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How To Market To Gen Z

Before you consider this demographic as part of your next marketing strategy, you first need to know who they are and how to market to Gen Z. Millennials no more, Gen Z has taken more precedence in the world of social media and digital marketing as they are coming to the age of consumerism and make up a whopping 32% of the global population. It’s important that when you’re building out influencer campaigns, digital marketing strategies, or global brand campaigns that you dive deeper into who the consumer target is, and their relations to the brand, business, or product.

Obvious marketing campaigns are so 2000-and-late, Gen Z has grown up eating, sleeping, and breathing social media, and they want to know how your product will benefit them, if not, there’s another person with a similar product that can do better.

Let’s divulge further and analyze some important topics to be discussed when marketing to Gen Z.

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Who Are Gen Z?

Gen Z are proceeding Millennials, they are born between 1995 and 2015. Gen Zer’s are sexually, racially, and ethnically more diverse than the majority of their counterparts and other cohorts of the past generations. Within their life manuscript, they are said to be the most well-educated generation yet and they are also digital natives who have little or no exposure and memory of the times without smartphones, internet, or social media. Gen Z wants to live their lives, focus on their passions, buy products, consume content, and engage with their friends — all digitally.

The demographic maybe a younger audience between 5-25 years old, with the 14-24 being the age taking over social media, the jobs, and taking the lead for the next generation. Their relationships with brands are usually organic, passionate, cult-like, and highly impactful, it’s important if you’re a brand that considers themselves to be a Millennial brand, that you also know how to market to the Gen Z as well.

Why Do They Matter For Your Business

Their relationships with your business matter it’s important to note that when they put their trust in a brand, it means a lot. Gen Z trusts friends and family over anyone and they are willing to speak highly about your product, vouch for it, and support it ten-fold. The relationships that Gen Zers build through social media allow their networks and reach to be much like specified micro or nano influencers, in terms of reach and credibility. They make analytical decisions, based on research and knowledge, and informed communications. They love to put their money where their values are, and determine how the brand positively impacts their consumers, general people of the world, and the environment!

They matter for your business because, if you want your brand to grow and adapt to something larger than a Millenial brand, the brand loyalty between your business and Gen Z must be established in the early stages now, rather than later.

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How To Generate Brand Loyalty

When looking to generate brand loyalty with those of Gen Z, it’s important to focus on marketing funnel objectives or strategies that garner longlasting relationships. You need to have current, up-to-date, and relevant branding that resonates with those who you are selling to. You need to put ad placements in unexpected places, focus in on the products at hand. Gen Z also values organic marketing and sponsorships rather than having something come off as disingenuine or something being pushed “down their throats”. Less is more. Members of Gen Z aren’t that interested in being persuaded, obvious marketing campaigns won’t work and neither will cheesy marketing schemes, focus on selling the “experience” or experiences, rather than the sole product – this offers the risk of being disappointed.

Digital Habits Of Gen Z

They continue to live on mobile, and they need more optimized experiences. As a business, it’s important to understand how they use and view social media in general, as well as how you as a brand are perceived. Their digital habits start and end with the platforms they feel most passionate about, which are TikTok, YouTube & Snapchat. When it comes to shopping, eCommerce and buying online comes naturally, after all – the phone is already in their hands.

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How To Engage With Gen Z

It’s important that as a brand or business, you need to put the work in to understand the demographic, data, and analytics associated with how to market to Gen Z. Get on the platforms that they live on, be active, connect, and engage. Hire people who can relate to them, or know them better. Focus more on engaging content like short form, snappy content, video content, and more – utilize the short attention span and build off that as part of your marketing strategies.

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