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15 Best Pratices for High-Converting Product Pages

Tyson Huggins
Written By
Tyson Huggins
Published On
Dec 20, 2023
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The importance of strong product pages can’t be overstated when it comes to sales—they’re where your products live, after all! 

However, creating product pages that convert is easier said than done, especially if you don’t know conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies. Ecommerce product page optimization is an ever-evolving process, especially as the internet consistency reshapes user expectations and experiences. 

The good news? We’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, keep reading to learn how to design a high-converting product page. Cha-ching! 

Creating an effective product description for an e-commerce site or online store involves presenting information in a clear, compelling, and informative manner to entice potential customers to make a purchase. 

Here are 15 best practices for creating the ideal structure for product descriptions and product pages:

     1. Product Title

Start your products page with a catchy yet descriptive title that quickly conveys what you’re selling and its primary benefit. Keep things short to avoid confusion and losing attention. First impressions matter, so make sure yours sends the right message!

     2. Introduction

Provide a brief introduction or overview of the product that mentions its key features, purpose, and unique selling points. When introducing items on product pages, don’t be afraid to inject your brand’s personality into the narrative. 

One way to keep audiences hooked is by leveraging the gravitational pull of incredible storytelling. Provide some background information to form a deeper connection with audiences as you communicate your value proposition.

     3. Key Features

Something you’ll notice is that the best product pages on ecommerce sites provide a detailed overview of your item. Why? Because one’s going to buy something they don’t understand! Always make it a point to list the most important features and functionalities of the product, perhaps even through bullet points for easy readability.

     4. Specifications

How many items have you swiped away from a product while shopping because the description didn’t contain the specifications you were looking for? If you were to look up “bad product page examples” online, you’d for sure find this red flag. 

Nobody should have to leave your site to learn more. Ensure people stay on your products page by detailing all technical specifications, such as dimensions, materials used, colour options, weight, or any other relevant information about the product. These are all some of the key elements of a high-converting product page. 

     5. Benefits and Advantages

Rather than simply providing product details, seize the opportunity to explain how your product can benefit the customer. Make sure to highlight what problems it solves or needs it fulfills. Tap into the psychology of selling

     6. Usage or Application 

Don’t forget to describe how the product can be used and when. The best product page out there will solidify your item as something capable of catering to diverse audience needs, or even spark interest in those who didn’t know they needed it. 

A person viewing a products page while online shopping

     7. Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials build trust. One good review is often enough to push people further down the sales funnel, while a single bad review can easily scare them away. Authentic, sincere opinions on your product can go a long way. 

     8. High-Quality Images

When designing a high-converting product page, including high-quality product images, videos, or other multimedia that showcase the product from different angles and demonstrate its usage is an absolute must. When pursuing ecommerce product page optimization, ensure you’re giving customers a clear image of what to expect. 

     9. Price and Discounts 

Price sticks out on all the best product page examples. Remember to clearly yours as well as any available discounts or offers. After all, it’s more difficult to get people to convert if they don’t know the price upfront. You can also provide a comparison to the original price or market value to further drive your value home. 

     10. Shipping and Delivery Information

Next on our list of product detail page best practices is shipping and delivery information. A products page that details shipping options, estimated delivery times, and any associated costs is fulfilling expectations for a user-friendly shopping experience

     11. Call to Action (CTA)

Ensure that your product pages contain a clear call to action (CTA). Encourage the reader to take action by including a clear and compelling CTA, such as “Add to Cart,” “Buy Now,” or “Learn More” —tell them what action you want to be taken! 

     12. Returns and Warranty

If you truly believe in your products and services, then you should be confident enough to offer returns and warranties. Outline your return policy, warranty details, or any guarantees associated with the product to build trust with potential buyers. 

An overview of positive product reviews

      13. FAQs

By easing uncertainty, FAQs help customers move through the buying process. One of the best product page practices is addressing common questions or concerns that customers may have about the product. This helps clarify potential doubts for site visitors!

     14. Social Proof or Badges

Another crucial element of a high-converting product page is communicating social proof. You can do this by displaying trust badges, certifications, or any industry awards the product has received to enhance credibility.

     15. Related Products/Accessories 

What are some of the other items that your brand offers that could possibly elevate the consumer experience even further? Product pages are a golden opportunity to offer suggestions for related products, accessories, or complementary items that the customer might also be interested in—upselling at its finest. 

Create a High-Converting Product Page With TIA 

There you have it: fifteen tips to make the best products page out there. Follow them all and reap the rewards of more conversions. Or, better yet, let the professionals at The Influence Agency put them into action for you—we know CRO! 

We’re a results-driven agency, and our results speak for themselves. We’ve worked with countless brands to overhaul their digital storefronts for their target audience, incorporating a variety of tactics from SEO optimization to design-driven rebrands. 

Contact us today to get started with ecommerce product page optimization!



  • Tyson Huggins

    Tyson is the Director of Paid Media at TIA with over ten years of experience in the digital marketing world. He's an avid musician, sports enthusiast, and proud father of two who is just as likely to obsess over some obscure Prince b-side as your latest paid media campaign.

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  • Tyson Huggins

    Tyson is the Director of Paid Media at TIA with over ten years of experience in the digital marketing world. He's an avid musician, sports enthusiast, and proud father of two who is just as likely to obsess over some obscure Prince b-side as your latest paid media campaign.

    View all posts

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