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Micro vs. Macro Influencers

From beauty, fitness, travel and so on, influencer marketing is at an all time high. While this emerging marketing strategy proves its ROI, businesses are now faced with the challenge of determining whether micro or macro influencers are more valuable to their brand and overall marketing campaign.

For starters, let’s understand the difference between a micro and macro influencer.

What is a Micro Influencer?

A micro influencer refers to an individual with a social media presence and following of 10-25k people. Micro influencers can be your next door neighbour, coworker, or younger sister. Their presence may be small, but their online voice is stronger than you think. What micro influencers lack in reach is definitely compensated by their rate of engagement.

What is a Macro Influencer?

A macro influencer refers to an individual with a larger social media presence of over 50k people. These influencers are often celebrities or, individuals who have built a strong online audience and reputation over the years.

Micro and macro influencers Toronto

Why Work With a Micro Influencer?

In contrast to macro influencers, micro influencers are great to partner with if you’re working with a smaller budget. Since these influencers are building their social presence, they’re a more cost effective option when it comes to partnering for a campaign. Often micro influencers will accept a product or service in exchange for content as opposed to monetary compensation. It’s a win win situation!

Micro influencers also tend to have stronger loyalty when it comes to their following. Due to their smaller audience, micro influencers are perceived to be more relatable and authentic, making it more likely for their audience to trust their recommendations. On average, micro influencers have an engagement rate between 4-8% while macro influencers have an engagement rate of 1.7%.

Why Work With a Macro Influencer?

A larger audience means larger reach therefore, partnering with a macro influencer allows you to gain wide exposure for your brand while hitting the right target market. When working with a macro influencer, you can expect high quality content as they often have proper photo equipment or sometimes even their own photographer.

Macro influencers typically have management as well, which can make the communication process much smoother. In addition to this, working with a macro influencer allows you to understand your ROI. Due to their large audience, you’re able to truly measure the success of your campaign. Since macro influencers are able to reach a wider range of people, they can be quite expensive to partner with in contrast to micro influencers. Nonetheless, they do offer a great opportunity to get your brand in front of as many people as possible.

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So Which Is Right For Me?

It’s important to first understand, what are your campaign goals and what is your measure of success? Are you looking for more brand awareness or are you seeking conversions?

If your campaign goal is targeted more towards brand exposure and you have a budget to work with, then it’s probably best you partner with a macro influencer so that you can get the most reach possible. If your campaign is more sales-driven and perhaps targeting more of a niche audience, then partnering with a micro influencer would be a better option.

Ultimately, you want to ensure that whoever you partner with, whether micro, or macro aligns well with your brand and your overall objective. If an influencer’s values do not line up with your business, then the success of your campaign is unlikely.

Here at The Influence Agency, we specialize in connecting brands with reputable influencers as well as managing their campaigns and reporting on their performance. We take the time to understand your campaign goals and work with both you and the influencer to create the best strategy possible. We simplify influencer marketing, which is why we are the leading agency for highly effective influencer marketing in Toronto.

Are you looking to take your marketing campaign to the next level? Contact us today and let us take care of the rest.

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