aïssata Diallo | @aissatatdiallo 

It’s not hard to find influencers who are beautiful and stylish, but Aïssata Diallo stands out not just for her stunning looks but for her empowering presence. This New York-based Muslim influencer also serves up a refreshing mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content that celebrates her Fulani identity on both YouTube and TikTok.

Aïssata Diallo wearing Cucculelli Shaheen during New York Fashion Week

Image Source: @aissatatdiallo | Instagram

3. Sabaa Hasan | @solefitsab 

For Muslim foodies looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Sabaa is a breath of fresh air. The New Jersey-based health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle Muslim influencer shares delicious yet nutritious recipes that cater to religious dietary needs. 

Her Instagram page offers a well-rounded approach to clean eating without compromising cultural traditions—the perfect balance for mindful living.


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A post shared by Sabaa M (@solefitsab)

Video Source: @solefitsab | Instagram

4. Erva Arslan | @ervaarslan_ 

If there’s one thing Muslim influencers show us, it’s that modest fashion can be stunning, stylish, and full of personality. Erva Arslan is a perfect example of this! 

With her social media accounts, she showcases dreamy fits, makeup tutorials, and product recommendations for the modest girlies. We spy her on TikTok too, so if you’re looking for a Middle Eastern influencer who knows her stuff, click the follow button now!

Erva Arslan sporting abaya on a staircase

Image Source: @ervaarslan_ | Instagram

5. Leena Snoubar | @withloveleena 

Speaking of modest fashion, we can’t forget Leena Snoubar—one of the biggest Arab influencers around. She is a lifestyle blogger and many people’s go-to for fashion, beauty, and more recently family content. Her YouTube channel and TikTok account are a treasure trove of Halal recipes, fashion tips, and mom-and-baby adventures!


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A post shared by LEENA SNOUBAR (@withloveleena)

Video Source: @withloveleena | Instagram

6. Ayisha Siddiqa | @ayisha_sid 

Social media influencers have an influence, it’s just a matter of where they choose to point that power. For Ayisha, one of our favorite Middle Eastern influencers, her mission is clear: use her platform to educate and inspire action on the climate crisis. 

For her efforts as a climate change advisor to the UN and as a human rights and tribal land defender, she was named Time magazine’s Woman of the Year 2023!

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Video Source: @ayisha_sid | Instagram

7. Nada Nour El Hak | @nadanourelhak 

If you love seeing vintage vibes, coffee, and a stunning brown palette on Instagram, this next Muslim influencer is the perfect addition to your following list! Nara Nour El Hak explores cafes and shares aesthetic photos and videos with her Instagram followers. We’re in love with the cozy world she’s living in, and we assume you will be too!

Nada Nour El Hak sipping coffee

Image Source: @nadanourelhak | Instagram

8. Irene Khan | @irenesarah 

Now if your vibes are geared towards travel and motherhood content, Irene Khan would be the perfect Arab influencer to check out! She’s one of the top Instagram influencers who also started blogging. You can find a lot of ideas on her personal blog, from beauty products to family activities to date night tips!

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Irene Khan in front of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France 

Image Source: @irenesarah | Instagram

9. Sarah Ahmed | @the.poc.therapist 

People of color face significant barriers to mental health, and it’s high time we change that. Sarah Ahmed is an Arab influencer and Psychotherapist who aims to provide support to those who have been silenced and marginalized. 

Her content talks about the unique challenges faced by the BIPOC and Muslim communities plus new tips on how to overcome them—and in our books, that’s a total slay!

Sarah Ahmed sitting cross-legged on a couch with a laptop

Image Source: @the.poc.therapist | Instagram

10. Osob Mohamud | @osob.mohamud

Another awesome Arab influencer to follow on Instagram is Osob Mohamud. 

Based in Toronto, she shares beauty, style, and motherhood content that are both inspiring and entertaining. She also owns a clothing line called Alene Collection which caters to the Muslim community. Talk about stunning!


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A post shared by Osob Mohamud 🕊️ (@osob.mohamud)

Video Source: @osob.mohamud | Instagram

11. Hibaq Mohammed | @hibakayf 

Yet another beautiful Middle Eastern influencer to grace your screen—please welcome Hibaq Mohammed! Mom to twin girls, veritable fashionista, and productivity enthusiast, we got ourselves here a well-rounded queen. Don’t miss out on her awesome content!

Hibaq Mohammed holding a large bouquet of red roses

Image Source: @hibakayf | Instagram

12. Sumaya Yusuf | @ysumaya 

Makeup girlies, where you at? We have the perfect beauty Arab influencer to save you time in looking for a makeup artist to follow. Sumaya Yusuf teaches her followers on Instagram how to glam like the real queens they are—and she uses brown-girl-friendly products!

Video Source: @ysumaya | Instagram

13. Zeynab Mohamed | @zey.ca 

Speaking of queens, we have another Middle Eastern influencer about to drag your jaws to the ground. Zeynab Mohamed is a fashion influencer who proves you don’t need a million followers to girl boss, but you do need swag—which she has in spades. 

She gives outfit inspo that’s both modest and powerful, so if you want to dress like the unstoppable diva that you are, come this way!

Zeynab Mohamed sporting a blue outfit

Image Source: @zey.ca | Instagram

14. Omaya Zein | @omayazein 

The next one on our list of Arab influencers to follow brings more than just cute baby pics to social media. Omaya Zein has been open and candid with her followers about her IVF journey, her pregnancy, and her life as a mother. Beyond that, she also documents her family’s travel, her business, and other relevant content on her YouTube and Instagram. 

As a certified baddie, she has her own brand of modest fashion clothing. So, what are you waiting for? Join her community of followers pronto.

Omaya Zein in the passenger seat of a car holding a cup of iced coffee

Image Source: @omayazein | Instagram

15. Hajar Larbah | @moribyan 

The Middle East has some of the best food in the world, so it’s no surprise that one of our favorite Middle Eastern influencers has a cookbook. Hajah Larbah shares the most delectable recipes in her cookbook and on Instagram—check it out to test your cravings! 

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A post shared by Hajar Larbah (@moribyan)

Video Source: @moribyan | Instagram

16. Ahmad Alzahabi | @thegoldenbalance

Think we’re done with the foodies? Not by a long shot! Next on our list is a Persian influencer who shares recipes that use simple, approachable ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store. You can find a world of recipes on his page, not just ones from the Middle East.


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A post shared by Ahmad Alzahabi (@thegoldenbalance)

Video Source: @thegoldenbalance | Instagram

17. Bilal Bhatti | @golden.gully

Next on our foodie Arab influencers lineup is Bilal Bhatti, who makes Pakistani cooking videos on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Gordon Ramsay calls him the spice boy because he uses a lot of spice, but let’s be honest, is that such a bad thing?


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A post shared by Bilal Bhatti 🇨🇦 (@golden.gully)

Video Source: @golden.gully | Instagram

18. Neelam Hakeem | @Neelam_ 

Neelam Hakeem wears a lot of hats underneath her hijab. Beyond being a famous Arab influencer, she’s a rapper, women’s rights activist, and fashion blogger. Her Instagram account gives a sneak peek into her different roles as a mother, wife, and a woman who steadfastly fights for what she believes is right. Check out her social media accounts today!

Neelam Hakeen wearing a pink hijab

Image Source: @neelam_ | Instagram

19. Mirna Alothman | @mirnaothman 

Another awesome beauty entrepreneur we want to highlight goes under the name of Mirna Alothman. She’s a modest fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer from New York City. Like the rest of our beloved beauty Muslim influencers, Mirna shares photos of her lovely fits on Instagram—with a side of romance!


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A post shared by Mirna Alothman (@mirnaothman)

Video Source: @mirnaothman | Instagram

20. Lorena Asad | @lorenasad 

If you adore love stories on social media, you’ll be happy to know our next Arab influencer pick just got married. As a beauty influencer, Lorena shares her outfits and makeup tutorials with bits and pieces of her life on social media. Look her up on TikTok and YouTube too!


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A post shared by Loren Asad (@lorenasad)

Video Source: @lorenasad | Instagram

21. Zaynab Issa | @zaynab_issa 

We’re not done with food yet! Zaynab Issa is a food blogger, recipe developer, content creator, and freelance creative all in one. She says she’s releasing a cookbook soon, so follow now to ensure you can catch it early! 


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A post shared by Zaynab Issa (@zaynab_issa)

Video Source: @zaynab_issa | Instagram

22. Amanda Aasad | @amandaasad 

Curly hair girlies can count on Amanda Asad to share what’s up. This Arab-Muslim influencer covers modest looks, travel, curly hair tips, and her daily life on her platform. 

Fun fact: Leena Snoubar is her older sister, and Lorena Asad is her younger sister! 

Amanda Asad in a restaurant in Istanbul holding a drink

Image Source: @amandaasad | Instagram

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Muslim and Arab influencers are crushing it online—all that’s left for your brand to do is decide which of them you’d like to work with! 

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