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The Advantages of Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

Eliza Mehr
Written By
Eliza Mehr
Published On
Jul 06, 2020

The importance of the digital realm for both personal and professional activities continues to magnify in relation to societal and technological developments. Notably, LinkedIn has grown exponentially as a key marketing tool in 2020. Ads on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world’s population

While most individuals know it mainly as an engine for job searching, the functionality goes way beyond that. Whether your objective is B2B or B2C marketing, here are some of the reasons why LinkedIn needs to be utilized by businesses of any size as an effective marketing tool in this digital era. 

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a dynamic social platform that was built as a networking tool and is currently home to nearly 690+ million users in more than 200 locations worldwide. What differentiates this site from other forms of social media is the emphasis on professionalism, productivity, and success. Rather than it being home to status updates, and family photos, it houses resumes, personal accomplishments, and career skills. 

Getting Started

You’re only a few clicks away from using LinkedIn as a marketing tool to strengthen your business. 

First impressions matter, and that’s why it’s essential to have a strong personal profile and business page as the first point of contact. 46% of social media traffic from your company site comes from LinkedIn, so ensure that your business page is consistent with your brand imaging and reflects your other social media profiles in existence. 

As you connect with your employees, they will act as corresponding ambassadors, so it is equally as important that their profiles adhere to the professionalism of your brand. Over time, your business page will evolve into both a network of engagement, and reflection of your entire company, that will allow you to track, monitor, and expand your growth. 

You’re Not Just Selling – You’re Selling Yourself!

A business-based platform that actually discourages the use of hard-selling type messaging? Yes, one of the unique points about using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is that it allows you to let the purpose of your content do the talking. 

The benefit that your business provides is able to shine through when you share rich media that promotes deeper value than a sales advertisement. Your audience will grow organically as people engage with your content and new customers will stem from the coinciding interactions. 

Don’t forget to use enriching images, as they garner 98% more comments than posts without, and customize them for your business. 

LinkedIn Post

Targeting a Precise Audience

A vital aspect of LinkedIn that makes it distinguishable from marketing on Instagram or Facebook is that the intentions of your audience are solely professional. Nobody is on the website searching for photos from a concert that you went to last weekend; they want to develop themselves on a professional spectrum and connect with like-minded people and businesses. The elimination of casual social activity and the personalization of everyone’s pages make it easier to target a specific demographic. 

Additionally, the group feature allows you to join or create communities of your own that pertain to relevant interests and industries. The other members in these bubbles become an immediate circle of contacts that you can gain insight from and use to strengthen your tactics. The key is that real connections translate to real results. 

Humanizing Your Business

Notably, LinkedIn places an emphasis on the “who” side of a company, putting a more prominent face to the name than when browsing through a website or social media platform. You can explore deep into the work history of anyone from an entry-level employee, to a CEO, to truly learn about the backgrounds of those that make up a company. When examining multi-million dollar corporations, it can be easy to forget that it takes a chain of people working together to make daily operations happen. 

Especially during such a progressive time for society, people find it important to endorse or work with companies where the key decision-makers running it abide by shared values to their own. Ethical beliefs can also have major implications on the culture of a workplace and the potential outcomes of participating in business activity. When people are able to visualize a face and feel confident in the relationships they are building, it creates a more personal connection, aiding in compelling marketing. 

Making Yourself Seen

Boost your sales by tapping into LinkedIn ads to target a unique demographic. This integrated marketing feature allows you to boost your posts by bidding against other advertisers to reach the desired audience. With 80% of B2B leads generated through social media coming from LinkedIn, you can be confident that it is a strategy worth investing in. 

It is also recommended that you optimize your page for organic search results by creating a custom URL, as well as integrating keywords and hashtags into your page content. 

Ready to Take Your LinkedIn Marketing One Step Further?

As the effectiveness of digital marketing tactics continues to boom, there is no better time than now to employ some of the above strategies to help your business succeed. Remember, using LinkedIn for marketing is about way more than making a sales pitch; you should be generating a genuine connection that leads to future gain for both parties through interest and engagement. 

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