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Be in the Creative Loop With These Top Montreal Interior Designers

Leira Lacuata
Written By
Leira Lacuata
Published On
Mar 31, 2023
A collage of three interior designers from Montreal

Montreal is the home of the best designers in different industries like fashion, architecture and interior design. It’s why UNESCO recognized Montreal as the City of Design since it has over 25,000 professionals contributing to the city’s economy! 

If it’s a rustic or sleek interior you want, the Montreal interior designers are undoubtedly the top professionals you should seek. They are recognized for their extensive knowledge and critical eyes, aiding them to produce harmony inside a home, building or office.

Excited to know more about these Canadian designers? Keep reading to meet them! 

1. Émilie Desjarlais | @brookandpeony

Get in the little wonderland of Émilie Desjarlais as you surf through her Instagram account. She posts video reels on transforming one corner of a room into something cheerful! If you love warm colour palettes, Émilie is your contact.

Brook and Peony wear matching overalls while Brook organizes the shelves

2. Mélissa | @dusty_rose_blog

Is it possible to make your interiors look nice on a budget? Mélissa’s home decors are proof of that! Her motif incorporates vintage items with contemporary furniture, producing a charming ensemble. She creates a quaint and elegant interior where you’d want to spend the rest of your life. 

A bedroom with a vintage bedframe, lamp and chandelier

3. Fanny Yockell | @laboutiqueparfanny

Fanny Yockell’s talent can turn your bland bedroom into an airy space with hints of Scandinavian designs. This Montreal interior designer loves to play with natural materials, and emphasizes them with colourful accents. She also has a shop called La Boutique Par Fanny, where you can find various products like clothes, stationery and care products.

The interior of La Boutique Par Fanny

4. Maca Atencio | @hey.maca

Colour your world with Hey Maca, a shop that sells curated products by Maca Atencio. She has a big passion for anything colourful, inspiring her to create a business that allows her to share her joy. Because of this, Maca has produced creative ceramics and stationery sets that’ll look good on your shelves. 

Maca Atencio stands in her colourful workroom

5. Blanc Marine Intérieurs | @blancmarineliving

Get in touch with Blanc Marine Intérieurs now to decorate your home with a crisp Scandinavian theme! You’ll love their Instagram feed because all photos look inviting and homey. This interior design firm presents pictures of its clients’ homes before and after refurbishing, giving you an idea of their craft.

A Scandinavian kitchen design by Blanc Marine Intérieurs

6. Hibou Design & Co. | @hiboudesignco

Whether it’s mid-century modern, minimalist or industrial designs, the Hibou Design & Co. firm has got you covered. They have an impressive portfolio of motifs displaying their design range and diversity. 

A contemporary living room design by Hibou Design & Co.

7. Lauren MacLean | @livingbylo

Lauren MacLean’s living space is every person’s dream. Even though she works for the tech industry, Lauren has a big heart for interior design and uses her Instagram to share her style. Heavily influenced by minimalist tones, she finds peace with her muted walls, neutral-coloured furniture and oddly-shaped ornaments.

The colourful minimalistic living room of Lauren MacLean

8. Ashley Shaanan | @ashleyshaanan

Ashley Shaanan is one of the Montreal interior designers you must follow because of her crips and refined style. Her IG feed serves as her portfolio, where you can find how well she transforms spaces into something you’ll see on Pinterest!

 A black and white portrait of Ashley Shaanan

9. AKB Design | @akbdesign

Bathrooms can be tough to refurbish since you need to maintain the design while considering the water and moisture of the room. Fortunately, the people of AKB design cracked the code and found intuitive ways to make your toilet and bath look majestic.

AKB Design’s homey bathroom design for a client

10. Jules Interiors | @jules_interiors

Jules has one mission: to show you how to make your home beautiful. Her creativity is ever-flowing; you’ll find her home decor ideas and suggestions via her Instagram reels. 

 Jules and her dog sitting on top of the counter

11. Joelle | @thefarmhousedream

If you haven’t, follow Joelle on Instagram now! Her content presents nifty tips you can use at home and interior transformations that’ll make your jaw drop. Joelle’s rustic and Scandinavian style creates a warm atmosphere, earning her multiple client bookings. 

A photo of Joelle’s interior design for the kitchen

12. Kelli Richards Interiors | @kellirichardsinteriors

Kelli Richards Interiors is a Monterial interior design firm you need to work with. Most of their work encompasses sleek and elegant transformations. From a simple living room, they can elevate it into a sophisticated space. #LuxuryMeetsComfort is the peg they always root for.

A bedroom designed by Kelli Richards

13. Caterina Rizzi | @caterinarizzi_interiors

Another Montreal interior designer you need to follow is Caterina Rizzi. She’s known for her warm, green-infused designs that breathe a new life for her clients. Her knack for designing brought her to transform homes and office spaces beautifully.

The finished product of Caterina Rizzi’s design for a client

14.  Les Stéphanies Intérieurs | @_lesstephanies

We love a design firm that shares its mood board for a project. Les Stéphanies Intérieurs exactly does that and details the materials they used for a project. These plans give you an idea of the firm’s thought processes while considering your needs as a client!

A Scandinavian kitchen designed by Les Stéphanies Intérieurs

15. Kim Bradette | @kimbradette.designer

Kim Bradette’s portfolio is stunning because it shows levels of detail, depth and design (she has it all!). This Montreal interior designer knows how to maximize the space she’s given and concocts plans for turning your dream layout into reality. Just look at this dreamy bathroom; admit you’d stay here for days!

A plant-scaped bathroom design by Kim Bradette

16. Luke Havekes | @lukehavekesdesign

Bohemian, coastal, rustic, vintage – you name it! Luke Havekes can realize any of those through his extraordinary creative prowess. His eye for colours and patterns is unbelievable because he’ll make two non-matching textures go well together. 

A maximalist closet design by Luke Havekes

17. Caroline | @carolinegermaiin

Neutral contemporary is what Caroline is all about. Her Instagram account captures her imagination, including interior design inspirations, before/after transformations, and decoration tips!

A portrait of Caroline standing in her living room

18. Kimberly Denis | @beurl

Kimberly Denis embodies ethereal beauty. She knows what elements go well together and how an out-of-place object can be the missing piece to complete your decorations. Kimberly is also passionate about creating content about her lifestyle as a mom and designer!

A photo of Kimberly Denis’ bathroom layout

19. Van | @fleurmaison

For warm-toned palettes and motifs, Van is the best person to consult with! She provides endless decor and DIY tips to make your interior bright and calm.

Van sitting on her couch while working

Partner With Montreal Interior Designers to Elevate Your Brand

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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