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How Celebrities & Influencers Are Reacting to COVID-19

Kayla Mandel
Written By
Kayla Mandel
Published On
Apr 27, 2020
How Influencers Are Reacting to COVID-19

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept the world and left nations in a state of emergency. While governments are scrambling to impose social distancing restrictions to #FlattenTheCurve and decrease the spread of COVID-19, the rest of the world is at home wondering how long this will last and what to do with all this spare time.

This is a time where people turn to social media and Influencers to look for guidance and inspiration. Please keep in mind that you should always fact-check what you read with credible news sources, and stay on top of the latest information from The World Health Organization (WHO).

While you have a little extra time on your hands between episodes of Tiger King, let’s take a look at the different ways Influencers are reacting to COVID-19.

Doing What They Do Best – From Home

Just because Influencers cannot venture outside to share their favourite restaurants or latest mall haul, does not mean the content creation stops! Influencers are tasked with being creative about the content they produce from the confines of their home. Looking at the foodies, Antoni Porowski from Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye is taking to IGTV for his new social distancing cooking show Quar-Eye Cooking Lessons in Quarantine. Recipes include “Stripped of my Sanity Chicken Strips” and “Parmageddon – Chicken Parmesan”.


The Kardashian family has even been asked to film the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on their iPhones as social distancing rules do not condone having a large film crew in your home. We cannot wait to see how that turns out!

For the most part, Influencers are trying to make the best of the situation and respect the rules outlined by governments.

Documenting Their Personal Experience with COVID-19

Sadly, the global numbers of people who have contracted COVID-19 continue to rise every day. Amongst the thousands affected are Influencers and Celebrities who are using their time in quarantine to educate about their experience, and advocate for safe social distancing practices. When the news broke that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita both tested positive for COVID-19, they ensured to direct the spotlight towards the healthcare workers and the people risking their lives to make a difference.

Similarly, media personality and active philanthropist Colton Underwood from The Bachelor announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 last week and has continued to thank his doctors, nurses, and everyone involved in the health sector.

Sharing Credible News Updates

Instagram has made it clear that Influencers and social media should not be your number one source of information on COVID-19, as indicated by this automatic pop-up that is triggered when you search #COVID19

automatic pop-up that is triggered when you search #COVID19

However, Influencers are still taking to social media to share information from credible news outlets about COVID-19. Famous Influencer Doctor Mike was a guest on CNN and spoke about misinformation on social media during times of crisis and ensuring people are fact-checking and not absorbing information at surface level.

Reinforcing Government Regulations

The #IStayHomeFor challenge encourages people to share who they are staying home for and who they are trying to protect through social distancing and quarantine. Countless celebrities and Influencers have shared that they stay home for their loved ones or the frontline workers in their community. This positive social challenge reinforces Government regulations and encourages people to follow best practices during this time, as well as think about what is best for their loved ones and community.

Being a Source of Positivity

During this time of uncertainty and isolation, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook on life. Influencers have been using their platforms to impart positive messages including:

1. Finding A Routine That Works For You

Establishing a routine is essential to maintain a sense of consistency and quell uncertainty.

2. Continuing To Do Things That Make You Happy

Whether it be having a glass of wine, or squeezing in a virtual yoga class, moments of joy are still attainable.

3. Trying New Things

Looking on social media, everyone seems to be getting really into learning how to cook bread. With a little extra time on your hands, now is a great time to explore new activities that you have put on the back burner.

4. Sharing Good News

As leading public figures, Influencers and celebrities are sensing that their audience needs a major pick-me-up. Influencers and celebrities are doing their part to share some good news that is happening around the world.

The key takeaways from Influencers’ response to COVID-19 are to ensure that you always verify any information that you read online, and to take every day one step at a time. This is a time to lean (virtually) on others and lift each other up. Let us know how you are spending your time social distancing!

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